Take place in the same universe as fellow CW superhero shows Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Rachel Skarsten, has already portrayed a DC Comics character. She appeared as young Dinah Redmond (née Lance) on Birds of Prey (2002), daughter of the original Black Canary. In the series she would team with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and Huntress (Helena Kyle- the daughter of Batman and Catwoman) in a Gotham without a Batman.

In the comics, Kate Kane/Batwoman was romantically involved with Maggie Sawyer, played by Floriana Lima on Supergirl (2015). The characters became engaged but DC vetoed their wedding, and the writers left the "Batwoman" title in protest.

Ruby Rose was nearly paralyzed doing a stunt, as a result of herniated discs in her neck, and had to undergo emergency surgery and went so far as to post a video of her spinal surgery on Instagram.

In the DC Comics, Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane is the original Bat-Girl and served as Batwoman's sidekick and Robin's counterpart. Growing up she would adopt the alias Flamebird (and later Hawkfire) in response to her counterpart's development as Nightwing. In the comics she is Kate Kane's younger cousin instead of her step-sister.

Ruby Rose is the first actress, to play the DC Comics character Kate Kane/Batwoman in a live-action production.

Luke Fox is the son of the Batman supporting character and CEO of Wayne Enterprises Lucius Fox. In the comics, he was also the second Batwing following the resignation of the original David Zavimbe, and was also part of the team that Batman and Batwoman created in Detective Comics for DC Rebirth. This is the first live-action adaption of the character.

According to Caroline Dries, the showrunner, the initial team casting for Kate Kane joked during the process that "[they needed] a Ruby Rose," but figured the actress herself would never sign on since she was a movie star known for appearing in big-budget franchises.

Bex Taylor-Klaus (who previously portrayed Sin on Arrow) expressed interest in portraying Batwoman, but ultimately didn't get the role

DC Comics originally created Batwoman (Kathy Kane) in 1956 as a love interest to Bruce Wayne/Batman to erase gay subtexts seen between Batman and Robin. Five decades later, Batwoman was recreated as the openly lesbian character Kate Kane, now considered a LGBT icon and the one inspiring this series.

Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams III, and James Tynion IV (three of Batwoman's major writers and one of her most iconic artists) expressed support on Twitter for Ruby Rose's casting.

The Batwoman costume was designed by Colleen Atwood, who also created the original costumes for Supergirl (2015), The Flash (2014) and Arrow (2012).

Ruby Rose had an allergic reaction to the glue used to fix the Batwoman mask on her face. "About five or six days in it was like I was a pre-Proactiv 15 year-old child an then when I took it off I was like something out of a horror film."

Although she is a big comic book fan, this is Ruby Rose's first involvement with any comic book adaptations. She described landing the role as a "dream come true."

Unlike in the comics, Kate is a vegan in the show just like Ruby Rose is; this change seems to have been done mostly for practicality's sake.

The casting call for Kate Kane specifically asked for a queer actress, though the producers were also prepared to cast a straight actress as a last resort.

The series premiered on October 6, 2019. The Batwoman "Rebirth" comic series was announced exactly three years prior to this.

Jimmy Palmiotti, one of Luke Fox's co-creators, tweeted to Camrus Johnson that he was excited to see Johnson in the role.

Because of public backlash towards her character's portrayal and feminism, Ruby Rose deleted her Twitter account and deactivated comments on her Instagram profile.

There were several Batman/RWBY crossover fan fics and then the announcement came for a Batwoman live action series with the titular character to be played by Ruby Rose (who has coincidentally the same name as the main character from RWBY).