During Filming, it became known that the cat playing Celia ( Farley) and the cat Playing Cecil (Dmitri) were both male cats which resulted in arguments between the two on set, resulting in the crew having to change tactics and film the cats separately and composite them in Later on in the post production process.

On the First Day of Filming, AJ. Lamb played a practical joke on the camera trainee. A fake door had been screwed into the wall of the set, and AJ asked Jack the camera trainee to fetch a box from the other room pointing to the door. however when jack opened it he was faced with just a wall. everybody burst out laughing and it really broke the ice on set allowing everyone to feel much more comfortable on the first day.

One of the days when the production was shooting in the Garden Shed, turned out to be one of the Hottest days that year in the UK and add to that filming in a shed with closed windows and covered by black tarpaulin. The temperatures in side the shed reach approximately 40 degrees Celsius, however it was one time when Cecil ( Played by Dmitri) gave one of his best performances in the whole film. The whole cast and crew knew that they were not going to get another chance to do this, so everyone just shut up and for 20 minutes captures some of the best cat acting you see in the film, before spilling out on the grass for some water bottle showers and cool refreshments. Dmitri was well cared for at all times, and had his personal cat wrangler make sure that he was cool and refreshed.