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  • More of a love story than the actions of a great man but still very good although consequently the pacing of the film is quite slow but it kept me entertained throughout.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sergio is one of those Netflix films which has so much potential but never delivers. It covers important events in such a dull way. It's rarely ever interesting despite the great performances.

    I really don't think the non-linear narrative works in this film. I think the writing is weak whilst it covers the events well. It doesn't do it in the way which you learn stuff from the film. Maybe with better writers, the film would of worked better.

    I did enjoy aspects of the film though. Some of it was interesting. However that's mainly due to Ana De Armas who is really great here. Wagna Moura and Armas really do save the film from being a complete disaster.

    Overall despite being well made and well acted. The film fails to be a consistently enjoyable and informative film. It's not really worth watching, so don't go out of your way.
  • wel200522 April 2020
    Some right wing brazilians are giving low rate to this movie only because Wagner Moura is the actor who plays Sergio and the producer. Besides a great actor and a human being he is active politically and fight against the bad decisions of our actual brazilian government, a terrible one. The movie, overall, is enjoyable, very well acted, delicate and a good introduction in the story of Sergio Vieira de Mello, another great human being. The soundtrack with Cartola and Caetano Velloso is a plus.

    A drama set in the chaotic aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, where the life of top UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello hangs in the balance after the bombing of the UN offices in Bhagdad.

    Amazing to think that one man brought about so much peace in the world and at the end of the day he was flesh and bones like the rest of us.

    Whilst watching this film it was actually scary to see that the US thought that the UN was actually working for them and went against UN advice and was proven to have broken the international treaty on human rights on a significant number of occasions.

    Unfortunately after the bombing the UN pulled out of Iraq and civil war broke out leading to ISIS today.

    How history could have been changed if this bombing had never of taken place, unfortunately we will never know.

    Rating 8 out of 10
  • What most annoyed me the whole movie is the unnecessary love scenes. We got how much their relationship was important, but there were too many scenes to show it. Other thing is that some facts are wrong, just to make the love story "better".
  • I'm glad I didn't check the reviews before watching the film because it was such a beautiful story of something that's much more multilayered than just a linear storyline: the balance between Sergio's ambition, internal issues, love + complex nature of international relations. It's not an action film, it's a story of a purpose-driven man on the journey of becoming his true self. The pace is slower which I didn't find boring, quite the opposite in fact, gave enough room to build a more nuanced world and characters. Just watch it.
  • I would say I wasn't bored at all in this movie and it had a blend of history, romance, humanity to it. Don't understand why this movie has a low average.
  • Completely unnecessary dramatization of his love affair more than half of the movie. If I wanted to watch a romantic film, I'd watch a romantic film, not a film I've fixed my mind to learn about an important man.
  • With such an incredible real-life story that this is based on, I can imagine it being extremely difficult to know how to structure the film properly for dramatic effect. Unfortunately, I think 'Sergio' never quite figured it out and the pacing nearly killed the film for me. Perhaps even more so, it felt like the film chose the focus on the wrong combination of characters. Even though it stretches your suspension of disbelief, perhaps a better story could have centered around Gil & Sergio, instead of Sergio & Carolina. And that's acknowledging the fact that Ana de Armas is excellent in the role, but the pacing just wasn't doing it for me here.

  • Forget about politics , I'm not interested about politics, I'm just here for the movie. This movie sure do delivered an important messages of all. The main cast Wagner Moura , I find him surprisingly sexy in this rather than in Narcos for sure. Supporting cast played character well and storyline are beautiful and thrilling. It's sure gonna leaves you emotional towards the end. I'm gonna gives a shout to Garrett Dillahunt also who keeps promoting this movie. Overall reasons I'm enjoying this movie and pls give this movie higher ratings !
  • It is hard to understand bad reviews. This ia a beautiful movie that shows a sad real story competentently exploring different decisive moments. His love relationship with Argentine colleague is well shown and it is wrong to complain about it as if it were a documentary United Nations: I remember very well how present she was when he was killed. Besides that, it is also wrong to see the movie as not enough political or misguided: it is a fierce denunciation of United States imperialist foreign politics despite being a film from US, and also shows United Nations' sins. Another great merit is casting good axtors who speak other languages that not English and with proper accents.
  • fmwongmd21 April 2020
    A dramatic telling of the story of a career UN official who devoted much of his life to solving problems in East Timor and Iraq under the UN. Wagner Maura is very effective.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sergio is a movie that we didn't asked for, but we actually needed it and i'll explain why. I bet you're one of the guys coming here because you wanted a political/diplomatic focused film, but let me tell you this: You don't need it! And the movie doesn't care to give you that either. We are living in a pandemic time right now and before that, so many political conflicts all over the world, elections, threats, commercial warfare, you name it. Sometimes we need to avoid that a little, see life in a more humane perspective, maybe watching someone's personal story. Sergio's not about some diplomatic genious and his achievements, but about his life, love and regrets before and while facing death. It's about the human lesson he gives us of how things should be handled in many perspectives; as a father, diplomat, lover, friend and leader. He did what he tought it was right and in the end, after everything crumbles, he's still loved and remembered to this day. To see more about his diplomatic career, you can watch his documentary. I liked very much the movie and for those who are complaining about his accent, you shouldn't, Sergio was a brazilian citizen. Also, congratulations to Wagner Moura and Ana de Armas for the excellent acting on this one, looking for more shows from both.
  • Wasted opportunity to raise awareness of this mans work.
  • Screenplay is too boring, even Pablo Escobar cant save it but the real life story is very dramatic and inspirational. could have been better
  • The films flashbacks showed the decisions which led to the situation where Sergio was trapped, also helped to understand the difficulties the UN has doing what it was set up to do when all parties have conflicting goals. I wasnt bored or dissapointed, I was educated, gripped emotionally and entertained and found it well acted out.
  • azizmalhas28 April 2020
    Did they forget to add the actual story in the movie? I was waiting for the movie to start but it did not; they should've at least warned us that this is a love movie and not even a good one. Too bad for the good actors; they didn't even do well.

    Sergio; sorry that your story wasn't shown the way it should be.
  • dsgobba17 April 2020
    I was looking for a political movie, I found out just a good love story.
  • Another positively surprising film that I had no prior knowledge of. Yet I took the chance and let it play. "Sergio" gives an insight to the real life story of Sergio de Mello, a Brazilian diplomat who travels to Baghdad in 2003. On surface it's easy for movies like this to sideline the cinematic/emotional elements and get occupied to tell you all the information of the real life events. Although this is a case where the UN plot and the human plot nicely complimented each other - To the point where I got invested. While the opening didn't manage to engage me, it did get my interest. With some patience it eventually got my full attention. I loved how it was told non-linearly. Sergio looks back on his life as if he's recollecting his best times. All the while coping with a life threatening situation. The flashes back to the past are intentionally placed to be intrusive. In this case it clicked well with me. Because it places you in his perspective. Drifting from a flashing memory back to reality. The cinematography style is engaged with motivation in the flashbacks, while following a plainer "documentary" approach in present time. Which greatly strengthened the flashes of his life in the past. The ocean next to Rio de Janeiro is a strong recurring element. It represents his home, his freedom and his want to one day solely focus on the people he loves.

    Wagner Moura and Ana De Armas pour their hearts into their respective roles. You can see that they live every moment of Sergio and Carolina's happiness. And that feeling of happiness and love transcended through the screen to me. In other words: I bought their depiction of the romance. I have to mention a scene where they both listen to a local woman in East Timor explaining her dreams. It's a beautiful poem that reminds us of how insignificant the material goals seem next to the purity of nature. Sergio is so taken by what he's heard that his response is to simply hug the woman and say "I understand". The whole movie wasn't able to keep this type of momentum up in every scene. Since you'll hit the conventional beats. It wasn't a perfect experience, but the splinters of the human spirit were still felt. Made me want to float on the water and feel the warmth of the Sunrays.
  • shresthadavid27 April 2020
    The movie shows the emotional side of a man responsible for historic moments and though it might not have fully captured the political parts, the melancholy presented in the movie makes the movie so appealing and can make sensitive people to cry at the end.
  • I'm happy I didn't read the reviews here before deciding to watch this movie. I must say I've been happily surprised by this movie. The decision to film it back and forth, throughout different events of his life, in short sequences, are helpful to understand the hectic life he likely lived. This movie is a good representation of all the roles of such a diplomatic figure: a father, a negotiator, a lover, an opinionated diplomat, ...
  • Annoying presentation told in a story of flashbacks, which makes the whole movie disjointed and does Sergio no credit. The true story is based on a book, which would not have been written in this fashion.

    It would have made a much better show had it been filmed as a straightforward sequential story.
  • I totally agree with the previous, short but to the point review, "Important man, poor film". I also thought that the sex scene, although beautiful in itself was not appropriate or necessary, in fact it felt to me more an intrusion of privacy. Sergio should've been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, even now, posthumously I think it would be very fitting for this great man of peace, independence and human rights.
  • Well made and done film. I think Wagner Moura displayed his wide variety in acting. It established the depth of his acting range especially coming from "Narcos".

    Compelling, and wonderful story with a brief glimpse in history.
  • lareval27 August 2021
    She steals the movie and lifts up a screenplay that is decent enough but not as extraordinary as the real story is based on. All in, a very good and moving film by itself. Deserves a good watch.
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