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  • It's a Total disappointment. They just changed her personality from previous movies, making her more like in the live action movie (wich I loved) but she is not what they have been giving us in the animated movies. Besides that, the writing is lazy, boring and animation is not great.

    I am stick to the 2009 animated movie until they give us something better.
  • I've waited (as have other WW fans) for about ten years for another Wonder Woman solo movie after the amazing 2009 version. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this over its predecessor. The movie falls short on count of animation, engaging characters and plot development.

    The animation is an unfortunate departure from the animation style that we have come to know and love in the more recent movies such as Death of Superman/ Reign of the Supermen and certainly doesn't hold a candle to the 2009 Wonder Woman movie.

    Characters feel like they have been forced into moulds just to tick off agendas. Steve Trevor for example seems out of his league at most times. As a woman, I yearn for a movie where the empowerment of one group does not come at the expense of making another seem incompetent. Other characters as well have been shoehorned in to fit agendas just for the sake of it.

    Summing up: If you're looking for a Wonder Woman animated movie to watch, I recommend watching/re-watching the 2009 movie instead.
  • The cast give their line readings a good go, but the material they're working with is beneath their collective talent. WW: Bloodlines resembles a mediocre anime in not just character design, but an emphasis on action, explosions, and Wonder Woman's 'backside'.
  • I have watched pretty much every animated DC thing there is out there. This was such a big let down, bad story with terrible acting. Seemed childish and totally unnatural. I really hope they dont make more movies like this.
  • Not a real story, things are just justify for 1 line of script. everything happens just like whatever. A shame in this saga.
  • arthur-rabago7 October 2019
    Too many plot holes, boring story and one dimensional characters. The Justice League (animated) Wonder Woman had better stories.

    It's utter crap.
  • Unintelligent, stupid, lazy, senseless, nonsense of a movie..

    I wonder what are these people where smoking when they made this movie...

    It's a Total disappointment..
  • So, with Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, they decided to ignore the events of the 2009 animated film and give Wonder Woman a new origin while adding a new story. This movie actually fixes some problems I had in the 2009 film (like fixing Steve Trevor so he isn't a womanizer who doesn't make comments about the size of Hippolyta's breasts), and it makes Wonder Woman a lot closer to her DCEU counterpart (a strong female who is capable of fighting evil without anyone helping her). The story after the origin is five years later, Wonder Woman is visited by an old friend to help save her daughter Vanessa from going to jail after she steals an artifact that she plans to give to Doctor Poison, but the mother dies in a shootout while Wonder Woman is busy with Doctor Poison's enforcer, Giganta. Blaming the amazon for her mother's murder, she is recruited into Villainy Inc. as Silver Swan, with the mission to invade Themyscira.

    Yeah, story suffers from the typical "bad guy is born because hero failed to save parent" cliché, and some of the dialogue is cheesy, but it has some good action and the voice actors are okay in my book.
  • The most iconic (literally) female character of comics certainly deserve more than this film which seems to be done by some teens. No depth to anything at all, everything is just jumping from one scene to another. No time developing relations between character or to the viewers. And what happened to the animation? Its such a step down, even 2009 movie was awesome. I wish they would come out with something better and not make us wait ten years.
  • This movie was so boring. I couldn't finish watching it. DC animation has been going downhill for a while. But this is the low point for me. Stupid storyline.
  • juvei7 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    The live action Wonder Woman and the 2009 animated film were both wonderful, this was a major let down by comparison.

    First off re-telling her origin and how she decided to come to the world of man, felt very unnecessary given how recently that story was last told.

    What sprung her into action was Darkseid's parademons, but that part of the story was completely glossed over and seemed like she was schooled for a substantial length of time before ever taking on the mantle of hero. Highly out of character for Diana, she is a warrior and woman of action it's hard to think of her willingly going to the sideline like that for so long.

    While having self doubts isn't out of character for Wonder Woman, having such prominent levels of self doubt clearly visible at the surface level for like 2 decades, just seems absurd for the character. Wonder Woman living in the same house as a young impressionable girl and not being able to make a strong bond seems really strange as well, just felt like contrived drama for the purpose of story-telling.

    The animation quality also took a noticeable nose dive from other DC animated films with multiple portions of animation looking clunky and more in line with weekend cartoon animation than an animated movie, at other times it was better, but this served to make the weaker portions more noticeable.

    A lot of villains in the movie at six, but they were basically recycling them Silver Swan at her initial level was a lot like Cheetah, Giganta and Medusa at her second level had obvious parallels, and Dr. Poison and Dr. Cyber were brainy bossy types who didn't get their hands dirty. A stronger story with less villains generally makes a more compelling narrative.

    Then lastly woke culture did find a way to sneak into the movie, they made Steve Trevor a lot weaker and more incompetent than needed to try and make Wonder Woman shine brighter by comparison. If you need to degrade the men around a woman to make them heroic it's probably a clear sign of bad directing and bad story telling. What initially attracted Wonder Woman to Steve Trevor was he was a capable warrior and very brave, there will be times he needs help like a damsel in distress, but it shouldn't just be perpetually happening. Then for woke culture purposes they threw in a token minority, who was also overweight, and a lesbian just to check all the token woke culture boxes.
  • Animation wasn't that much impressive,if some other superheroes would've been in this movie it would atleast be better.
  • Why is her head so long? Did teens in an intro to Animation create this? I guess I need to find the 2009 film everyone says is great. I was busy with MCU films from 2008-2019 and don't remember a 2009 Wonder Woman but given the reviews of this I'd better go find it. I'm writing this review as I'm watching "Bloodlines" and I too am finding the voices lacking dynamics and Rosario (who I like) is great, someone clearly gave her some sort of formula to emulate for Diana's voice. I think if Rosario had injected her own personality into it rather than trying to sound like other WW voices it could have been better.
  • Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is an incredible addition to the DC animated library. Rosario Dawson and Jeffrey Donovan both give great performances. The animation is good and it's well paced. The action sequences are impactful and extremely enjoyable. The humour is also really good and the music by Frederik Wiedmann is fantastic. However, it is brought down slightly by the opening 10 mins which feel slightly rushed.
  • I agree with other reviewers that there was some cheesy one liners but its obvious theyre intentional. Its an animated DC film guys... The plot is decent and fight scenes are nice. I appreciate that they focused on Wonder Woman's story and did not try to add all other characters from JL.
  • Just a complete mess of early 2000 movie tropes, and 'baloney' tag lines.

    Was really excited for this movie, but the hammy voice acting delivered b rated thumb down in this guys animated DC collection. 😩
  • After the Death & Return of Superman and them having so many hits this one is a huge miss.

    Very poor villains especially with no development. There's two villains they could have reveled in the middle somewhere that would have been more compelling.

    Wonder Woman has a chance to at least put the big bad in jail or something after the plan is admitted. What does she do? Absolutely nothing.

    The whole story and dialogue needed a lot more time in the cooker, it feels like it was hashed out in a couple hours and then they pat themselves on the back and took their cheques.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm slowly starting to like the New 52 version of Wonder Woman. I'm glad they ended her relationship with Superman and placed Superman in a relationship with Lois Lois starting in Death of Superman along with now placing Batman into a relationship with Catwoman like in Batman: Hush or Gotham by Gastlight (which I don't think is apart of the New 52 DC universe). But I'm slowly growing on her character which has become more likable to me even though the early 2000s Justice series and animated version of Wonder Woman voiced by Susan Eisenberg is always going to be my favorite animated version of Diana Prince while the 1970s Wonder Woman played by Linda Carter will always be my favorite live action version of her. In this version, Steve Trevor finally gets to be Wonder Woman's love interest again so I hope the writers keeps exploring their relationship.

    Well, in this version, Bloodlines digs a little deeper into Wonder Woman's origins in the mystical feminist island of Themsyrica and how Diana learns to adapt to modern day society with the help of an archeologist named Julie and her teenaged daughter Vanessa ( I think that's what the daughter's name was), who becomes a surrogate family for Diana. Over the years, Vanessa grows jealous of her mother's favoritism towards Diana and when her mother is unexpectedly killed years later, Vanessa blames Diana and joins the bad gals to get her revenge against Diana allows the villains to turn her into a dangerous assassin, Silver Swan. Diana goes on a quest with the help of Steve Trevor and his assistant Etta Candy to save Silver Swan before it's too late.

    I liked the romance between Steve and Diana and the small reference to her brief relationship with Superman. I hope the writers give them a chance, because this movie and her relationship with Steve humanizes Diana. When she was first introduced in 2014's Justice League: War, she was kind of obnoxious, headstrong, and godlike. It only grew worse as the movies continued. This movie showed Diana's vulnerable side which was as equally compelling as her stronger side. And even when she's in over her head and the odds are against her, she never gave up. I hate her New 52 outfit and when her hair was in the ponytail, but I have gotten used to it. But besides the action scenes, my favorite moments was when she wore her original costume. The voice queen herself Cree Summers graced us by voicing Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons and Diana's mother. In one scene, Hippolyta got her moment to shine and showed us why she was leader. And of course, Rosario Dawson did a wonderful job voicing Diana. My only gripe with the movie was the character of Etta Candy. I'm cool with them changing her character from white to black. She's a side character so her race is irrelevant to the plot. But I'm getting annoyed with liberal movies and TV shows making every black side character both black and LGBT. It's happening so often in so many shows and movies, it's becoming it's own stereotype. Etta Candy is a likable character but it seemed like she was kind of forced into the plot and action and was better off as a background character assisting from behind the scenes like Oracle from the Batman universe or Felicity in the earlier seasons of CW's Arrow. Her character wasn't necessary and only used as unneeded comic relief. Come to think about it, in every version of Etta, she's pretty much the same. She's the Jimmy Olsen of the Wonder Woman universe.

    But overall, I liked the movie. I'm enjoying the new 52 universe and the continuity of the movies. Superman has a healthy relationship with Lois Lane. Batman has a son named Damian Wayne, Nightwing, the rest of the Batman superhero gang, and an off again on again relationship with Catwoman. Now, Wonder Woman has a potential healthy relationship with Steve Trevor. So hopefully, he doesn't get sideline by Batman and Superman again. The last time I saw Diana have somewhat of a healthy relationship with Steve was over forty years ago on the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show played by Lyle Waggoner. Yet, even then, he had the hots for Wonder Woman but never found out her secret identity as his secretary Diana Prince. Otherwise, he was killed off and replaced by his son in the 1970s, blown up sacrificing himself in World War I, being sidelined by a billionaire playboy costumed vigilante with psychological issues then by an immortal sun god from another planet, a World War II vet in a nursing home, or dead. I understand Diana is an immortal princess, but it would be nice to see a romance between Diana and Steve and I also like in this version that he knows Diana is Wonder Woman.

    Anyway, pretty good movie which humanizes the immortal goddess and gives her a love interest with Steve Trevor. We get see Diana get her Death of Superman moment and the final battle was pretty good. Some of the plot is a little weak but it's balanced out by character driven storyline. Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to the continuation of Wonder Woman's storyline. Loved the direction the writers are taking these movies. Looking forward the next one.
  • My title says it all, compared to the Wonder Woman in JLA circa 2009, as others have mentioned, and other DC Movies where she actually had character and was interesting. This flop is 1 dimensional and is more about pushing a feminist agenda than writing a good character.
  • forpassord15 October 2019
    I was really looking forward to watch this movie, but was disappointed. The animation was OK, but nothing more. If I did not know any better, based on the animation and style I would have guessed that this movie was made several years ago, and not in 2019.

    I am not a fan of crying out against placing colored people or LGBT persons in a movie just for the sake of crying out and claiming that it is demeaning men, but this movie goes over board: I believe that Steve Trevor was the ONLY man in the entire movie!! And in several situations during the movie he whimpers and cries out to Diana to help him! The only other "man" in this movie is made feminine... And if placing a lesbian in a movie is supposed to "empower" lesbians, WHY, OH WHY make her mostly act like a childish teenager?!?! If I were a lesbian, I would have felt insulted!

    And how is it that airplanes belonging to villains have to blast their way into a courtyard with rockets?!?!?! Since when are villains left to them selves without incarceration when cough?!?!?!

    I was amazed by how great the live action Wonder Woman from 2017 was, and I expected this movie to be something along that line before I watched this movie. But this movie is not even av bleak shadow of its predecessor.
  • abdullahalturki6 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, the movie was very promising at first, all though the animation and some lines were very choppy and lazy here and there. The story was predictable and sometimes felt a bit stretched out. And add to that, why is media pushing the idea of LGBTQ+ in every-single-thing we watch nowadays? It doesn't support the story at all, it feels like a cheap marketing tactic, almost like they want to just please those specific groups. I don't get how if that scene or character's trait was removed, the story would be effected. It is almost like they just needed something to make their character unique, and just because your character likes the same gender and heavily relies on that one specific trait that doesn't make your character someone interesting, it is like meeting someone who has no personality except for, 'Oh, I like women even if I am a woman, oh and on top of that, I am overweight.'
  • udaydewangan7 October 2019
    If youre dc comics fan and love Diana its movie for you packed with good action and great bgm its worth watching though origin is bit boring from live action counterpart but it do has some good scene and 3rd act climax is what you will love the most i will recommend it to everyone to give it chance and dont be harsh on it
  • Save your precious time, even if you're bored beyond comprehension you'll be better of staying bored than watching this crap.
  • hasancan19 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know where to start. Big disappointment. almost all the characters are female. I could say only 2 male(1 half human)!

    spoiler****** few plot holes; -what exactly happen to those aliens!? why they came in the first place? -lazy writing on how the girl goes to dark side. -what the hell cheetah was doing at the temple -if they left that beast only to protect that special temple, I would like to know what they were drinking while making that decision. I want the same! -they were bombing the door of the castle's door to go through. its an open air pace. why the heck dont fly over! -the African American female character was a lesbian!!! and, she was getting two amazonian for herself! I mean, why did you make us seen it. and, how would those beautiful girls would pick her over any amazonian! and, no people, they weren't hugging each other for friendship purpose. -in post credit she figured that out that doctor is the real enemy whom caused all the troubles(killing, destruction, almost killed ww) and she did let her go! ooooppsss, sorry I forgot. even left a sword! -why the heck batman didn't noticed all these while happening. -where the heck is the justice league! there is more but I dont have time for it. I m a huge dc fan but big disappointment.
  • It feels like this movie was written for 10 year olds and animated for adults. DC rarely makes any standalone movies about Wonder Woman for some reason. Maybe it's because every movie they make has to be about Batman but that's another issue altogether. The point is we FINALLY get a possibly better animated and scripted movie since the 2009 animated movie (which was far better than this one) and we get this! Bad acting, bad script, bad animation. Bad DC! Corny and dumb jokes. I've seen every DC animated movie and while there are some pretty bad ones out there, they're usually pretty good in the New 52 universe. They totally rushed her origin story. This one is not one of the good ones. Don't waste your money or time like I did.
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