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  • masercot18 October 2018
    Saw this featured on Netflix. Most cooking shows lately have been very disappointing. I was expecting this to be the same. I was all kinds of wrong.

    To start with, this show doesn't try to dazzle, it just shows. The narrator doesn't look like an achorwoman or model... just a woman who likes to cook and wants to understand food. The people she visits are cooking Jedis who work through smell and sight... cooks who've made the dishes shown many many times in their lives.

    I've only seen the first of the series but, if the rest is even a bit comparable, it should be a great watch.
  • Jessicanu9415 October 2018
    This was such a good food show compared to some others. I learned great tips and I binged it all in one night.
  • Wonderfully inspirational series filled with beautiful scenery, foods, colors, information, and just... warmth.
  • Can't say enough! Normal people who are experts yet not intimidating, and the focus is beautifully explained, just like you are there! This I believe is one of the Best shows I've ever seen... the hostess of this show is so down to earth & tuned in so much that she can capture a picture with feeling and flavor for anyone! It's educational & it's defined by the people, the region, & the truth behind the food. It's so authentic in the filming and positioning of the food, the process, the history, the identification of the ingredients and their delivery of transformation from the process to the table. Such a beautiful show I feel like I'm there with them. There are layers to the show with history & romance of food!
  • Extremely informative and entertaining. Samin, is an engaging cook, and provides so much information,for even the most experienced cook.
  • Was really excited for this after reading the book a few months ago and being surprised to see it featured on Netflix out of nowhere. The book is extremely educational and totally breaks the mold of traditional cookbooks. It thoughtfully details why these four elements are so important, how they impact food and then how to actually use them in across all of your cooking. All of this was lost in the show. This was just another standard 45 minute food-porn montage with all of the education stripped. Disappointed, but it didn't impact my view on the book. Go pick it up now.
  • constancerogal8 March 2020
    How does this have such a high review? It's incredibly basic, as if it's made for kids.
  • lynn-0960615 October 2018
    I was seeing something different on some foods we are not familiar how they are harvested in different regions. I have never tried miso but she was even surprised of the process of how it is made. OK I particularly enjoyed the acid segment. Both my parents are both from Yucatan loved how they showed the true region and flavors.
  • This show is suffering from a serious lack of information. It's easy to be fooled by the visuals and the music, but if you look closer there's hardly any content. From the description of the concept I expected to get some knowledge about the food philosophy of the host, and author of the book. That never happens, nothing happens. A show this thin need a charismatic host to carry it, and sadly it doesn't even have that. It's well produced, that's all it has going for it.
  • gdrenfrew19 June 2019
    An incredibly boring presenter. A Netflix doc by numbers - from the music, the typeface, the "I just realised some fundamental truth everyone else also knows but I made a tv show about it..." intro.

    It's like the presenter is playing the idiot to satisfy the lowest common denominator of Netflix's US audience. She is fundamentally unlikeable on screen, but obviously has a rapport with the people she is speaking to. It's so strange to watch.

    Full of valid statements like: "Food doesn't have to be complicated to be delicious". Who knew?

    Go and watch Floyd on Food or something actually engaging. This is without merit.
  • A love letter to the things that make good food good.
  • mhdreiling13 October 2018
    It's just the food show to binge-watch these days. It's a simple concept: food, cooking and travelling through different places and cooking cultures. It's already been done before by many others, but here it is charming and engaging through the always kind, humble and clever voice and presence of Ms Nosrat.
  • Every one is making complex food programs but samin makes it easier. Food is not complex enjoy each ingridiant, thats the message.
  • Was great until the last episode where it completely abandoned the principle that the show was based on. Definitely frustrating if not confusiy.
  • The charming host takes us on a culinary journey exploring the basics of cooking. Through her natural contact with all the people she meets, we get to experience cooking made in the traditional way while learning a thing or two in the process. Everything packed in an amusing and entertaining manner, largely thanks to Samin fun and curious mind.
  • My daughter is a huge fan of Sabine's. She has a delightful delivery style that is rich in information. She has a unique connection with the artisans that she features on the show and it I is amazing to watch. We highly recommend this show.
  • Remembertheoutlaws4 August 2019
    Not a big fan of cooking shows but this one takes the cake!
  • Amazing four-part series on how to use salt, fat, acid and heat while cooking.

    Samin Nosrat is such a great guide in this journey of taste, and the filming locations in Japan, Mexico, Italy are just amazing!
  • I binged on all 4 episodes and the end result is I feel this is a commercial for her cooking book (note I did not say cookbook) - and that is not bad.

    I have bought books and in the end thought that is not what I expected. By watching this series I want to go get her book and dive deeper into the lessons. I have read some reviews of the book and being able to combine what I have seen and what reviews have said I am better equipped for what lays ahead - and I am excited.

    About these 4 shows - they give a nice overview of what the 4 items mean in cooking. But a simple 45 minute show cannot go into the depths of what is involved. They wet your appetite, they tease you and they draw you into the riches of understanding how salt, fat, acid, and heat work in your cooking. I am looking forward to reading the book because of this show.

    I hope they make more going into depth now that the basics are covered.
  • When I heard about this on Netflix I thought its bound to be a well made production and sure enough it is.

    Its very well shot and produced. Samin is not your stereotypical flamboyant chef. If anything she is a bit old school which makes a change. Her use of salt is astonishing at times which is a welcome relief form the do gooders.

    This lady loves her food and it shows.

    I particularly enjoyed Episode 2 on Salt, mainly because it was based in Japan. Episode 1 was also excellent (fat) with Acid super interesting and primarily in Mexico. For me Episode 4 (Heat) was a bit dull and a 'filler'. Hence my overall rating of 8.

    Please do more like this Netflix. In a post Bourdain world we need great food / travel shows of this quality.
  • Honestly I loved this show. Samin is so out of the normal forms, it really felt there was no script, just a friendly chef that go around and discover things with us like she could do with a group of friends.

    She is so cheerful and the whole show is like "hey guys I found this, you totally need to try it, lets go".
  • If you like cooking but hate stressful contest shows this is your program. I can't pinpoint what is so magical about Samin and her documentary but I absolutely adore it and her. It is so lovingly put together and her (and her guests) passion is so intense and vibrant it's infectious. She somehow makes the slaughtering of a pig artistic and beautiful in a way that makes you feel proud to be eating Italian salami. Please please make more tv Samin!
  • Samin Nosrat is a very skilled chef, she 'feels' the food and can bring the emotion that comes with discovery so naturally. She is real! Nice aspect is that most of the cooks are female. That's different from a lot of other cooking shows. I hope that there will be more episodes in the future.
  • I could feel the happiness in all of the chitter and chatter. Pride. Joy. From the Italian women, Samin, to the other hosts fantastic mouth watering educational fun.
  • tlcorsel20 December 2020
    The fat one was visually stunning. The whole thing was great, lovely and informative.
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