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  • fewsternoble17 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Got into this thinking it was 4 episodes, was 6, so gave it a go. The main character was completely immoral, totally unlikable, couldn't believe she stole so much from people and they all just pretty much let it go. The ultimate was the end, complete rubbish, made a load of money then took £14,000 to pay off her debts, and the friends didn't say a thing, leaving them with £2,000 ???? Everyone lived happily ever after, what a load of rubbish. Watched 6 episodes seeing her rip people off and then the last episode she massively does it again and everyone is happy. 1 is generous
  • timrober16 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    At every turn the lying, cheating, work-shy, law-breaking, thief portrayed by Sheridan is rarely brought to task for anything done wrong. Not only that, but when she gets away with something we are treated to anthemic 'feel good' soul music to reinforce how well she's doing. I couldn't believe what I was watching in the first episode, and only hoping that perhaps the character might 'clean up' their act, but to no avail after 6 episodes. I can't fathom how the creators of this series felt that the character causing a car accident whilst playing with a phone and then then speeding off with absolutely no further comment or repercussion on this act was 'OK'. But of course, that's just the start... we hear the character is a hard-working cleaner but one that spends a lot of her 'working' hours feeding an addiction or breaking into and bugging offices and listening in to conversations. Lying to teachers in front of her children, breaking into and stealing from a private clients home, stealing money from friends and family at every turn, deceiving those closest to her to save face. Again, all of these with little to know comeuppance and often accompanied by "Go-girl!" music. The worst part of all this is the last episode. We are now left with a message that Gamblers Anonymous is 'a dangerous place to go' and really, you don't need it even though you have a crippling addiction. In fact, it alludes that she has solved her addiction problems and the daughter who was desperately trying to get Mum to GA meetings now is proud of her... why? Because she's set up a cleaning business with the sole intent of stealing information from legal and financial companies and committing further crime by leveraging insider trading. But of course everything's OK... because they played more life affirming Aretha-esque music. ITV should be ashamed of this. Sheridan is a thousand times better than this.
  • What a waste of Sheridan Smith. This is woeful. Terrible plot. Don't bother wasting your time with this dross.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If they had done it differently it could have been an entertaining watch. We just needed a cheeky lead that we could take to - but as they wrote it Sam was an awful person. Lying to everyone, ripping off her gullible friends for thousands.

    It was no cheery story of the underdogs taking down some elite insider traders - everyone in it was either unlikable or being ripped off by Sam/Nancy.

    Massive plot holes too - guessing who would be the developers. Not able to work Excel but suddenly able to download data onto a USB stick from a traders PC in seconds.

    And the grand finale - she takes their ill-gotten gains to do what ? Start ringing up some businesses to take her and her two pals on as a super efficient new company ? With no references to take with them.

    God forbid there's a next series - if there is she'll be ripping off some poor eastern European cleaners (or the Spanish ? What was that all about ?) and lying to all and sundry.

    She should have gone down with Swanny and co and in real life I'm sure she would.

    Awful misstep with this one.
  • This series was truly, truly awful. It is hard to know where to start, but my biggest gripe (setting aside the plot holes) is that it didn't seem to know what it was trying to say. Sheridan Smith, (who's acting ability I am now seriously starting to question), smirks and heavy-breathes her way through the role, creating a dishonest, and thoroughly unlikable lead character for whom we end up having no sympathy - even when her children leave her. As Smith's character's gambling addiction spirals towards rock-bottom, it would seem the writers had finally plumped for a 'cautionary tale'.approach...only to ditch this in the later stages and adopt an 'underdogs getting one over on the establishment' crime caper. The trouble is, this only works (like say for the Italian Job or Oceans 11) if the audience has actually warmed to the protagonists over the course of the series. By the end I was rooting for Smith's character to be caught and prosecuted, to protect her from others as well as herself. Utter drivel - avoid..
  • . I see too much rubbish in TV, as my wife watches it! I try to read. This should be a great drama, given the lead the writers and the slightly different concept. My problem wit most TV is that everything is so unlikely. Trading offices wuld not have cleaners in during the work day - everythng on the screeens are too sensitive. Likewise, PCs and monitors would not be running when the traders are away from their desk, especially at night! How many days did it take to look at the CCTV ?! (just saw that bit).

    There is Artisitic Licence, and it is probably a neccessary element of TV dramas, but this is just ridiculous.

    If you mssed it on normal TV - DO NOT pay a penny to see it.
  • A woefully predictable drama, with leaden dialogue and cardboard cutout characters and scenarios. The lead character has little sympathy, and every scene looks like it has been generated by a writing-by-numbers book. If you've read any synopsis of the basic plot you don't need to watch it - nothing unexpected happens, and there isn't any spark in the characters. Two episodes was enough to trudge through.
  • janiewaney19 February 2019
    Lie, cheat your friends and put your family in danger, then everything turns out rosy! Rubbish...
  • I was looking forward to this and tolerated a few episodes in the hope it would get better. I like Sheridan Smith but why is she continually smirking regardless of what emotion she is supposed to be having? I feel like she's mailed this performance in. The writing is dire and story line totally unbelievable. We are supposed to believe that she works all night, gets home gets the girls up who have been alone all night, feeds them and gets them to school then goes to another job? When does the poor woman sleep and why is she never tired? I won't go into her getting a stranger (guy) in to board with her two girls while she is away at work. Just put the nail in, there is no way cleaners have time to skulk around and plant recorders and then listen in. They work as a team doing the job as fast as possible and in a team. Two of them going missing would be noticed and they'd be sacked. So that's rubbish too. It's a shame really. Was a good story line, just handled incompetently. A bit of research and forethought may have elicited a higher score than 2 from me.
  • The concept of this drama is brilliant. A bit different from the usual police drama or rom Com type drivel. My only issue and I will hold off a little until I have watched more is that it's just too slow and the characters are frustrating especially Sheridan Smith! Hopefully the coming episodes will be much better.
  • Although it's not the best drama ITV have ever proffered I'm thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to episode 4 tonight. It's gritty, and the gruelling struggle of the working class underdog juxtaposed with London's wealthy elite makes for engaging viewing. The show has a good pace, mounting tension and a funny, relatable and watchable lead played superbly by Sheridan Smith. Im surprised to see so many unfavourable reviews!
  • mcleodjack10 January 2019
    First episode and I'm already hooked. It's time the "little people" get a break. Yes, insider trading is illegal, but the a-holes on Wall Street do it all the time and no one says a word.
  • Lejink8 March 2019
    A highly entertaining, if improbable, 6-part drama on ITV, starring Sheridan Smith as a recently separated single parent, struggling to bring up her two daughters on her low income as an office cleaner in the financial centre of London, as well as managing her growing addiction to gambling, be it lottery scratch-cards, on-line gaming or just going to the local casino to play roulette. Opportunity comes knocking for her however as she becomes aware that an employee at a city stockbroker where she cleans after-hours, who seems to work late and alone every night, is in fact part of a syndicate involved in insider-dealing. With her two work-colleague friends, she sets up a listening device in the dealer's office and uses the information to play the market for the three of them to benefit financially from investing in the hot tips picked up.

    The plot thickens however when the threesome's gravy train gets derailed after the crooked dealer is suspended on suspicion of malpractice and Smith decides to move on up by swotting up on the markets and stepping into the offending dealer's shoes as his replacement in the scam. While the idea of a lowly office cleaner carrying off such a caper is somewhat far fetched, it's written and played so well that you go along with the unlikely premise, rooting for Smith and her buddies all the way, especially at the numerous nail-biting moments when it seems her well-laid plans are about to unravel.

    There are various background sub-plots including Smith's on-off relationship with her ex-husband, who still cares for her to some degree and is concerned about her gambling addiction, likewise her two daughters, the older one in her mid teens who tries to encourage her mum to attend Gambler's Anonymous classes, the younger infant one driven to petty theft to help her struggling mum, the vulture-like loan-shark constantly badgering Smith for repayment and last but not least the geeky young entrepreneur-inventor she takes in as a lodger whose ability to make home-made listening devices is crucial to the plot.

    Sure, a lot of the plot-links are as unlikely as my winning the lottery next week and I'm not sure about the dubious morality of the ending where it seems Smith and her chums are about to continue along similar lines in their criminal ways but with a well-chosen cast all responding to the superior material and smart, non-flashy direction, this was enjoyable contemporary drama which thoroughly entertained my wife and I over its six-week run.
  • Sheridan Smith is a wonder as always and the gambling addiction is an emotional watch. However, it's so unrealistic! It's very tense but just not good enough for the usual itv drama.
  • DrPChannard24 January 2019
    To the reviewer highlighting a continuity error, suggesting the girl's black eye changes eye from one scene to the next, I say watch again, the first shot was her looking in the mirror lol. Remained her left eye throughout.
  • safeguyz13 February 2019
    Dont waste your time... 6 episodes of garbage. Should of been called "Getting Rinsed"
  • gb90126 January 2019
    Predictable by the numbers rubbish with the bang average Smith. She's the female equivalent of James Newbury: basically playing same character again and again...herself! Would sensitive information be left on desks and trading monitors on over night, really?
  • Sheridan Smith acts her pants off, great idea, well executed, not high brow but addictive, well thought out and a refreshing change from reality blx.
  • eveaz888621 February 2019
    I genuinely cant understand the terrible reviews on here. I thought this was one of the best things I've seen in ages . I thought it was gripping, fast paced and well acted . Perhaps I'm too easy pleased
  • STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

    Sam (Sheridan Smith) works as a cleaner in a trading tower, to support her daughters, along with her best mate Jess (Jade Anouka.) However, a crippling online gambling addiction has gotten her into debt, and now she's got loan sharks knocking at her door. One night, she has the novel idea to listen in to the traders, and get some inside information on which shares are going to go up, which allows her to get riches on the side that change her life immeasurably. However, it's all on a collision course to come crashing down.

    Social inequality, and the great divide between the 'haves and have nots' in society at present is certainly one of the hot topics, and pretty much the main narrative propelling Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party. Quite rightly so, and this new six part drama from ITV, starring the versatile Sheridan Smith, focuses on this, with it's themes of 'the little guy' getting a slice of the pie over the 'orrible bankers. Sadly, while the premise has potential, the execution is just too nonsensical and requires too much suspension of disbelief to be taken seriously and have any lasting impact.

    Smith's talents have certainly been recognized, and she's built up quite a profile and won some prestigious awards, but she simply had a big error of judgement choosing this script to put on her back catalogue. She does the best she can, but it's all just too poorly written, and doesn't have anything close to the sustainability it needs to last the course of six episodes, over six weeks! For some reason, I stuck with it to the end, and the dramatic stakes do lift a little a bit further in, but a satisfying resolution fails to materialise.

    It's further compounded by one or two (important) inconsistent characters, who disappear for a few episodes then reappear towards the end, and a peculiar obsession with shoving ITV's diversity agenda down our throats, with everyone seemingly in a mixed race partnership, including Smith's friendship with her co worker. There's nothing like a satisfactory beginning, middle and an end, and any significant social commentary on issues like the responsibility of online gaming sites and the great wealth divide is just lost in the mire. Bearable, but only by the most very narrow margin. **
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wasted 6 hours of my life... Expected them to actually clean up but overall came away with 2k. Very slow burner into an awful ending.
  • carinaturner13 February 2019
    Cant believe this was dragged out over 6 episodes, could have been done easily in 2. Boring, slow, predictable. 6 hours of my life I'll never get back!
  • neilcanham19 January 2019
    Saw episode one and wasn't particularly impressed due to the unsympathetic iead. The writing and general plot did not keep me interested. Halfway through episode two no improvement in the plot lack of tension decent writing. Called it a day and turned off the TV. had better things to do with my time.
  • ajmiff24 January 2019
    What can I say. I'm falling out of love with Sheridan Smith. She's basically the same character in everything she does. She just doesn't have what it takes too carry a major tv show. Cleaning Up should have been better but it's just disappointing.
  • Shoddy, totally ridiculous writing. 6 hours of my life I'll never get back.
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