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8 August 2018 | lor_
Effective couples romance
Mike Quasar apparently shot two excellent Wicked Pictures features back-to-back, as "Making Ends Meet" and this "Second First Date" share the same location (the ubiquitous "Immoral Proposal" mansion, crew and overlapping cast headed by Mercedes Carrera.

"Date" is a simple story about a marital breakout, in which Mercedes and her husband Derrick Pierce are informed by their lawyer (Kyle Stone) that their finances are so poor that they can't afford a divorce, and must live together even if emotionally "separated". Choice of the lavish mansion as their film home underscores the problem.

Instead of comedy, Quasar's fine script emphasizes the romantic nature of the piece, with each spouse permitted to bring home dates and be freewheeling sexually while still maintaining a common household. Pierce has a fling withory young Whitney Wright while Mercedes dallies with Tyler Nixon, with a dating app used as a gimmick to keep the plot rolling along.

Film has unusual structural elements, that I found intriguing since they would not play well in a mainstream version of this story. Inevitably, the stars Derrick and Mercedes reconcile in order to have that 2nd first date, starting over with their romance, yet the final sex scene does not feature them but is instead a hook-up by young folk Nixon and Wright, who find they have much more in common than they had with older lovers.

And the movie is completely stolen by Angela White cast as Mercedes' BFF, who gets the opening sex scene with IR content opposite big-dicked hunk Ricky Johnson (younger than her). Their scene has a tremendous softcore foreplay segment and is overall much longer and more sensual than the scenes involving the movie's stars -something that could never hap pen (non-explicit sex, of course) in a mainstream movie where the star Roberts, Witherspoon, Aniston or Heigl would never permit such blatant upstaging.

I suspect this stems from the difficulty of casting Angela, currently by far porn's #1 star, in a feature, as she cranks out self-serving gonzo epics for her own label and is bound to overwhelm any scripted, Old School adult film. In this case, switching roles with Mercedes just wouldn't work in terms of story content.

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Adult | Romance


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1 March 2018



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