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  • This 3-hour entry in the generally powerful Girlfriends series suffers from the company's determination that no screenplays are necessary for their dramas. In most of the four vignettes the actresses are left heading up river without a paddle, stammering out idiotic dialog in search of credible characterizations.

    Case in point is the two-part last half of the feature starring Siri and the late Yurizan Beltran. Yuri, who will be remembered for far better performances elsewhere, is utterly unconvincing as a jealous lover of Siri, who blows up when she catches Siri masturbating. Taking infidelity to a new and inappropriately higher level, she takes this as cheating, and then launches into an incoherent tirade at the Girlfriends Films DVD lying on the bed next to Siri, criticizing the girls who appear in such porn. Rarely has product placement and self-plugging on screen reached such a silly place as this bit of reverse-psychology.

    Yuri ends up banging cutie Natalie Heart, who she meets in their building's laundry room in another botched dialog scene. Following the DVD's "cheaters" theme, Siri ends up humping Heart's domineering lover Laurie Vargas, whose acting here is even worse than Beltan's.

    Opening vignette is a bit better, but also hamstrsung by the actresses being left to "wing it". Capri Anderson, whose Adult Cinema career has made me wonder who's casting this stuff, is more effective in the lesbian context, and teams up with Monique Alexander who she thinks is cheating on her, but all we get to witness is compatible sex between the two of them.

    Two Sophias, Jade and busty Lomeli, team up in a very tiresome segment that seems to go on for an hour (I didn't time it, but it perhaps actually exceeded that mark).