The Niflheim Rebellion storyline that ended the Oh My Goddess manga is heavily referenced in this episode to tip off the audience that Bad Goddess is going to pick up where the manga left off. Kevin eventually made a faithful video comic adaptation of the Niflheim Rebellion storyline as a prequel. Part of the problem with Oh My Goddess, is the more things change, the more they stay the same. Kevin didn't want to make another season of Keiichi trying to overcome his fear of intimacy with Belldandy. He preferred to get the issue over and done with in the first episode. Ah My Goddess fans also generally complain when a new AMG cartoon isn't canon to the manga, or strays away from Kosuke Fujishima's storyline. The Joke in Bad Goddess is Kevin from the Other Dimension is trolling all of the Canon-Obsessed Fans by completing destroying Fujishima's universe so he could do something new with those characters. The entire point of Fan Fiction is to NOT do what the original creators were doing in their version. The point of Fan Fiction is to have Total Creative Freedom. To think Outside the Box and Explore New Things. To take characters we know and love to New Places they've never been before. And to do all of the Crazy Crossover Stories that you could not get away with on a legitimate TV series due to Rights Issues.