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  • Many porn videos of late have used drones to photograph establishng shots and exterior set-ups for the indoor sex scenes, opening up the show and adding a touch of professionalism. In this Exotica X release by Mile High, director James Avalons makes the drones a central element of the story line.

    Narrated by and starring MILF Sheena Ryder, the four vignettes are interconnected by Sheena using a drone to spy on her neighbors, with the identified flying object actually going inside one house to record a sex scene directly.

    Owner of the drone deduces she has it and ends up confronting her, with Sheena coming out a winner by seducing him for the finale sex scene. One comes away wondering if she has learned her lesson -not.

    It's a clever concept, well-executed by a cast including sexy Jill Kassidy, and I suspect other pornographers, after watching it, would react with "Why didn't I think of that?".