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  • Strongly recommend to watch this light hearted comedy movie and a clean love story . Cast is good. Jackie once again has choosen a topic close to Indian Youth Audience yet the film is an family entertainer. Kritika Kamra looks too good and has acted very well.
  • pmodak-8601327 September 2018
    Nice Movie. Worth a watch, if you are looking for a nice family drama & not item numbers or fighting scenes like "Bahuballi". The storyline is such that every boy & girl will get some resemblances with their life. It evolves around two central characters - Avani & Jay. Jay is lazy, not focused towards life, & timid lad. He has a degree in Automobile Engineering but even can't spell "Thermodynamics". He has his easy to go attitude but he is honest at his heart. Avani on the other side is completely opposite to Jay. She is hardworking, focused & wants to achieve her dream of starting a business "Food Truck". Both met accidentally, came close to each other as they both had the similar taste for life. Avani transforms Jay to a responsible & hardworking individual. She gives him a profession & respect in the society, especially in the eye of Jay's father. Jay in return helps her to get the love from her father which she was looking for a long time. After some funny & melodramatic situations, they find their love in each other.
  • I went to watch #Mitron without any expectation, but came out of the theater feeling completely relaxed n entertained. Its a clean family film by #nitinkakkar, its also funny, sensible n emotional. The father-child relationship is well depicted. The film clearly shows how every father underestimates his childs potential. The heros character is not a stud, in fact hes good for nothing, yet he makes an impression. Heroine #kritikakamra makes a successful transition from television to the big screen. Hope to see her more often. Good performances, simple dialogues n authentic locations r the plus points. Rating 3/5.
  • This movie is awesome without lead actors. In fact I hate stars I like mediocre or startup actors. Movie feels like real. It has ups and downs in life. But one think i like so much is that it gives a big message like whatever your heart feels you should work in that field irrespective of if you make money or not. You may face failure initially but later you will definitely taste the fruit of success.
  • dagasanjeev18 September 2018
    Such a beautiful movie with such clean comedy and the real feeling of love and the motivation it gives to be yourself and to do the things you love.
  • Mitron is a refreshing tale with friendship , emotions , love , songs , masti , family - relations with a gujarati culture and background. A gujarati garba songs are treat to watch. A sparkling chemistry between Jacky and Krithika. A musical family entertainer of the year. Go with your family. You will like it.
  • Nice movie..bit slow but songs are nice including acting.
  • satyamagarwal10017 September 2018
    Its a total paisa vasool movie with lots of comedy and laughter which you totally don't want to miss out.
  • It doesn't need time to build, but still loses the strength, to carry on. For a minute or so felt the air was different, turns out its the same Bollywood corpse in lying in the dark, but with a different Oder. One thing, to point out is that no matter where you are in life, rock bottom or top of the pile you need to face and embrace it, that's the case with lead. Not going to bore you, it's scripted good, but the director lost vision and added the typical Bollywood love scene. Jacky makes a good comeback. And that's that. Caio
  • krahul-7658110 November 2018
    Its really a nice movie.jacky Bhagnani and kritika looks good together in this movie and well played characters.Initially i watch this movie for time pass but its a really entertaining movie.
  • This Movie So Light nd Beautiful. a Clean Family Drama and Even Motivated You To Become Entrepreneurs. Must Watch
  • happymeenu11 November 2018
    Nice and sweet story. Different from routine bollywood stuff
  • I liked the movie. It was real unlike other movies where everything is larger than life and make believe.

    Something a lot of youngsters can relate to specially given the societal & social pressure currently of being an achiever.

    Not everyone is an ambitious leader go getter, some just like to follow and can excel under supervision and guidance. Jay is one such boy. Good acting by Jacky.

    Women nowadays are given the freedom to express and achieve all they want. Avni is just like that. Kritika is looking so pretty and confident.

    Well written and directed movie.
  • I don't understand why such movies don't work. It's a simple light hearted movie. Strong acting by the supporting cast. Also very nicely written. Lead roles also perform as expected.
  • dixitadya14 August 2020
    It is cute and yes interesting story but the potential could be increase.I love the actors ,they was wonderful.
  • #Mitron was going well until in the end you guys Bollywoodified the whole movie.
  • Acting and script deserve a watch! Simple yet amazing.
  • Absolutely Brilliant. Acting, story, casting, dialogues just BRilllliiaaaantt. Please watch it once. Very entertaining. The lead actors are very good. Mr Bhagnani and The female lead are very very good.
  • nkgm47061 July 2020
    This movie was amazing!!! it made me laugh and made me feel all type of emotion. Their acting was fantastic, not sure why this movie is underrated. It was very entertaining. Loved it <3
  • abhijitcpathak29 June 2020
    Underrated ,worth watching ! Well written script ,apt starcast
  • My 8 star rating is sheerly for the writer, director, cinematographer and kritika kamra... Already a star n one of the loved actress on small screen... She knows it how to capture the silver screen too.. Had it been the actor would be good choice , this movie was supposed to make buisness.. not a single frame could bring out any acting from this man... Even his expressions and confused looks are so stale and meaningless... I really feel sorry for the production team n director who invested in this movie... Bollywood you really need to come up with such meaningful movies.. 🙌
  • I truely enjoyed my time. It was fresh and funny. The cast were well fit. I loved the comic scenes since those felt 'not pushing'. We laughed so genuinely. The story somehow inspires us to pursue our dreams too. Although, the film might seem predictable a little, it is well executed. Overall, its a good film.
  • This movie is quite entertaining from the start. The actors have done a very good job. The supporting cast is also very good. The family had good fun watching it. Would definitely recommend a watch. The new heroine is definitely a find, perfectly essayed her role.
  • yogesh_b22 January 2020
    Good movie Brand new concept of every scene. 👍👍👍
  • A non conventional Gujarati love story knitted with mgmt lessons, few very hard hit, honestly admitting conservative parental approach ....All shown beautifully convincingly using Ahmedabad city locations, back drop, culture, fun, agony and shrewdness. All did very well. Do not miss this film if you are gujarati, love gujarati or won'na study them.
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