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  • sagashop701 October 2018
    This show is like the Mexican version of the Kardashian: a show about talentless rich people who live in a bubble far away from Mexico's reality and their world of luxury and elite social life in Mexico City. This is not representative of Mexico in any way or form.
  • Lived1eht1 October 2018
    A wonderful REALITY show which represents the .000000000001% of Mexicans! Are you kidding yourselves NETFLIX? -por favor, ¡no mamen!

    In order to understand SOME of the struggles that the other 99.00000001% of Mexicans endure constantly... watch NETFLIX' Chef's Table: season 5, episode 1.
  • eliassitton30 September 2018
    Pathetic and false view of allegedly "Mexican elite" Netflix couldn't get any lower with this trash!
  • Disclaimer: I'm Mexican and I only writing this in English for the sake of the review. Horrible, ridiculous, shallow and disgusting. I could not stand beyond the episode no. 4. Look, I don't have any trouble with Mexican rich people, and I don't have any trouble with american-gringos neither; what I have trouble is Mexican people been too obsessed with american culture to the point of acting and trying to behaving like one.

    This show is everything about Mexico isn't for: we are not that shallow, we are not that empty. But the most of all, WE DONT SPEAK ENGLISH IN MEXICO !! Why all protagonist speak most of the time English ? ( or spanglish in this case ) ??? All right, there are a couple of girls that were born in the US and I thought "ok... maybe all people are speaking English because these girls don't speak Spanish " But later on the show I realized that they're half american and they're perfectly bilingual !!! And to follow the insult to our county, they insist that "we'are Mexicans"

    What about the nonsense materialism ? And the classicism ? ( all blonds or cute people are the rich and the servants the brownies ) Then there is this Hanna girl who lives in a world on their own. "We are so diverse " Yes, we are diverse but not in the sense of countries like Canada or US, we are mostly brown skin and black hair because all the indigenous people and there is nothing wrong with that. But she is showing a Mexico like it we're mostly mixed with Asiatic, Arab, etc etc etc.

    Then there is one chapter where they were celebrating the "Thanks giving" ( another american-canadian tradition ) next to the Zocalo ... yea ... very very Mexican though.

    At the end, this is like another american TV show, including the casting. Is like the obsession some Americans traveling to another places around the world but expecting to have a nice environment that looks like their home in the US ( like how Cancun is right now ). These series is the most americanized series I ever seen and is not representative of Mexico, not even close. I feel myself very insulted and ashamed at the same time.
  • payipau30 September 2018
    I'm Mexican and this is the most embarrassed I've being in my life of being one. We have so much to give (culturally speaking) and this is what Netflix decides to impulse? What a pitty.
  • A lot of the reviewers seem to be under the impression that Netflix was going to show them something else. If you read the description of the show it very clearly states "Get to know the opulent lifestyles and famous families of Mexico City's socialites and the expats vying for a spot in their exclusive social order." This show isn't about everyday Mexicans and how they live their lives, this is a reality show about a few rich and famous individuals in Mexico and how they live their lives.

    If you're going into this show expecting a documentary about some of the struggles facing everyday Mexicans, you are in the wrong place. Would you watch the Bachelor to see how relationships are and work, or the Kardashians as a view of everyday Americans lives?

    The show is interesting and lively, and the people chosen to star in the show are each unique and fascinating in their own ways.
  • Why did i watchec this crap? Answer just to fullfill my curiosity. Veredict: This abomination is totally unwatchable. Snob entrepeneurs with horrible accents bragging. Thank God i was working in my computer and i didn't pay all the the attention. Netflix needs a PURGUE. AVOD THIS ATTROCITY.
  • So many negative reviews on here! Can't help but point out that the show directly points out that its showing the 'elite' side of Mexico...the same side of US that so many reality shows are about (kardashians, any celebrity really, my sweet 16, real housewives, WAGS....etc.).....aka its not supposed to hit on the 'true' side of Mexico. Regardless....if you love drama and living vicariously through rich people, then you will enjoy this show. I found it refreshing since I've never really seen a show about a different country/culture's rich side. Go watch a Mexico documentary or Narcos if you feel upset you're not getting "true Mexico".......(again, that's explicitly not the intent of the show). Yes, they are whiter than you'd think, however if you know anything about Mexico you will know that there is a proven correlation between lightness of the skin & wealth/education level, get over it or go be a politician in mexico if that bothers you. I love the different story lines and felt attached to the cast!! would love for season 2. fans need to review!
  • michellecambuston30 September 2018
    A Lie
    It's not to be a hater towards the privileged people that are part of this show, but when you call a show Made in Mexico I would expect for the producers to show the traditional Mexican lifestyle. No it doesn't have to be about drugs and cartels but about how people actually live in Mexico, their foods, day to day lives etc. This show is only about the 1-2% of the high society. Big fail Netflixxxx !!!!
  • For some reason, most people writing reviews here think that this show is trying to be political or trying to represent Mexico. When in fact it's just a reality show that follows the lives and relationships of a small group of wealthy mexicans. It is in no way trying to take a stand on cultural, social or political matters.
  • glendaehernandez29 September 2018
    I see what they were attempting to do. Supposedly, the idea is to show that "not every Mexican is what Trump says about us". However what they did was just as damaging. The creators for some odd reason felt that the best people to represent this was by choosing WOMEN that look white. I see no diversity in this cast. AND doubled down by actually inCluding an actual white girl. This wouldn't be so bad if the rest of the cast was ranging in looks. Anyway, I tried watching an episode so I could give a was boring.
  • joelfepa1 October 2018
    This show made me cringe... Just terrible.................................................
  • Having a hard time figuring out why people are putting more weight on Made in Mexico than other typical reality shows. As a reality show connoisseur I'll let you in on a secret, they're not supposed to be "real". I stumbled upon Made in Mexico bc most of the Real Housewives shows are on hiatus and I needed a fix. So even though I didn't feel like I could really relate given that the show was in Spanish, I got desperate so gave the first episode a shot and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it really want any different from any other bravo reality show - shallow and good looking people, unnecessary drama and surprisingly interesting insight into an aspect of Mexico City culture/society.

    It's not supposed to solve the world's problems and mend relations by the US and Mexico. It's really made for people like me who are addicted to inane reality shows. Also REALLY made me want to visit México City for the first time. Looking forward to 2nd season!

    P.s. is it just me or is Hanna the worst?
  • My daughter and I found this show very entertaining. I don't understand the negative reviews at all. The show is not called "The 100% True and Accurate Representation of Mexico". Jeez, ease up. Por favor, calmense. It's just a reality show about a group of young friends in Mexico City.

    Just because you hear the word reality, do not expect the show to be unscripted. Very few "reality" shows nowadays are a true depiction of life. Just enjoy it. I like that every now and then, they speak a little English (maybe 5% of the time). It keeps my teen interested as well, as she is not a native Spanish speaker. It's really a good show. We binged watched it and enjoyed it. Give it a shot. You won't regret it!
  • Ignore all the bad reviews. This is a reality show of the rich just like any other reality show on television. It's fun and I love that it centers around Mexican people. I'd rather watch this than the kardashians.
  • rainbowslover29 September 2018
    Made in Mexico is depicts a rare breed of people in Mexico. The rich. Not saying upper class, but truly .1% rich. The name of this out-of-reality show is a conflict, as this is not truly how people in Mexico live.

    The "struggles" of these individuals stem from their socioeconomic status, so people in the other side of the bubble CANNOT relate. It is dangerous to label a show "Made in Mexico" so broadly when the cast is not representative of the whole.

    If you do decide to watch this show (out of morbid curiosity) take it with a grain of salt. Know much of it is fiction and has made a lot of people in Mexico upset as Netflix LATAM, the cast (not so famous, by the way, couldn't recognize any of them) and the lack of self awareness surrounding the whole series.
  • I get it is a reality show. But with that title I expected a more realistic life of the people of Mexico. Not these rich snobby people. Which one of them is from San Diego, CA. Really!! I watched 2 episodes out of courtesy. Will not be watching anymore. I have family that lives in Mexico D. F so I know not everyone lives the lavish lifestyle they are showing. Netflix so disappointed in you.
  • meliguerrero30 September 2018
    I liked! I thought it very entertaining. I like to see how Mexico can be seen much more different then one thought. The architect that is shows is quite beautiful and the greenery was also lovely. The story lines are quite interesting. I thought some story lines were more interesting then other and I wish we could have seen more.
  • maraaguilarh1 October 2018
    Couldn't finish watching the first episode! That is not Mexico at all. Next time, get people that are actually proud of their country and traditions. All I see is wannabes speaking sad.
  • The point of the show is a reality show based in Mexico to show what Mexicans are actually like, and to destroy the stereotype. What I got was a bunch of rich Mexicans from Mexico but who also lived in the USA and other places. I don't think this show gives me an idea of the average Mexican. BUT, do any USA shows show us the real American? Reality shows follow rich people, and socialites, because no one wants to see someone like me sitting on my couch and eating ice cream for 5 days straight. I enjoyed the show. It was interesting. But I feel it didn't show me the average Mexican, and it shouldn't be expected to because it wouldn't be a "reality" show and would be a youtube video of someone literally going to work and then going home everyday.
  • Most reviews here are shaming this show for not being representative of Mexico as a whole. Last time I checked this was a reality show following the lives of the 1% in Mexico, not a docudrama about the typical life there. Yes it is sad that there are no indigenous Mexican people featuring in this show but it's because the harsh truth about the 1% in Mexico is that they are mainly white. I am Mexican myself and I feel that this show does represent the people at the top, white and all, and this is the truth many people don't understand. Love this show for what it is, a trashy reality show that is a great source of entertainment, and don't hate it for something that it's not. Peace ✌🏻
  • This show would have been so, so, so much better with a more diverse cast. Diverse in appearance, background and intelligence. After a short while watching these individuals, it is obvious that they live in a bubble and are happy to make sure their blinders match their shoes. I was hoping for something more authentic and all I did was waste my time. If you are looking for predictable soap opera with rich brats who could pass for white and the only brown faces you see are in the kitchen, then by all means, have at it.
  • As a mexican living abroad, I started watching this show out of curiosity ... it took me 2 episodes to realize that it was not a parody but actually a "reality show"!!! It is so bad, really so bad, that turns out to be fun. If you want to laugh, and make fun of how patetic mexican socialites are, plese go ahead.
  • I love reality tv but this show was boring but it finally gets a little better in episode 5. Finally some drama!!!!!!!!!!! These wealthy people are finally getting interesting......... but I would still love a spin off of this show from the house keepers point of view. I bet that would be super interesting because I am sure the staff hates thinks they suck too.
  • eufemia2 October 2018
    Everyone complaining about the show is being ignorant. Yes, they are all rich, so what? The fact that they grew up in a privileged life doesn't make them any less Mexican than the people that grew up in poverty. There are all kinds of people in every single country. I believe the show is just trying to show that Mexico has a lot more to offer than just what the rest of the world thinks. I find it refreshing and I think everyone should give it a chance, the second episode was great. Columba makes this show awesome, by the way.
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