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  • lor_27 August 2018
    Once upon a time, cinematographer Francois Clousot made excellent movies for Wicked Pictures. Flash-forward to today, and he's cranking out reprehensible junk like this porn-parody/ripoff of the Ben Stiller/Robert De Niro hit.

    Whoever added it to the database had a 3-hour running time, but fortunately it clocks at under 2 hours, even with endless padding by having the credits run over and over (it's styled as min-series for streaming). The nuclear (read: cheap) cast of a grand total of 5 players mix and match having sex, made intolerahble by using the way too-long-in-the-tooth Evan Stone in sex scenes (shades of Ron Jeremy overstaying his XXX welcome) and a very untalented newcomer Jake Adams in the lead, looking like porn's answer not to Stiller but to Griffin Dunne.

    So the fans get to see sexy Adriana Chechik minus her trademark squirting; smiley Cherie DeVille getting top-billing despite merely showing up at the end as Evan's ex-wife, and Jessa Rhodes brandishing her new store-bought jugs. Though presented as a story film, the intros to the sex scenes are as lame as any cut-rate Naughty America or Brazzers token dialog scene.

    Just another example of how porn-parody has hastened the demise of traditional narrative and character-driven Adult Cinema, rather than saving it from a tidal wave of gonzo content.