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  • This series doesn't hold up when compared to most Brit detective productions. It's something to watch if you don't want to feel lost in intricate plot twists. There are some fun moments, some unusual moments, but nothing extraordinarily captivating.

    I've seen Seasons 1 & 2. While watching, I kept thinking this type of series is perfect for people who enjoy a little banter and don't want to have to keep track of plot details and characters.

    Easy viewing, i.e. The actors are all perfectly cast. The stories aren't bad at all. No over-the-top violence, no over-lengthy sex scenes.

    Worth a look, if you're happy with feeling that you can predict the who-dun-it part quite easily. I enjoyed it. but it's not at the top of my list for containing intrigue and spell-binding material.
  • alcenonedrlnd1 April 2021
    Moves fast. Likable characters. Not too deep, but still a good detective series.