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  • I had the pleasure of watching this touching movie about Komitas, an Armenian composer touched by the ugliness that befell his people in the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. I hope it earns the Oscar.
  • I saw the short clip and felt emotional since Armenians live with the pain of the Armenian Genocide that took place in 1915. Until this day Turkeys are killing Armenians. I'm excited to see this movie and for all my non Armenian friends to see it with me.
  • This is a must watch for anyone. The film circles around Komitas, an armenian priest, music composure, taking place from the late 1880s to the horrific events of the 1915 Armenian genocide. The way the director went about filming this movie was amazing.
  • hyediva17 December 2020
    An intriguing story of a young man with an exceptional gift for music but a tragic life.
  • A heartfelt story about a musical genius that unfolds amid the tragic events that took place a century ago.
  • I am so happy to see a movie made about Komitas, it is an incredible homage. His life is very interesting and he accomplished so much. I understand now why Armenians idolize him. Brilliant movie. Touching movie and kept me entertained the whole time. Armenian music is beautiful!
  • dakopyan17 December 2020
    Amazing work showcasing the musical genius of Komitas (aka Solomon, an Armenian priest) intertwined with the historical tragic events of the 1915 Armenian genocide.
  • Amazing movie, historically accurate, amazing acting, makes you feel like you're living with them & thru them. This movie will change how you view the world. So fitting with the present tumultuous climate in the caucuses. The human aspect is on full display in this movie.
  • Truly a brilliant depiction of the life of Komitas and his compositions. This is a beautifully told story of a remarkable man who had to endure many hardships throughout his life including witnessing the Armenian genocide.
  • tateviknersisyan-6403417 December 2020
    This is a must see! Absolutely Phenomenal!! Make sure to watch it!
  • The way they portrayed the story of komitas was was perfect and it's crazy that it was true story of one the saddest moments of human history
  • Be prepared to be taken on an emotional soul-enriching and fulfilling journey of the Armenian people's history!
  • vpmariya-2190919 December 2020
    Based on true events.... this amazing move will take you through an emotional roller-coaster. You will experience feelings, and learn about the atrocities that were committed to an amazing, fun, cultured and loving group of people.
  • It's so refreshing to see things that are based on truth ... finally a truthful account of the global atrocities perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire... the cultural side of the genocide ... since it's based on true events it's absolutely heartbreaking to see all this but facts must me spread and truth must come to light !
  • annieissa17 December 2020
    Indeed a wonderful movie and the story touches every ones heart, a must watch, I mean A MUST WATCH :)
  • If you haven't seen this movie, then you're missing out! The story is told from a historically accurate point of view but expressed in such a poetic, artistic way. Will definitely win an award!
  • aribouari17 December 2020
    It touched my heart, beautifully made piece. I would recommend all my friends to watch it
  • What a lovely ode to a such a true and raw talent. This movie is inspired by true events and tells the life of Komitas and his work. Knowing it's based on true events, it's a lot to take in watching his upbringing as an orphan and the time in which he grew up and the hardships he faced that we cannot fathom today. It was hard at times to watch the atrocities he (and countless others) lived through as an Armenian man during a time of mass genocide against himself and his people. Highly recommend!
  • The story of an artist, composer and priest who stayed forever in history. The story of Armenian genocide in 1915 which should never be forgotten. Learn history and enjoy the magnificent music of Komits.
  • minasyan-2617219 December 2020
    Must watch!!! Truly inspiring. What a wonderful tribute to Komitas!!
  • margonalbandian19 December 2020
    I cannot wait to watch this movie because Komitas life was sad but very inspiring.
  • kathrynava19 December 2020
    WOW WOW WOW Interesting and based on true facts!!! Loved the trailer can't wait to watch it.
  • arminehghookasian18 December 2020
    Amazing movie about the history of an entire culture and people that once there was an attempt to be destroyed. The film is about one of the music geniuses that is known, and his music is being taught in so many European music schools. The voices and pictures are so real to me, and i think the director did a great job trying to picture the life back then. Nothing is surreal in the movie except it could be more violent to picture the events better.
  • headlightreseller17 December 2020
    Great movie ! Put it on your list of movies to watch !
  • diana-0621722 December 2020
    One of the best I have seen in a long time, movie quality in my opinion has gone way down in the recent years but oh boy this told me that there is hope. This better get the oscar, the emmy, the grammy.......
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