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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a huge fan of the zombie genre, and I think if you do it right it still hasn't been beaten to death yet. There's still life left in the undead, as far as I'm concerned. But when it's good it's awesome, like the first few seasons of The Walking Dead, and when it's bad it's bloody awful.

    The creators of this show have a good cast, and the acting is perfectly fine for a show of this pedigree. Cinematography is great. Suspense-building for the jump-scares that may or may not come are overused, but usually well executed.

    But as with most "bad" zombie shows, the problem lies with the scripts -- usually written by Hollywood types who, between tokes of weed, just simply suck at anticipating what human beings actually do in a crisis as they write. They don't know anything about psychology, they don't know anything about guns, they don't know anything about the military -- they just want to make a show that manipulates emotions, often on the level of your average CW programming.

    I was only able to watch the first three episodes, and once I saw that last one go full-on Lord of the Flies, I knew I couldn't continue. It was a stunningly stupid premise for how people (in this case children) would behave six weeks into a disaster.

    I don't want to include any spoilers, but the show is fraught with unrealistic dialog, reactions, thinking, planning, etc., and it was just painful to watch. The whole point of a survival drama is to examine how people in the modern world adapt to a crisis that takes the modern world away from them. These showrunners did a terrible job at that most important piece of this kind of storytelling.
  • gorstl13 April 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I did not like the show even a little. Let's go over a few obvious topics lacking common sense: -Characters can't close doors behind them when running from something? -Characters can't pick up a stick or at least SOME kind of weapon? -A fully stocked grocery store, weeks after this started, with electricity running, with an open, step activated door... with nobody inside, REALLY? -Really, really dumb characters with no common sense
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is my first review here and it's because I love the Zombie genre that I'm writing it.

    spoilers: I guess.

    Watching this made me angry. The nonchalant approach to a zombie apocalypse does not have a place in movies in my opinion.

    Other than Spears everyone else in this show is an idiot. No thought in grabbing weapons, deciding to bang on a drum for god knows why. Even spears is incapable of realizing head shots are needed to kill after his first 10 bullets to the chest have no effect.

    Overall it isn't a good series and for those that say it is great I really worry what you would do in an actual time of crisis because anyone that can relate to the characters in this show are gonna need a lot of help.
  • The characters are all single digit IQs it seems. The school did it for me. I stopped watching due to pure frustration at this point. Seriously, how dumb do you need to be? So many levels of dumb.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Decent series with potential except that this error could be easily avoided by the director: ep 4, end of Alone part and beginning of Oasis Part , while Lance is in a random car , he is trying to turn engine on back with fully injured and full of blood hand. What happens next? He find this supermarket where his hand is miraculously healed without any injury at all. How it happened? No one realized it or what?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is my first IMDB review. I felt compelled to support this series after reading some overly negative reviews which I cannot comprehend. Some say the acting is awful. I disagree. Unlike acting in many higher budget series, the acting here is 'natural' shall we say. Realistic. The lines aren't delivered as actors from drama school. They feel unrehearsed adding to the authentic feeling of chaos and break down of everything. The speech in this series is also limited. That's also a good thing as it doesn't distract the viewer from the atmosphere of uncertainty and paranoia. Similarly to Walking Dead, often the humans are as deadly as the undead. There's not much you want to say to someone trying to kill you! And the atmosphere is awful. There is hardly a moment to relax in this short series. Like the characters themselves, it feels as if you are rushing from one awful circumstance to another with barely a pause to rest. The makers of this have captured the panic and chaos of the breakdown of society really well with fast paced editing and clever camerawork. Of course, the Zombies are similar to other Zombies. But the 28 days later approach is the correct one in this case. The Zombies are rabid, crazed, fast and relentless. It forces the pace of each episode to keep rushing along because you can't afford to stay still very long. Yes, you can pick silly little holes in the story like any sci-fi, horror or fictional themed movies. The one that got me was when they stole a load of guns but seemingly no ammunition. Silly, yes, but forgiveable and when you are in sressful environments it is possibly realistic. I haven't watched Z nation. However, this is how I like my Zombie flicks. Dystopian, gritty, adrenaline-fuelled and intelligently made. Even humorous whilst being horrifying. So, don't let the negative reviews put you off giving this a try.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I never review movies or series and i mean never this is the first time, but i couldn't handle how stupid this series is, what is up with the Korean lady who doesn't speak English but understands it perfectly, or the guy who was chased by the same zombie for two days without being able to escape, so he easily killed the guy who killed the zombie but not the actual zombie i mean what the hell!!!, or how stupid they acted in the school i just cant handle this stupidity anymore, i just reached episode 5 and i m not going to spend more time of my life on it, i wouldn't recommend it at ALL!!!!!
  • Don't let the bad reviews put you off, this is a decent zombie watch! I was entertained throughout and it left me wanting a second season for sure.

    It follows a group of strangers through the beginnings of a zombie apocolypse, their individual stories, interactions and ultimately connected stories.
  • NOTE: this is much more like 28 days later than the walking dead.

    I have never been so entertained by something so minimalistic, and cinematic with a small amount of dialogue. for example there is a negative review about the mother not caring about her daughter....... this is NOT the walking dead where we are constantly hearing about people's feelings! she mentions her daughter in the moments its relevant, survival is key. its a breath of fresh air when compared to the walking dead's formulaic and stale structure with some of the most predictable plot points. it was amazing in first few series yet became tiresome.

    One of the biggest positives for me is how they portray humans as being able to RUN and DRIVE without simply falling over for an over-dramatic death scene, i got so sick of the walking dead portraying people as weak zombie food, yet on this show people tend to die due to the zombies being extremely tough 28 days later type zombies. with the majority of deaths being well timed yet suprising scenes that work very well.

    also too many people keep saying the characters are dumb! but alot of their decisions are based on realistic panic and fear with intense linear chase sequences that i would love too see these people calling them dumb be put in to see just how much better they think they would do, especially when you consider the walking dead has way too many dumb moments but i guess thats ok because its the walking dead?

    too many untrue reviews that i honestly feel like they were watching something else! this is a fresh series that i enjoyed so much me and my brother binged the whole series in one sitting.
  • HillaryK1314 April 2019
    Genuinely scary and disconcerting.

    This show is the darkest zombie program I have seen. There are no "good guys" like you see in TWD, 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, etc. The characters here are human in the sense of survival at any cost.

    The acting, directing, cinematography, all are excellent. Every episode has an atmosphere that is unsettling and terrifying.

    I highly recommend looking past the negative reviews and giving this show a chance.
  • I really liked it. No, it wasn't TWD, but it was action packed and probably a more realistic depiction of how an outbreak would go, especially with fast zombies and especially in the beginning when the useless people were being weeded out. Yes, I screamed at the TV because it drove me nuts that most of these people didn't even TRY to arm themselves, but maybe that's how it would be. We have to consider the fact that this is a world where no one has every heard the word zombie, and even though these things are dangerous, the survivors are still seeing them as people. It would take some time to wrap your brain around the idea that it was okay to kill them even if they are attacking you. Regardless of what we think when watching a show like this, the average person wouldn't be able to pull the trigger and kill a person so easily.

    Having said that, it seriously irritated me how stupid some of the people were and how they walked by dozens of things that could have been used as a weapon in the absence of guns. I'd personally rather carry around a lamp and try to use it to beat the things off me than walk around empty handed. Even if the lamp didn't save me, at least I tried! But really, no one had a baseball bat? Golf club? A knife from their kitchen??? What in the world?!
  • I am a loyal TWD fan so in between seasons to quench that Zombie thirst, I dug and searched and searched and dug and watched literally hundreds of shows in the Zombie/post apocalyptic genra. I'll tell you what there are some pretty terrible ones out there with very few gems. This one is a GEM. Some critics talk about how the characters are unbelievable stupid and mentions a few plot holes. I certainly can not disagree with those statements. Yet there was so much action going on and the plot moved so quickly that I was able to let those things go easily and not let it hinder the fun I was having in watching the show. I would say that if you are the kind of person that notices details easily and lets them bother you enough to ruin the show then maybe you should skip this one....which really is too bad) The acting is excellent, comparable to famous and well regarded actors and actresses in Hollywood. The direction was awesome, the sound affects and score was right on and the editing very well done. The camera work and lighting was also top notch...(I have never been a fan of the shaky camera during high action scenes but again this technique was not used so often or sloppily that it bothered me) I was pleasantly surprised by the many quick twists and turns that came out of no where and kept me glued to the show. I believe that they have the start of something really good here.....I hope that they listen to the audiences and make those few minor adjustments with the next season to pull this all together on an even higher level. One of the other MAJOR things I enjoyed was that although there was some serious Zombie ass kicking done, it was done with the PERFECT amount pf blood and violence. In other words the blood/gore/violence/killing was NOT one of the major characters and with as much action as there was, there was not one scene I can recall where it went over board just for the sake of highlighting the violence just for the SLASHER lovers sake. I binged watched the first season and I am hoping that more people will write some critiques and that the movie makers will take it into consideration....I have HIGH hopes for this show and since TWD is wrapping up quickly we are going to need a replacement. Something in the genra but a little different. Which this one surely is can can be!
  • If you're a casual zombie fan don't bother, this has the classic zombie tropes, human error, stupidity, you'll be shouting 'why don't they just do this' many times but that's the genre! It's slow and there doesn't appear to be much of a storyline at present.

    Every episode is broken into short episodes with a title, which works great. Fast zombies add menace and urgency and the plot is simple, as we see the group attempting to make their way to safety.

    The show doesn't make the error of trying to find a cure from the off, we don't have all the answers in the group, it's simple and it's welcome in my opinion. I look forward to the next season!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What can i say, this series is frustrating, here is why:

    Follows all the typical politically correct cliches of 2019, strong female lead and caring mother, all ethnic groups covered (Arab, Black, Chinese, Hispanic, White). Men are mostly made out to be cowardly idiots with all the logic (What there is) coming from female characters.

    People pack supplies and then drop them on the floor and dont collect them like supplies arent important in a disaster event. Bad decisions are made such as risking others lives just to get their infected husband onto the evacuation truck. There is also an abundance of vehicles as the disaster has only just started yet people fight over a single mini van when many vacant working vehicles litter the road.

    Often when you get a group of survivors band together or meet a new person next to no communication or greetings occur, its like everyone got rude all of a sudden and ignores one another. In one scenario you get a group of four people travelling the road searching for a safe location and during that time only two of the four characters talk and they ignore the other two who seem to be there to just be background dressing / zombie fodder.

    Apart from one military guy with a gun nobody in the group picks up a blunt weapon or knife to defend themselves with until episode 5. Precious limited gun shots are wasted shooting from a distance and missing rather than taking more careful shots at closer range to the head to conserve ammo and increase chances of success.

    Characters make noise, walk into a room without checking its clear and safe first and fall for obvious bait / robbery traps. Staying on high alert seems to be a low priority and nobody stands guard or looks out for threats when walking into hostile areas.

    One character destroys a perfectly good car trying to ram a high powered Dodge Ram pickup of the road that up until that point has not given them a reason to attack it beyond acting suspicious. The character also tries to outrun the powerful engined pickup truck in his minivan, logic would say he is unlikely to be faster or more manoeuvrable.

    Man goes into supermarket and pickups up Shreddies, hardly practical .. so hes going to have a breakfast with milk in the middle of the Zombie apocalypse. Barricades the front door of a fire station to escape a zombie when there is a giant garage door at the side partially open. Ignores all the undamaged gassed up ready to go working order fire station vehicles to remain on foot, fails to kill a single zombie when armed with a fire axe and one on one.
  • Volstag12 April 2019
    I was quite impressed with this show.

    It's centered around the early days of a zombie apocalypse, and those who have to live through it. It adopts an almost documentary style that I found to be particularly effective.

    I really enjoy the fact that the characters are always on the run and that no place is safe. The zombie menace is omnipresent and the zombies are actually, you know, deadly and aggressive. Even a lone zombie can be a real handful. It almost feels like a war movie. The characters are clearly shell shocked as the world they used to know collapses around them. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I enjoy the fact that the dialog is minimal, as it better represents the horror these people are living through. In other zombie shows, they'd be drinking lemonade at a farmhouse whilst spending 3/4 of the season endlessly talking about their feelings.

    Now granted there is some "cheese", some questionable decision making by the characters, but you can't have a zombie show w/o some of it.

    I sincerely hope this continues. It's better than Z-Nation, and miles better than TWD (which I used to love). I have no way of knowing, but appears there's some review "brigading" going on. I'm guessing it's the devoted fans of TWD.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How did this get financed? Who read this script and said, "This will make money!"?

    A mother chooses her infected husband over her 10 yr old daughter......I was almost done then. Which was at 10 minutes in. But the car chase/ road rage of "Drive" did it for me. Among a number of idiotic moments, why are you wasting gas trying to get you drive past unoccupied parked cars??????? And the road dead ends into a wall????

    NETFLIX, I want my subscription prorated for the time I lost watching 2 of these episodes. I expect my account to be credited $.30.
  • mykulab12 April 2019
    Honestly, people criticising how the zombies act or what they do. Zombies aren't real!! They can do whatever the hell you want them to do. Its crammed with action, its zombies being zombies. Just be a zombie fan and stop moaning. At least there isn't 5 filler episodes a season like in the walking dead.
  • I really enjoyed watching this series! Each episode was broken into "chapters" that really helped the show's pacing when dealing with characters who were in different locations and facing different challenges as a result of civilization breaking down. As I watched the show I kept telling myself "Man, 'Fear The Walking Dead' should've been more like this." Maybe that's an unfair comparison. But what Black Summer did well was keep me engaged and on the edge of my seat. It was never boring!
  • I just want to state right from the start that I was a huge TWD fan. I don't need to explain why I am not anymore; let's just say that the constant drama/snifflingGrimes/broken hearted/ENDLESS talking while walking finally got to me. And then there's this little diamond. Of course it has imperfections but I'm finding the negative reviews in here pretty harsh. Nah, f that. This show is amazing in the fact that it doesn't have to explain ANYTHING to you. Some of the characters don't even have names! Right from episode 1 you are dragged fully into an apocalypse. No, no, this isn't POST apocalyptic. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW! And the zombies! Like 28 days you actually have little chance of survival against them! (Go Lance!) Amazing camera work, great acting from everybody, a really nice jolt to the dying corpse of zombie genre series. DO NOT MISS THIS!
  • Just saw the first 5 episodes and it is... painful to say the least. The under title was TWD meets Children of men. Putting this in the same sentence as Children of men is blasphemy. Yet another one keeping up with the trend of post millennial shows and movies were lazy writing is compensated with fast editing, shaky cam and in your face background noises, where the characters are one dimensional and their own worst enemy just so the story can progress. If you have no common sense then this is for you.

    Addendum: So i came back to see if the rating for the show has dropped and it did from 7.2 to 7.1 but it was still baffling to me that the show even started with such high rating. I know by know that most critic reviews are bought especially if there is big money involved. Just look at Orville, a show that represents the true spirit of Star Trek more then Star Trek Discovery itself. Orville´s 1´st Season was bashed by the critics and then Disney bought Fox and the same critics praised season 2. So I took a look at the positive reviews here and a lot of them (not all) were written by user names like: chucktaylor-36578 , thethinredline-29830 , john-1451 , smithdean-22092 , pro-467-6588 , wade-384-449222 , iancrawford-07434. You don't have to be a Rocket scientist to figure out that this is some shady Click Farm Business. I know that Rotten Tomatoes changed their rating system to favor Captain Marvel (that´s why i said goodbye to RT) and i know that sites like IMDb can´t stop that completely. The thing is that if this show had a rating of 4/10 I wouldn't be so angry because i knew what to expect (thats the reason why we have reviews) but when you serve us Lobster that ends up tasting like Crap we feel cheated and much more angry. So please Netflix, Disney & Co. stop wasting money on marketing and click farms trying to sell us Crap and just try to make good Shows/Movies.
  • I though this was superb!

    Binged the full season in one day whilst pretending to work. Yes, the character development is zero but that's the point, it's a zombie apocalypse not an episode of friends.

    And " critics" saying where are their weapons or shoot them in the head? If I was getting chased by a rabid brother in law who wants to maul me to death, I wouldn't be a brilliant shot either especially when I'm used to an easy going suburban life of tv and PlayStation.

    It isn't walking dead, it's not rick grimes running the show killing zombies with a pencil, it's terrified people running away rather then becoming hardened post apocalyptic survivors in 8 x 20 minute episodes.

    Good opener all round and hope for a second series.
  • I just finished the fourth episode of a series which contains eight. The second half will definitely be without me. I have a strong appetite for zombie movies, with an apocalyptic atmosphere and a mandatory survival instinct, with or without a collaborative mindset. Therefore, I approached this series with an open mind and an ultra-positive a priori. I was probably excessively enthusiastic.

    Pros: this series is relatively well filmed with an ominous music and a neat photography that helps to create a scary atmosphere.

    Cons: I have the impression that only the worst humans survive in this series. Either they suddenly suffer from Alzheimer's disease (the most disturbing example is with Rose who is a mother who forgets very quickly her 10-year-old daughter, while finding her should be the top priority), either they are as perverse as sadistic (like the grotesque band of little brats, in the school), either they are deeply moronic (a few examples among so many: in the chapter Alone of the 4th episode, a congenital idiot arrives in a library, settles comfortably in a sofa and starts reading a book, whereas it is not really the priority; in the chapter Dog of the 4th episode, the same dumb guy leisurely wanders in a grocery where all the shelves are oddly tidy and stocked, with a closeup on him and the top of his caddy, ... and guess what!... we only see a pack of beer and some Shreddies; in all the episodes I saw, a sexy woman stubbornly persists to speak Korean to everyone as if she did not realize that she is not in Korea; ...). In a general way, because of a crap script, each scene rhymes with mediocrity, unless this series is actually a comedy, but allow me to have some doubts about it. Personally, I can't identify myself to any of these pathetic protagonists. If you succeed, ...well... let's say it's worrying.

    Survival horror? Yes, yes and yes!!! This one? No. In the ultra-quantitative cinematographic world in which we live, we have the choice. Thus, there's a plethora of zombie movies: 28 Days Later... (2002), Busanhaeng (2016), The Walking Dead (2010), World War Z (2013), Dawn of the Dead (2004), I Am Legend (2007), Night of the Living Dead (1968), Zombieland (2009), Shaun of the Dead (2004), Re-Animator (1985), Braindead (1992), [Rec] (2007), Død snø (2009), Kamera o tomeru na! (2017), ... So, you may avoid wasting time with this series: skip it without remorse.
  • Interesting zombie drama with a Tarantinonian twist (the show is divided into segments, chronological or not). "Black Summer" focuses on the beginning of the end, following different people from different backgrounds as they try and navigate the final days of civilization.

    Fans of The Walking Dead's very first season will find resonance with Black Summer. The emphasis is less on toe tagging walkers and more on the way the end times impact those struggling to survive in them. "Good guys" struggle with morality choices that would effectively make them "bad guys," and therein lies one of the show's running narratives: where do the lines between good and bad actually blur? Moral relativism abounds in Black Summer.

    The show itself is somewhat of a slow burn, do not expect heaps of intense action and gore. There is plenty of blood spilled in Black Summer, but not in gratuity. The violence depicted is more personal in nature as it stems directly from the choices each character in the show makes. We're not watching Rick Grimes take out a pile of zeds Red Dead Redemption style, we're watching life and death struggles between husbands, wives, siblings and friends.

    One of the better apocalypse series out there, Black Summer is definitely worth your time if you're any kind of genre buff.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After watching the complete season I think that there are better zombie series to watch.

    The acting was ok, but I'm wondering who wrote the script. The further you get in the series the less dialogue there is (not counting the Korean dialogue). At the end I had the feeling the director just had his actors improvise their lines because there we're no lines written.

    The chapters they like to place in between scenes don't make sense, sometimes you get a 5 minute chapter that does not show anything. As an example, the chapter named Dog, I was expecting to have one of the main characters have some interaction with the dog in question, not just a shot of a dog running away. Also the part where the characters were starting to hallucinate was rather strange. was this because of exhaustion, not enough water? I still don't know, it did not seem like the characters were on the road long enough for this to happen. Chapters like this made the chapter system seem so pointless.

    Some episodes I had the feeling that I was watching a show about super intelligent zombies versus stupid humans. The characters don't seem to learn anything from their experiences in the story. The Spears character finds out in the first episode that he can kill a zombie with a head shot, but all the characters just keep shooting zombies in the hope that a bullet will hit the head. Sun also keep speaking Korean with everybody while no one understands her. Yes she does not speak English, but a normal person would still try to find another means of communication instead of stubbornly trying to converse in Korean with them.

    The episodes also get shorter the further you go. You start off with the normal 40 minute episodes, couple of episodes later it's only 30 minutes and at the finish you get 20 minute episodes to wrap op the season.

    I was looking forward to this series because it's supposed to be in the same universe as Z-nation. This series and Z-nation have nothing in common, the humor is not there, the characters are taken way to seriously in comparison to Z-nation and the story is rather dull.

    For me personally they don't have to bother with a second season.
  • gjhigson13 April 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Have given up on this after 4eps.. Disaster of a series!! So boring.

    Episode 4 is literally just a single guy being chased about the town by a single zombie for 45 mins..

    The constant chapter titling I found very annoying too, some are like every few mins..

    The characters are all morons incapable of defending themselves!! One woman loses her daughter and her partner dies, and five mins later it's like she forgot who they are!! Absurd!!
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