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Daniel Craig: Benoit Blanc



  • Benoit Blanc : It's a weird case from the start. A case with a hole in the center. A doughnut.

  • Benoit Blanc : I spoke in the car about the hole at the center of this doughnut. And yes, what you and Harlan did that fateful night seems at first glance to fill that hole perfectly. A doughnut hole in the doughnut's hole. But we must look a little closer. And when we do, we see that the doughnut hole has a hole in its center - it is not a doughnut hole at all but a smaller doughnut with its own hole, and our doughnut is not whole at all!

  • Marta Cabrera : You're not much of a detective, are you?

    Benoit Blanc : Well, to be fair, you make a pretty lousy murderer.

  • Benoit Blanc : What were the words overheard by the Nazi child masturbatin' in the bathroom?

  • Benoit Blanc : You have a regurgitative reaction to mistruths.

  • Benoit Blanc : The game is afoot. Eh, Watson?

  • Marta Cabrera : What was that about will readings being boring?

    Benoit Blanc : The exception that proves the rule.

  • Benoit Blanc : I suspect foul play. I have eliminated no suspects.

  • Benoit Blanc : But the complexity and the gray lie not in the truth but what you do with the truth once you have it.

  • Benoit Blanc : This is a twisted web, and we are not finished untangling it, not yet.

    Ransom Drysdale : What is this, CSI: KFC?

  • Benoit Blanc : [to Marta]  I want you to know that you didn't win the game by playing it Harlan's way, you won it by playing it your way. Because you have a good heart.

  • Ransom Drysdale : [to Marta]  I'm going to say this just to you. No cameras, no courthouse, because you know it's true. We allowed you into our home, let you watch our grand dad, welcome you into our family. And now you think you can steal it from us. You think I'm not going to fight to protect my own, our birthright, our ancestral home...

    Benoit Blanc : [laughing]  That is hooey! Harlan, he bought this place in the 80's from a Pakistani real estate millionaire... .

    Ransom Drysdale : Oh shut up! Shut up! Shut up with that Kentucky fried Foghorn Leghorn drawl!

  • Benoit Blanc : [of the novel Gravity's Rainbow]  It describes the path of a projectile determined by natural law. Et voila, my method. I observe the facts without biases of the head or heart. I determine the arc's path, stroll leisurely to its terminus and the truth falls at my feet.

  • Marta Cabrera : I've never been to a will reading before.

    Benoit Blanc : You'd think it'd be like a game show, but think of a community theatre production of a tax return.

  • Benoit Blanc : Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to request that you all stay until the investigation is completed.

    Linda Drysdale : What?

    Joni Thrombey : Can we ask why? Has something changed?

    Benoit Blanc : No...

    Joni Thrombey : No, it hasn't changed, or no, we can't ask?

  • Benoit Blanc : Physical evidence can tell a clear story with a forked tongue.

  • Benoit Blanc : Harlan's detectives, they dig, they rifle and root. Truffle pigs. I anticipate the terminus of Gravity's Rainbow.

    Marta Cabrera : Gravity's Rainbow.

    Benoit Blanc : It's a novel.

    Marta Cabrera : Yeah, I know. I haven't read it though.

    Benoit Blanc : Neither have I. Nobody has. But I like the title. It describes the path of a projectile determined by natural law.

  • Benoit Blanc : Why is grief the providence of youth? I don't know. But I'd imagine that age deepens all feelings.

  • [last lines] 

    Marta Cabrera : This family, I should care for them. Right?

    Benoit Blanc : Well, I have my own opinions. But I think you should follow your heart.

  • Lieutenant Elliott : I'm sorry this is an open and shut case of suicide and quite frankly Benny we are getting to the point where I have to ask you what we're doing here.

    Benoit Blanc : The method? Throat slit? Typical for a suicide?

    Lieutenant Elliott : Yes, I mean, that's dramatic, but look around. I mean, the guy practical lives in a Clue board.

  • Benoit Blanc : Best judge of character is a dog. I've found that to be true.

  • Benoit Blanc : You won, not by playing the game Harlan's way, but yours. You're a good person.

  • Benoit Blanc : Sweet beans! God morning, Mrs. Thrombey.

  • Marta Cabrera : You've always been good to me. And what I'm about to say isn't going to be easy and you're going to be upset. But I thought after what you've gone through the last few days you deserve to hear it from me.

    Benoit Blanc : Excuse me. You have not been good to her. You have all treated her like *beep*. To steal back a fortune you lost and she deserves. You're a pack of vultures, knives out and beaks bloody. Well, you're not getting bailed out, not this time. Ms. Cabrera has decided, definitively, not to renounce the inheritance.

    Walt Thrombey : What?

    Marta Cabrera : What?

    Benoit Blanc : Furthermore, it will be my professional recommendation to local authorities that the manner of death in the case of Harlan Thrombey be ruled a suicide. Now the case is closed.

    Marta Cabrera : Blanc.

    Ransom Drysdale : What?

    Benoit Blanc : Thank you all for coming. Good bye.

    Walt Thrombey : That's certainly not what I was expecting. Not what I was expecting at all.

    Greatnana Wanetta : Heh heh heh heh heh.

  • Lieutenant Elliott : Who hired you?

    Benoit Blanc : I do not know. An envelope of cash arrived at my apartment yesterday with a newspaper clipping of Thrombey's death.

    Trooper Wagner : An envelope? That worked?

    Benoit Blanc : An envelope of cash. Someone suspects foul play and goes through this hacha dance of hiring me and staying anonymous. It makes no damn sense. It compels me though

  • Benoit Blanc : I feel a noose tightening. The family is truly desperate. Desperate motives, with the mystery of who hired me, the impossibility of the crime, and yet a doughnut. One central piece, and if it reveals itself, the fog would lift, the arc would resolve, the Slinky become unkinked.

  • Benoit Blanc : What's the cheese?

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