"Örtbas ettiginiz katalog suçlar, bu pustlar bizi akli yok sanacak" ; This is a promise to the government, to the power holders, to the fathers. Gazapizm criticizes even the current government for destroying the loss of life, which is caused by their own mistakes.

"Evcil kaplanlarinizi bir gece, sokak köpekleri parçalar" ; As explained in the clip, Gazapizm used to describe the people of low status in the society that would destroy the people of high status, that is, the goals of socialism, by using street dogs and domestic tigers. In a simple language; the stray dog represents the oppressed laboring society, while the pet tigers represent the rich people.

"Bir gecede ortak gibiyiz, sinirliyiz ve de hortlak gibiyiz" ; The word in the clip and the song mean that the oppressed people will suddenly get their rights for one night, and that they will be partners in everything, in other words they will bring Socialism. Ghoul is used to make the definition of dead. In other words, he means that the dead from his grave will be angry because he defeated them.