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  • Ridiculous waste of time. Little to no plot. Terrible acting. Nothing "thrilling" about the movie at all. What was the purpose of this nonsense??
  • saucygurl16 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Great acting and plot that kept me guessing until the end. The filming was a bit distracting and sometimes all over the place. There were a few confusing and sometimes irritating moments. All in all I did find it ok and sat through the whole movie, even to the disappointing ending.

    *******SPOILER ALERT*********

    For the life of me I don't understand why the mother never called anyone after each terrifying episode- not a friend, the police, or even her husband. She goes on with life as if she's just had a bad dream.

    Finding terrifying videos of her daughter speaking to a dark figure with a demonic voice would have sent a mother running to the church, police, or therapy. This mother accepts her 9 year old daughter swearing at her for looking at her phone yelling 'I don't know who I was talking to!' Well. Okay?

    And it's never explained how the figure (who turns out to be hired to scare the wits out of the mom and kid) happens to casually stroll into the daughter's room at night and HAVE the conversation with her. Did he drug her first? Even a 9 year old with a sleep disorder doesn't just wake up and find it normal to have a conversation with the boogeyman about killing their mother.

    The ending is why I rated the movie a 5. Are we supposed to now think that the mother dreamt the whole thing?

  • Warning: Spoilers
    THIS MOVIE SUCKS! Do not waste your time! All the positive reviews are accounts made days ago, just to give a garbage movie like this a 10 star rating? What a joke! Obviously they were written by people who were involved in the production of this stupid lame movie! They are just trying to bring the rating up so people will waste their time watching this piece of garbage, so I am here to expose the truth and tell you what a lousy movie this really is! And that the fake reviews are all fake accounts made probably by the same person, who have not reviewed ANYTHING other than this movie! So obviously that's suspicious! The whole movie is stupid, lame, boring, slow, makes no sense and is just boring and a total snooze fest and not even worth watching. If I could give it zero stars, I would. It doesn't deserve a ten star rating, let alone even one star, it's that bad!
  • After She Wakes is a decent horror/thriller, one that should be looked up by fans of the genres, because it does manage to deliver an ok story with some good acting as well. It surely does become predictable at some point, especially for those who have had their share of such productions, but still, keeps you interested long enough to get you to the finish line.

    The execution is ok, the effects stand tall, even tho they are quite minimal, character development is present and a pretty interesting plot developing here. It doesn't stretch for too long, keeps it at 1 hour and 15 minutes, and I always appreciate this, because a lot of movies tend to expand in order to fill up maybe 90, or 105 minutes, but After She Wakes showed exactly what it had in mind and stopped right there. A great example of less is more.

    I do recommend it for horror fans out there, I can't say for sure that those enjoying a good thriller will get a blast from this one, but as a indie horror, it works quite ok.

  • FYI, giving a film a "1" when you didn't even watch it all the way through is no different than someone creating an account to give this film a 10. Also I, like other people who aren't avid users tend to create a new account after they've watched a film they thoroughly enjoyed which might be getting "hate" for no apparent reason. Now, enough of that, on to the film!

    This is in no way a perfect film, so much like the "1" star votes and the "10" star votes, I personally feel its around a 6 or 7. I'll lean "7" because I actually enjoying the camerawork and acting. The story does feel a bit loose, and I am not a huge fan of non-linear stories, save for Memento. I prefer to invest in a story that flows and this did not. Some of the editing choices were bizarre and too "art-house" for my liking. I did like the daughter character and her relationship with the mother. I'm always up for a creepy kind in a MITH style movie.

    It felt very rushed in the 3rd act, but maybe because the 3rd act is only 20 minutes long. A short film, but I have a feeling it was intended to not be a typical length film. If you like good cinematography and non-linear stories, you might enjoy this film.
  • What to say about this movie? Not much positive, that's for sure. At one point, about half way in the movie, the mother asks her daughter what she did last night, and her response was that she sat through some boring movies. That was exactly what I was doing as well at that point. And it didn't get better after that, even worse if you ask me. The entire movie is just boring, doesn't make much sense, bad decisions and mediocre acting, really nothing to get excited about. The scary parts are unexploited, the rest of the movie is basically garbage.
  • p_imdb-238-92638030 December 2019
    This is isn't even a b-movie.

    The nonsense starts right away with bad framing, shaky cam where it is not necessary, bad close ups and weird color temperature. Right I away, I knew what I was in for, incompetent camera man, with an incompetent director. That the story would suck, you'll notice 5 minutes in.

    I lasted 10minutes, it its worse than student made film. And I agree with a co-poster here, all the 10/10 reviews are fake, clicked some of those profiles, indeed they all reviewed just this piece of waste, not other activity.

    Stay away, don't corrupt your spare time with these amateurs.
  • ferdmalenfant14 December 2019
    I kept rewinding thinking I must had missed something because sequences were all over the place or "non sequential" moment I was looking at a woman in bed then the next 5 frames, someone cooking. It was the worse editing job I've ever seen, the direction won't win any prizes soon either. Nothing scary happens and there is ZERO action or suspense. One woman keeps yelling her daughter name throughout the entire movie... I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone. Oh so VERY BAD.
  • As a mom of several children, this has to be my worst fear in life. Losing a loved one and watching it untangle a family's stability. I'm not big into horror much, but this movie resonated with me. It really focused on the mother/daughter relationship which reminded me of my little girl. During the age where much is changing in her world, to lose a loved one is tragic.

    I closed my eyes for any violent or scary parts as that is not my thing. I wouldn't mind seeing the father more as whenever he was on screen, he was great. All around well acted and well written. Will probably give it a second viewing with my teenager as it was too too bad language wise.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sera (Nicola Lambo) is a narcoleptic. Her husband (Micah Joe Parker) lets her drive a car that has a rear exploding gas tank on a front end crash. The lose a toddler this way. Sera and her daughter Cassie (Stella Carlish) are at odds. Dad is mostly away. Sera and Cassie both suffer from sleep disorders and imagine a demon is present. Cassie sometimes wakes up in the woods.

    The film was mostly mom and daughter screaming at each other, something I really want to pay to watch-not.

    Guide:F-word. No sex or nudity.
  • Crazy, watching this film and I be experiencing them night terrors myself. So I can most definitely relate to this story. I haven't experienced sleep paralysis but that looks terrifying. I see what the film was trying to achieve and I like it. No over the top stupid jump scares, but the kind of stuff that makes you think, and sticks with you. Of course I like movies that are bloody and gory but this film did something different. Sort of along the lines ofGoodnight Mommy or an 80s suspense. I like how they dive into the psychological state of the family also after tragedy also. will be recommending this to my friends. it ain't terrifying horror, its more real-life horror and tragedies which makes it equally as scary.
  • What a dump of a movie. The story might be ok, but the acting is so bad that I can't really tell. Somehow I made it through to the end...
  • Just didn't really care for it & don't really recommend it all that much.
  • This movie was exceptional. I loved the way it's not set up like a classic horror film. There is true craft in the writing. Took me on a journey that I could picture happening in real life, a true nightmare. Made me picture the mother and daughter relationship within myself having to deal with tragedy. Going to have nightmares thinking about this reality perception. Great film!
  • I decided to get this movie because the premise seemed intriguing. I got "Donnie Darko" meets Hereditary similarities early on. As the film progressed I wanted to learn more about the psychological state of the mom and daughter.

    As the horror bits unfolded, there were a few good decent unexpected scares. But the 3rd act is what made me really get into the movie. I wish the back end was longer because I enjoyed the intensity. 9/10 for me as a solid modern indie horror.
  • You walk away from this film with the same surreal feeling of eeriness and terror that strikes when you wake up with a cold sweat in the middle of the night from a nightmare - and like those images and impressions from the most vivid and visceral dreams, the feeling stays with you in your waking hours. this is an excellent psychological thriller, beautifully shot and conceived. bravo!
  • tbyrne197215 December 2019
    Great thriller, I was pleasantly surprised how much I found myself stuck to my chair, definitely found myself riveted to the plot and action! Just wish it was longer, but highly recommend it!
  • The suspense and thriller aspects are all there, making for a compelling story with strong character development. What really stands out is the visual imagery. It adds a lot of dimension and artistry.
  • In the ages of the A24's... It comes at night, hereditary to name of few, they have birth such film as After She Wakes. It's for the thinking man and woman who gives it a repeat viewing. Some of these 1 star ratings who "don't get it" are lost and probably expect a typical gore-fest cookie cutter style horror. But I enjoyed the un-sequential nature of this film. Reminded me of what I loved of such films like Memento, or Irreversible. (Gaspar Noé was genius!)

    Will def recco this to psychological film lovers who like to put pieces together themselves!
  • Much like smart indie thrillers, some will get it, some will not. I did get it and dig the storytelling. Watched it twice now.
  • This movie is filled with terrible acting all over the place. Also scattered as to the story line! Pretty sure it was shot with an iPhone. Is there more than one camera? This movie is going to to need at least a 20 beer night! Feel free to join in how many beers you think before it's good!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Into thinking I found a gem. The trailer looked creepy, to where even with the short run time, I thought it's got to be worth it. Thankfully I didn't pay for it. The acting was unrealistic and awful. The mothers reactions and responses were misplaced. You see your daughter talking to a demon and you say who are you talking to? You see weird demonic things everywhere and some videos get posted of you and you immediately blame your daughter? Not to mention, why was everyone upset? She wasn't naked, she was just laying there. The end ....SPOILER.... Husband has his throat slit and still manages to crawl outside and see the same fate as the bird. You start thinking this whole thing is ridiculous and that's because it is, the whole thing was a dream. What a let down. I thought the flashing from scene to scene was just for the trailer, nope that's the entire movie. I kept thinking I missed something. .... Nope. If the acting was better, maybe it would've helped but who knows. I should've just went to bed and got a good night's rest. That would've been more productive than watching this e for effort movie.
  • -1 Star For Having a Shower Scene with no nudity. There is no reason to have any scene in a shower with no nudity. Hitchcock did it in the 60's but his movies were actually GOOD, so he gets a pass. Everyone else?? Nuh uh.

    -1 Star for the stupid sequence with the ex husband

    +1 Star for the Ending!!!

    Okay this one really didn't have anything going for it at all. Giving it 4/10 is probably being way generous .
  • Movie was just awful! Do not waste your time watching it!
  • The movie was done well with nice cinematography, music composition, acting, and special effects. All of the compents assist the viewer to build the story through the two acts onto the thrilling third act. However, I gave it six stars because the storyline got confusing without any real resullts towards the end. There were certain compents that were include to enhance the confusion, and made the story about two characters facing night terrors to the audience being left unsure if one never faced the terror. Overall, I think that it carried itself well.
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