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  • djfuzz-3627510 November 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Incredible one sided piece of liberal propaganda. "We put up such an ugly fence." Why is it ugly? Because it goes against your views? And why are you saying this on camera while sitting in your fenced in backyard in your gated community that no one can access but you and other residents and their "approved" visitors? "This structure will have an impact on the local wildlife." What man made structure in the history of mankind does not have an impact on local wildlife? At one point in the film, the filmmakers make it a point to complain that a bike path was not put while traversing the wall for "bike path people" like them and how they actually had to walk at certain points, and use their hands to carry and wash their bikes off. Yeah why aren't we making the terrain near the wall more easier access and a more level ground. It's also incorrectly stated that we are at net zero illegal immigration when it comes to Mexican citizens illegally crossing but they back it up with zero facts or evidence. Just believe them because they know. It's a joke of a film and Laughable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What happens when five youthful, naive, optimistic people take a thousand mile adventure through rugged South Texas border wilderness? Well, you get some terrific footage of wild country and Western desert, which I love and appreciate as a lifetime South-Westerner. You also get endless preaching about how the southern border of the USA just cannot be spoiled by walls, fencing, or physical deterrents because it will ruin the environment and harm all the animals. This docu/program/propaganda shows zero footage of the filth and ruination of major stretches of desert lands by the steady tromp of illegal aliens and drug runners. Nor does it happen to show one incident of illegal aliens, or drug cartels sneaking across, which is odd, as that is an hourly occurrence in every southern border state. So if you are fine with a one-sided, child-like, Docu-Ganda telling you that enforcing US border security would be pretty much the end of the world for most of the ecology in the Southwest, while not achieving the goal for which its intended, then shut down your rational brain and enjoy the liberal sh** show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was told this was a balanced view of the border situation. I could not disagree more. This was a biased propogandist film that appeals to emotions and relies on sensationalism. Yes it is beautiful BEAUTIFUL country. It will not be eradicated as they claim. My favorite OBVIOUS BS was the climbing the wall scene. In am attempt to show the ineffectiveness of the wall, Felipe claims that it's was super easy to climb... Agreed... But let's seem him get down the 40 ft drop.on the other side... Let's see him make that climb from the other side where there is no support beam. How anyone sees that and doesn't recognize the baloney he is propogating is ridiculous. Then they claim that of the 800,000 acres and 300,000 acres of reserve land along the border, and "estimated 1 million acres Will be lost" to "no man's" land. Again how anyone doesn't see the erroneous math here is beyond me. And then they claim that the wall is going to be built 100% from.sea to shining sea. Nobody is proposing a couple complete wall. Where there are natural blindries (like canyons) no wall is needed, yet another example of misrepresentation of the pro-wall argument. This was a nice nature show on the diversity of life, but there is diversity of life everywhere. This is an obvious anti wall propoganda that doesn't tackle the real issues. In closing, the hypocrisy of them in the night scene, being scared and calling border patrol because they fear for their lives because the people crossing, sonits ok for them to call authorities to stop illegal immigration, but then argue against measures to prevent situations necessitating that very call? I am the product of immigrants. Soy Boliviano y vivo en Tejas, pero mis padres vinieron LEGALMENTE. Aprendieron inglés, y trabajaron donde pagaron sus impuestos.... i am very pro immigration... I just don't appreciate being pandered to as if I was too dumb to realize the BS this presented....
  • This was a beautifully shot piece of socialist propaganda. You can't build a wall, because they like having free access to another sovereign country's land dammit! I mean look at us.. we are swimming in water and laughing and playing heartwarming music in the background. What more could you ask to leave the border wide open? These people have feelings! I'm sick of these puff pieces full of questionable science and no legal or substance based argument of any kind.
  • This movie could be best described as The Socialist Manifesto illustrated by Reubens. The filmmakers created a beautiful film that shows the value of what we must to preserve - albeit with highly questionable scientific, ecological, biological, and social data. The conclusion / findings were obviously pre-determined, as the information selected for the movie re-enforced the open border solution (but then we must keep in mind that two members of the crew were children of parents who entered the country illegally). They included politicians who vilified the President without producing any information about the negative affects of illegal immigration.

    In my opinion, they should have focused on the river and an honest assessment of the ecological impact. Having a bird-watcher talking in a very sad voice about the impact a wall would have on bird populations is a bit silly, as the impact would be minimal on the bird populations. Having someone point out that Americans will not be able to enjoy the pristine northern shore of the river, then show people fishing on a heavily littered southern shore that is bare of all flora and fauna doesn't really make the case very well.

    Maybe their next movie can focus on how we could increase the rate of legal immigration and temporary workers, eliminating the need for fences and walls.
  • Part of me has been on the fence about the giant immigration problems dominating the news over the last few months. But seeing this movie has literally opened my eyes. The vistas and panoramic shots left me gasping in my theater seat and by the way DO NOT watch this on a phone or computer. Go to a theater and see it large. Everybody has an agenda, and most of the people in front of TV cameras these days are shouting and gesticulating about theirs. Here is a lower key, rational, thoughtful and emotionally careful presentation that does not try to be authoritative or have the last word. It asks you to think and reflect and accept.
  • The River and the Wall was warmly and enthusiastically received at its world premiere at Austin's SXSW Film Festival. This is a amazing and unique film. The filmmakers capture the journey as a group travels down the entire 1200 mile length of the Rio Grande portion of the US (Texas) - Mexico border from El Paso to Brownsville. They spend two months on bicycles, horses and canoes traveling the entire river boundary. The filming is exquisitely beautiful. This powerful documentary seeks to redefine how we see the border as less of international boundary where Trump plans to build a wall and more of complex ecosystem and thus sheds a new light on how our political debate is framed. The River and Wall is beautifully filmed and presents an eye-opening examination of the border. It deconstructs our idea of the border itself. In doing so it argues that a border wall is not only a humanitarian disaster, but an ecological one as well. It is an important perspective that has been mostly absent from our debate about the moronic idea of building a border wall. The film also includes the personal perspective of the team that makes the journey and some of the local residents. The film is supplemented by interviews with former Congressman Beto O-Rourke (D-TX) and current Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) who share a bipartisan opposition to building a border wall. This is an emotional and provocative film which needs to be widely viewed as antidote to the absurd arguments about building a border wall.
  • Everyone should see this movie, it is beautifully done. A very straightforward beautiful inquiry into what a wall really means and is it even possible given the realities of the geography.
  • It could have been so much more. Instead it slid into one-sided propaganda about illegal immigration and the Trump administration, and that's going to be a political commercial and not going to change minds and opinions about how best to protect the border.
  • This was a beautiful documentary, with a great message. There is a lot of insisting that a boarder wall would solve the United States problems, the doc goes into how a large structure like the wall would really be a pain in the ass, and more of a problem than what it's worth. But the doc isn't all about politics it also has large chunks of the doc with great nature and wildlife footage bundled in.
  • Very personal and touchy. Philip's story is fascinating. It was amazing to discover how beautiful parts of Texas are. Also amazing opportunity to meet the crew and ask question at SXSW.
  • The cinematography is as beautiful as the land and the river. It's an engrossing look at the place and the habitat, going far beyond what words can convey.

    This picture of the place, the river, the land, the plants, the animals, the weather -- that's the great strength of the film. The river and the adjacent lands and people are the stars of this film. Embedding these in a journey provides a strong framework.

    About half the film is spent on political preaching and talking heads, overlapping. I'm totally in agreement with the sermon, but no one else's mind is likely to be changed. I'd have kept the focus on nature, which I think brings more understanding to the table. Perhaps I knew too much already -- friends who are normally sensitive to preaching weren't as bothered.

    Go to see it and enjoy it, but go prepared to tune out the political preaching unless you are one of the rare undecided birds or need to study the issues further.
  • This documentary introduces viewers to the complexities of building a physical wall along the Rio Grande River - the actual border between Mexico and Texas. It provides a realistic, yet objective study of the current and proposed walls. It explores how a concrete and steel barrier could destroy dramatic landforms and precious habitat for wildlife, while also creating untenable conditions for the farmers and ranchers who live along this river.

    This stunning work captures the beauty of the Rio Grande River as it winds through vast canyons and lush semi-tropical vegetation. By also presenting the views of the Americans who actually live and work along the river, it provides a tremendous service to educate the public about the true impact such a structure would have on this vital magnificent river.
  • Stunning photography and thoughtful narration. Practical reasons to discontinue an researched concept.