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  • Great movie!!! Really enjoyed it. Nice to see that Hallmark is making movies with people of color.
  • Jackbv12325 November 2018
    This is a story that in many ways can't miss hit you in the heart. The prodigal sister, Lucy, returns home after her sister's death to find out that Alice was a person who qualified for Sainthood. Lucy is on a road of discovery as she not only learns who her sister was, but begins to become part of the life she left behind. There is even a little mystery to be solved.

    I could have done without big city lawyer flexing her muscles and Tatyani Ali needs to work on her angry crying technique. Dondre Whitfield never showed a lot of warmth nor was the chemistry great with Ali.

    The movie was full of sentiment, but Christmas, though prominent, seemed to be almost secondary to the story. Likewise for the romance.
  • beachy-3843125 November 2018
    Hallmark has some black characters in lead roles. And the music is much better than every other Hallmark movie I have seen this season. Why in the world would I want to subscribe to the new Hallmark station and listen to it all of the time.? However, it is still a story for and about rich people. Hallmark use to do Hall of Fame movies about regular people. They were much better movies. What happened?
  • Review Date 7/14/2019

    I have Reviewed OVER 500 "Christmas Films, & Christmas Television Movies , & Television Specials". Please BEWARE Of films and specials with just one review! For instance When "It's a POSITIVE" chances are that the reviewer was involved with the production. "If its Negative" then they may have a grudge against the film for whatever reason. I am fare. I am on a mission to watch every Christmas Movie ever produced. Since 2014 I average 100 a year.

    I am not sure who is picking the material for Tatyana Ali but this is the 2nd Christmas theme film I have seen her in and both were way above average.

    In this story Tatyana Ali plays a big city new York lawyer who must return to her home town for her sisters funeral. In order for her to inherit the family home she must live in it for a week.

    This film is better than you expect. I don't want to give anything more away but trust me its a winner!
  • Rarely does a Hallmark Christmas movie involve a death that occurs during the course of the movie. Usually, the viewer is told that grandma or dad died last month or last year or whenever. But here, the death is an intricate part of the plot line and it is done in a manner that is quite interesting. The actors play their roles intelligently and realistically, particularly Ali who delivers a sincere, emotive, and multi-faceted performance.The only distraction is Patti LaBelle, but that doesn't happen until the last half hour of the movie. In a small role with only a couple of scenes, the part was obviously given to her because of her name value and not any acting talent. She adds nothing to the story and, when she walks into the dining room carrying the big Christmas ham, you think, "Oh look - there's the ham carrying the ham !" Otherwise, the dialogue is well-written, the story is rather unique for Hallmark, the sets are attractive, and the main cast carries the movie off very effectively.
  • botelhofam28 November 2018
    Such a good movie. Sweet and touching like you would expect from a Hallmark movie. It does have a similar formula but with a different twist. Anyone who doesn't love this movie has a heart of coal!
  • This movie was so slow and quite depressing. It was totally missing the holiday cheer and those little moments of sparks flying between the main characters. Was meant to be more of a lifetime movie, then a Hallmark holiday romance.
  • Every year, Hallmark presents many new movies, but some stand out above the others. This year it was Christmas Everlasting. Not only did this movie have a depth that many others didn't, but it was a truly touching story that seemed to be without artifice. Yes, it had all of the Christmas elements typical of Hallmark movies, but it had something extra -- a truly deep and even slightly sad plot with a poignant ending that was very satisfying. Bravo for giving us such a wonderful movie.
  • LtlHippo30 November 2018
    No chemistry. Storyline boring. Did they have to make the lead so out of touch with reality? Was crappy of the sister to expect the other sister to uproot her life for a month.
  • This was a bad movie and I have to say even though there was a lot of bokeh especially at the end, it wasn't especially Christmasy.
  • caseybones28 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Finally Hallmark has put a person of color in a leading role. Unfortunately, it made the deceased sister an unwed mother which I have never seen in a Hallmark movie with a white lead character. And, of course, the supportive friends were all white. Racism much?

    The story was a tiny bit better than most of the schlock that Hallmark pumps out in their endless stream of Christmas movies. Of course, the two lead characters fall in love which is no surprise to anyone. I didn't see much chemistry between them but they were pleasant enough.

    I didn't hate it, I didn't love it but at least they didn't use the same industrial strength curling iron to create identical hairstyles on every female. I just wish Hallmark would come up with one new, innovative idea. The same old recycled plots gets old fast.

    Loved the deep voiced uncle who stars in auto insurance commercials! I could listen to him all day long!
  • fmwongmd2 December 2018
    Totally predictable but watchable under the right circumstances. All performances average; Tatyana Ali sometimes rising slightly above.
  • sheilajewell8 July 2020
    Such a snooze. I turned it off half way through. I applaud the successful lead Black people, but they look like they landed in whiteville. I expect cheese from Hallmark but this was painful.
  • 6/10 - good cast, but there were several plot holes that undermined my enjoyment
  • Nothing at all to make me watch this a second time. Really bad.
  • gwe3128 December 2018
    Very depressing. Don't waste your time with this poorly written drivel. No chemistry among the "actors" at all. Hallmark should have done a better job casting and directing.
  • bilc-0194912 December 2018
    This movie stinks! The acting is horrible and the script is pathetic! Hallmark should be ashamed!
  • bilc-0194912 December 2018
    This movie is way too Syrupy even for Hallmark! The story line is lacking and unrealistic, acting is over the top and bad! I do not recommend and Hallmark should employe new writers!
  • michele_makinney30 November 2018
    I could have sworn Lucy calls Peter brian the night of the accident? They did a horrible job finding an older Peter....not even close to the younger version!?
  • This year, not a single good movie yet. I think they are now making too many and bowing down to the whining and crying of the offended...
  • Thankfully, not all the cringe worthy elements were chucked at this cheap Christmas film, but it still has plenty. The film focusses around an Afro American central cast and so, the male love interest looks cooler that a spam-faced Ben Pimlott type, but, he still had to wear a Christmas sweater - and look like a dick. Environmentally, the film is suspect as, an estimated 4 to 5 tons of hair straightener was used on set. As the target audience is AAmerican, Nat King Cole is weaved into every scene instead of Bing Crosby, but with the same effect of aural mogadon. We have death, sweet kids, a naughty cat, cookies ...and the making of a "friendship quilt" which, is sown throughout the script (geddit?) Tall and grey Mr Swinson is the town saige - who turns up like an advert every 10 minutes to toss out wisdom and philosophy like it were gingerbread; he's the Jesus-God-FatherChristmas character (what, you didn't know that was essential to all Christmas movies?) The film moves along with successful black lawyers getting it on, but also finding truth and zen along the way. What really stood out was lead character's continual use of a bluetooth earpiece to make cell calls - and thus strolls around shouting in numerous snowy scenes. I thought it was because the movie was made maybe 2008..but it's 2018, so, somebody in production crew found an old old Christmas gift in a drawer, maybe. This film moves along at pace, and, there hardly any white 30-something males called Scott, with a neat parting and a face like chicken mayo - so a blessing in that regard.
  • kz917-112 August 2019
    It's Christmas season. Someone dies. Heartache ensues during the trip home.

    Forgiveness is a main theme. Who is Maeve to the deceased?

    I have to say, it's not what I thought. So kudos for the answer not being obvious.

    Points for Patti Labelle being a secondary character and the usage of Nat King Cole music!

    Who knew Wisconsin was so diverse?!
  • demita5316 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Even though the movie was slow, I stuck with it. But the slowness probably made me more aware of a couple of "Goofs" in the movie. I'm not able to add to the "Goofs" section, so I'll list them here. 1. At the part where Peter reads the letter, it lists the phone numbers of three people as if they can be reached at different numbers, but all the phone numbers are the same. 2. At two different times, Lucy's car is covered with snow or frost when the car should have been clean. First when she gets out of the car after shopping and again, when she gets out of the car at the lake, In both instances, the warmth of the car should have melted the snow/frost.