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  • Missing from this database for nearly 20 years since release (I added it belatedly today), "To Catch a Cheat" is a deceptively simple crime drama concerning Vince Vouyer's detective agency that specializes in trapping husbands into sex with VV's femme staff members in order to get the goods on them for their wives as his clients.

    Toni English pilots the story routinely with case after case (and hump after hump) until a very effective twist for the last two vignettes, that reveals skulduggery and a murderess on the loose. This contrivance could have been annoying, coming out of left field, but I enjoyed it and found the entire show to add up to a neat exercise in misdirection, sort of analogous in the mainstream to one of those "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" TV short stories of 50-plus years ago with their twist endings.

    Actresses do a fine job, ranging from superstar Sydnee Steele to now fallen to obscurity lead actress "Skye" (aka Sky Lopez), the sole fly in the ointment being Toni relegating my favorite Chloe to a brief NonSex role whose billing as misleading.