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  • I just can't think of anything I didn't like about this movie. Both leads sparkled and their chemistry was tangible. The supporting cast was great (loved Lindsay Wagner!).

    I particularly liked the sub-plot involving the friction between mother and daughter and the device used to resolve it.

    The male lead was a lot of fun to watch. Like most of the other actors, he really seemed to be having fun in the production. I always like to see that. Even though it seems like it would break the fourth wall, it actually takes me into the story even deeper.

    As for other reviewers, I'm always surprised at the amount of analysis applied to Hallmark movies. They are formulaic. You knew that before you flipped on the channel. There are a few of their movies that have silly plots. This was not one of them.
  • Have always absolutely loved Christmas and consider it still my favourite time of year. Love the nostalgia it brings, the family time and all the fond memories of our Christmas traditions which we still continue to do. There is a very, very small doubt of ever tiring of it. Also love Christmas films, and there are some classic ones that won't be named for fairness, and that was the main reason as to why 'Mingle All the Way' was seen in the first place, as well as wanting to broaden my horizons on them.

    One sort of knows what to expect from 'Mingle All the Way', from the somewhat cheesy title and considering that story-wise there is not a whole lot of variation or seemingly much new on a fairly familiar theme. Recent viewings of festive films have seen some mild hits and also just as many misses, and 'Mingle All the Way' fits somewhere in the mixed bag/middling category, neither among the best or worst. Like a fair share of recently seen festive films, it is going to be one of those films that people will love and others will hate. Personally fit with neither extreme and am somewhere in the middle, finding it a watchable film but not a great one.

    'Mingle All the Way' looks decent, the locations are particularly striking. The music provides some affectionate nostalgia and is pleasant to listen to. The Christmas atmosphere is handled charmingly and affectionately and the romance can be genuinely sweet and doesn't go overboard on the schmaltz.

    Jen Lilley is a winning lead, while there is a feel good charm, amusing moments and the sentimentality doesn't get too much. Some smart tension at times too.

    However, Brant Daugherty too often comes over as rather annoying and Lindsay Wagner is over-the-top in her roles, sometimes enjoyably but at other times it unbalances the film. The rest of the cast do their best but don't have much to do. The characters don't enough to them to make them interesting or rootable, while the direction is routine at times while far from being amateurish.

    The story is not exactly dull and enough of it engages, but it is very predictable and some of it feels rather contrived too. The script doesn't always flow and can be very cheesy.

    In conclusion, watchable but a mixed bag. 5/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mingle All the Way is a mixed-bag of a movie that so desperately wants to be better than it is. Poorly cast except for the main female lead, you'll find this mis-mash delivering quality drama that is constantly interrupted by confoundingly foolish and/or absurdly convenient situations. On multiple occasions the movie smartly builds tension then shoots itself in the foot with such forced developments. The feedback I have for the script writers is 'less is more.'

    Jen Lilley plays Molly Hoffman, a smart yet vulnerable go getter who refuses to spend her life as an accountant at her parent's firm. Instead, she designs and launches a networking app that is supposed to be for platonic dates, but of course this is a Hallmark movie so you quickly figure out what actually happens. Brant Daugherty is the male lead here, Jeff, doing a very convincing job of portraying his character as a gay man. Yet Jeff is not supposed to be gay and this makes his forced romantic interest in Molly rather grating to watch.

    I was impressed with the refreshingly new plot - a dating/networking app, even though major unanswered questions left me trying to connect the dots the movie chose to ignore. Who actually built the app, since Molly does not come across as a technical software developer? Who provided the funding for the one room sunny office with a door that goes directly to the outside? Does the claimed target market of single, 30-something, successful and attractive professionals actually exist? Wouldn't anyone try to simply mis-use Mingle All the Way as yet another dating/hookup app? How and when did the app actually launch and become available for downloads? Why does Molly need a full time onsite employee (Tyler) when all it seems he does is redesign the logo and post her testimonials to the website? Who funds all those expensive TV commercials? It just seems like it would be a significant amount of effort to get the app designed, funded, built, and deployed to end users, a rather impressive feat by a single woman such as Molly...ah yes a more interesting movie we will never get to see... Anyway, we know that she built the algorithm, but there is much more to launching a new app than the backend functionality.

    The other characters are quite boring and detract from the flow. I found the evil co-worker doing a bad Stiffler impersonation to be the most annoying. Kudos for having the mom wear the pants in this one, playing the 'skilled business person,' yet they then left the dad with nothing to do - a role they could have easily deleted. It was amusing that the CEO of Greyson Advertising likes to individually invite his employees to personal private events, even caroling of all things?!? This guy came across as an aloof doofus until the very end when he spoke very intelligently and with more clarity than anyone else ever had. The subplot romance between Tyler and Lisa was a nice change - we get to follow two love stories for the price of one. By the way, the connection between Tyler and the entrepreneurial wizard Lisa was far more realistic and interesting than that of the main leads. Actually, I was rooting for Molly and Tyler to end up together from the get go because he seemed like a far more normal and fitting boyfriend for Molly-I mean come on, they sit 10 feet apart in that little office all day alone together, they're both single, there's gotta be a little side somethin' going on between the two of them, just don't tell Lisa as she seems like a woman whose wrath could be of surprising proportions.

    They all hail from small town sounding 'Cedar Falls' yet all establishing shots are of downtown Toronto...sigh.

    Overall, Jen Lilley's Molly is the most well rounded and believable female lead I've seen in a Hallmark movie this season. "Jeff" was a disaster. But hey, they finally (and awkwardly) did kiss with three minutes left on the DVR - it's not a Hallmark holiday movie without that!
  • MIssM192 December 2018
    Molly has a business of her own, she owns a dating app. Jeff works in publicity. They crossed paths before even knowing each other. Then they got matched in her app and make agreements to help each other out in their professionals lives.

    I definitely need to watch this a second time (may be edited later) but this movie was great.

    The plot is nothing new (surprise!), we have fake snow, lies between the leads and everything you expect from a Hallmark movie.

    Luckily, Jen's character wasn't as terrible as some of the other she had but what made this movie appealing for me was definitely the new face (Brian) he somehow made it refreshing and not so repetitive, and last but not least the chemistry between them was amazing.

    Still need to watch it again though.
  • karine_attias10 December 2018
    Cute & believable story Both characters are charming and lovable. Good acting too!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love the Hallmarks where a hero or heroine we like is not appreciated by their family or their boss and is not treated as well as they deserve. We know that, with the help of the love interest, they will finally be appreciated and valued. It always makes a nice satisfying sub-plot to the romance, which is, of course, the main event. Thinking back, many of my favorite hallmark movies have this element. Mingle All the Way does, and they do it very well. I guess I'm just a sucker for comeuppances and nice people prevailing over mean people.

    I loved the chemistry between Jen Lilly and Brant Dougherty. The plot device used to get them together was clever and really worked. The writers did a good job of making the viewer understand their initial antagonism with the fight over the angel ornament. They really invested me in their situations by making you root for them by well written antagonists that you loved to hate. Also by making the viewer sympathize with their situations of being focused on their goals, while all their family and co-workers are interested in is whether or not they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. How disrespectful!

    The scene where our hero really tells off her mother was a gem. And I loved the way the angel came back into play in that scene as well. He was truly a knight in shining armor. Lindsay Wagner did a great job with making us really dislike her. She was terrifying. And then, after the hero told her a few home truths, showing us a sincere change of heart. I loved the way the eggnog played into that: very good writing. That whole scene at Molly's house was worth the price of admission. I wish we had had more of it.

    And the same goes with Jeff's work troubles. She took a less proactive approach with helping him in that department, but she had his back as well as he had hers. And it did the trick. I love the way his rival was taken down. What a jerk and contemptible human being! Good writing and acting on the villain's part. I just wish Molly had done the taking down.

    The only low point was Molly's silly petulant overreaction to Jeff meeting his ex by chance at a party. But that's par for the course in Hallmark romance. It's a plus when it's avoided. All in all,though, one of the best this year.
  • Hallmark needs to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. The story is so predictable and boring. Although the cast headed by Jen Lilley and Brant Daugherty are fine in other movies and they make quite a cute couple, the characters are not very interesting or likeable. He is rather obnoxious and selfish at first and she is wimpy and boring. Good to see Lindsay Wagner again as mom. The pretend to be dates for each other is kind of déjà by. Things get a little better towards the end.

    Not a must watch.
  • nkhorton9 December 2018
    It's a great Christmas Hallmark movie! I enjoyed it a lot. Nice to see Lindsay Wagner too.
  • As hallmark movies go, this one was in the upper percentage of good ones. i have always loved jen lilly. i will be rewatching this one each year.
  • MovieNight12314 December 2018
    I thought it was a good movie and the actors / actresses were great. This was one of Hallmark's better Christmas movies that I will want to watch again.
  • Lew7777 November 2019
    Sometimes in a Hallmark film, you're left wondering how the actual love relationship managed to develop into the final romantic declaration & long-awaited kiss. Not so with this film. They were in each others company for most of the film & we were seeing a slow-burning romance blossom from detestation to apathy to affection and then love. It was a good watchable process, firmly enhanced by the performances and chemistry of both leads who totally nailed it ! Their time acting together in Days of Their Lives kept their chemistry fresh. The storyline was a bit ho-hum but all performances from bosses, friends, jealous co-workers, old girlfriend & parents (nice to see Lindsey Wagner doing well) kept the whole story-pot bubbling away nicely ! Would love to see a sequel !
  • Surprising, charming. Yes, predictable and the look of Brant Daugherty , for Lindsay Wagner , for chemistry and for flavors of old fashion romantic movies. The story is simple and, in many senses, not it is the good point but the nice acting , the familiar twists and, off course, the triumph of pure love against an aplication and a fake sentimental story, so pragmatic and so not surprising but just realistic in contemporary world. A good Christmas film , sure, romance and the expected end but smart in few scenes and good for fine atmosphere..
  • When a cliche is done so well, you just don't care. We all know the premise: bring fake boyfriend home to get the family off your back, oops -real feelings begin to emerge. It's been done and done. The palpable chemistry of the two leads however, and polish of their performance, makes you (if not forget it's formulaic) completely embrace it like a favorite cozy blanket. Mingle All The Way isn't just the best new Holiday movie of the season, but one I'll watch again! The latter says everything.
  • kz917-118 August 2019
    Mingle is the app for working business folk that need a plus one to work holiday functions. Good funny story & endearing leads. Worth a watch.
  • I loved Jen Lilley in the Excellent movie THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS (2015) and have been looking forward to this one. I was very pleased with this movie. I thought it was a good role for her, maybe not as good as in the previous. She is very talented, she even sang one of the songs played in this movie. Most of the story was very good and kept us engaged. The movie was good at developing the romance; however, it was not excellent like the movie we watched the night before THE CHRISTMAS CONTRACT (2018) with Hillarie Burton so I may be a little more critical than usual. There were elements why the two liked each other. He gave the tree angel to her father and stood up for her to her mother. She developed a special relationship with his niece (who was Opal with the cute voice from When Calls the Heart). But then again other things just seemed forced. Lindsay Wagner's role as the cold mother seemed more of a distraction than an asset to the story. Loved seeing April Telek who had a role in DECEMBER BRIDE (2016). Casey Manderson was another very familiar face. Good quality and worth the watch
  • Review Date 7/17/2019

    I have Reviewed OVER 500 "Christmas Films, & Christmas Television Movies , & Television Specials". Please BEWARE Of films and specials with just one review! For instance When "It's a POSITIVE" chances are that the reviewer was involved with the production. "If its Negative" then they may have a grudge against the film for whatever reason. I am fare. I am on a mission to watch every Christmas Movie ever produced. Since 2014 I average 100 per year.

    I am a huge Lindsay Wagner fan. So I did not see her name in the credits so when she popped up I was in heaven. So to me this film got a minimum of 5 stars just for her presence but luckily this film has Holiday charm and annexed about the holidays that keeps you very interested in the film.

    In this movie a woman has developed a dating app that is really a PLUS 1 app. It for people looking for a platonic relationship. Molly, founder of the app, is determined to prove to her family that it is a success. Therefore, she joins the app, and meets another busy professional, Jeff. When Molly and Jeff are matched, they are both horrified to realize they've already had not one, but two disastrous previous encounters. Nevertheless, they agree to stay matched for all their respective upcoming holiday engagements. As the pair gets closer, perhaps their business arrangement might turn into something more this holiday season.

    Now you know how this is going to end but I will say when it comes to matters of the heart this film does it correctly. Most of when we were kids you are afraid to admit your true feelings about someone. It's nice to see adults really have a hard time too .

    This was a nice movie that is well made with some visuals flair.
  • Let me start by saying I love holiday movies. It's the only time of year that makes me realize I'm not actually dead inside. Although completely predictable as every Christmas movie is the same, this one still managed to be cute and charming. The main characters were surprisingly easy to watch and meshed well together, which is a component a lot of other holiday movies struggle with. This baffles me as I fully expected Jeff, the love interest, to run off with Molly's male assistant. Although I really couldn't get past that feeling, they certainly were fantastic in their scenes together. I recommend this one.
  • SnoopyStyle25 July 2019
    Molly Hoffman has created a social app not for love but for business escort purposes. Matches agree to go to business Christmas events with each other. It's called Mingle All the Way. Her investors suggest that she use her own app before they put money into it. She keeps bumping into Jeff Scanlon who steals her Christmas present for her dad. Jeff is having trouble finding a Christmas date and he uses the app. The two combative busy business people get matched up.

    In order to make the premise work better, the investor should be the one setting her up with Jeff. Molly would be forced to make the pairing work with the investor following them around on their first date. I actually really like app idea and its potential for rom-com. The leads are fine Hallmark material. This is really straight forward as are most of the Hallmark movies. They truly don't have any drama. It does have the right sentiments. This is fine for those who love Hallmark specials.
  • I thought this was a good movie. I liked the cast and thought they worked well together.

    I picked this as part of my 100 christmas movies before Christmas day challenge which now makes it 18 movies watched.

    Would I watch this again? Yes. It was a good movie. Fun and romantic with the added bonus of Christmas.
  • 8/10 - fun Christmas flick that stands out in a Hallmark season of mediocrity
  • I think that Jeff (Brant Daugherty)'s sister forgot to add that he was looking for men on his "Mingle All The Way" profile. He should have dated Tyler (Casey Manderson) instead, they had far more chemistry than Jeff did with Molly. It would have been more believable that way. I could see her attraction to him, but he seemed to be there just for the Christmas activities and only interested in her as a friend.

    It's not a bad film though otherwise. It's kind of been done before with 'The Mistletoe Promise', but there aren't many of these films that haven't had the story replicated ten times over.

    Brant is gorgeous, which helped me to like this film and Casey is a real cutie too.

    There didn't seem to be any acting that stood out like a bad saw thumb and the settings, production and so on all seemed to work.

    It's just a shame that Brant is as camp as. . . Well Christmas! I still would though!
  • Just my personal view ...

    I really thought I would love this show. For one, I really enjoyed Jen Lilley in Harvest Moon and The Spirit of Christmas. She plays the lead romantic female role really well.

    And the cinematography was wonderful in this show. Beautiful scenery, brilliant Christmas decorations, lovely homes ... the story line is predictable but that is what we Hallmark fans want. A love story that is simple, simpler than most of our lives. So, I thought, I am going to love this show.

    Also, the script deserves congratulatory mention. Jeff did EVERYTHING any girl would want in a boyfriend, who wouldn't want a boyfriend like that right?

    Well ... not quite. I could not get past how effeminate Brant Daugherty's acting was in this movie. I had to google him and yes, he is married (to a woman). He is completely unbelievable as a romantic male lead in a hetero relationship. And what a pity! He is so tall and very handsome but his mannerisms ... if I were Jack McFarland (of Will and Grace), I would probably be in love with him.

    I won't be watching this show again. It made me feel really misplaced for the 1.5 hours it played.
  • frukuk7 December 2019
    Committed performances from Jen Lilley and Brant Daugherty and an inventive script.

    While I couldn't buy Jen Lilley's character as an app developer/entrepreneur (a fault in the script, rather than in Ms Lilley's performance), this was an interesting take on the haters-become-lovers theme.
  • TheDyingGirl19 September 2019
    If I were to rate the chemistry between the 2 leads I would say -10. OMG ! That guy was so fake and he over did it whenever he tried to seem interested and those veneers ggrrr. The chemistry between Molly's best friend and work mate would be -20 . All in all it was a bore. Could have been better. I think i read a book like this once .mmhhh
  • Though we knew the basic plot of this movie going in, and enjoy Jen Lilley very much, we were bewildered with the flow of the movie and how it seemed to fail getting us into the flow of what we were expecting. After about 20 minutes we took a quick pause and confirmed we had common issues, we went about 10 minutes more before throwing in the towel.

    I came here to see what others thought, and the four reviews so far seems to suggest we take another look at it. Unfortunately our DVR has a backlog of interesting Christmas movies, this one may have to wait.
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