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  • razvi200319 May 2019
    I had lot of expectation from this movie. There was nothing in the movie No story and bad performances. The director copied scenes from his previous ones.
  • If there is one movie where I feel the hero and the director need to be jailed for fraud against the consumers this is the movie , it is such a load of useless nonsense all wieved inn like a cheap wig being torn by hungry rats in a dark alley , this movie is so bad that I wished some bufflows would run over me and kill me , such a waste of money and time , pls never watch this movie , if played in TV also boycott such filth they call as cinema , Sivakarthikeyan is by far the most irritating face on screen , pls producers don't use such a waste fellow, the director needs to retire 20 years ago ! , Pls dont waste your God given time on this garbage
  • One would think that with so much talk films glorifying harassment would quietly reduce. But not in 2019, apparently. For once I want to watch : ▪ The actress as a successful businesswoman - Happy, proud and confident with no one to harass her. ▪ There's no song where the guy is "following" the actress all the time while she's trying sneak away. ▪ Guy asks out girl. She refuses. Both continue to have separate meaningful lives.
  • Omg! I expected a lot for this film but turns out that this movie is trash. I didnt know how i survived from beggining to end in the theater. Such a childish story, even i can become a writer and a director if Tamil cimena directs these types of film. We need a good story to spend our money and watch in theater. Comedy is not going to work all time. Sivakarthikeyan should learn that. The negative part is that he is COPYING VIJAY AND RAJINI. That is so obvious in every scene. I felt Seema Raja was better (thought that was bad too). While I was watching this movie, i remembered a stage show where Sivakarthikeyan is mocking Vijay for choosing worst script. Wow KARMA IS A BOOMERANG
  • Its a while that i don t see crap movies like this. It is a complete waste of time
  • This is a very poor use of your hard earned money and productive time. Nothing absolutely nothing a big zero with whole story, disoriented screenplay and painful music. Sivakartheyan completely fails and sucks in this movie and all the additional fall back comedians Yogi & Satish just like a some stitched up gimmick. The audience are taken for illiterate fools. Zero entertainment value.
  • Pls don't waste ur time and Money watching this movie
  • An usual idiotic Tamil cinema formula with tiring screenplay.
  • No story and bad execution. Tried to copy the concept of Mannan and a few other movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nothing to say don't waste your time. Nothing to say don't waste your time.
  • shriyavarun21 May 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Extremely boring. No jokes where laughable. Just waste of money
  • The movie is boring and has no comedy scenes. Please dont waste 155 mns on this
  • He thought he achieved a lot in film industry. Still he is a good actor even through he should work hard.This movie is totally a damn useless. Screenplay waste. Worst climax. No story at all.unfitted comedies. Its not a complete entertainment. Waste of money in watching in theaters.glazed movie. Waste of 2k19
  • anandbalanbs17 June 2019
    This movie is a waste of time and money.The film has nothing in it,worst comedies and worst story line with a bad performance from Sivakarthikeyan ,Nayanthara performance was okay but the movie overall is boring
  • Rajesh has no story to tell. dont ever direct film with SK . Sk need to choose the story other wise he will no where in Tamil industry .
  • A usual brainless entertainer. Music was good enough. The plot seemed like a copy of the movie: Mannan. The screenplay was not bad enough though the characterization could've been better. But, frankly, the director has given a good release after a very long time. It looks like a slump in SK's career though. Nayanthara has been wasted as expected.
  • It will be a miracle if you are still alive after watching this movie. I don't have an option to rate less than 1*, so pathetic.
  • A pakka rajesh formula a commercial entertainer with comedy fun that's all about the movie sk rajesh combo super for comedy audience general audience too like it hence it is a descent feel good movie
  • warrior0315 September 2019
    Took me 1 month to completely finish watching movie. How long is rajesh going to do the sister and mother sentiment. Only reason for 3 star was for sivakarethiyan and yogi babu comedy. But with the old lady nayanthara over acting minus 1 star . So 2 star only. Nayanthara retire before u act as sivakarthieyan anni or amma soon.
  • daveabilash-425451 September 2019
    How could someone like Sk act n such a meaningless movie .... such a waste in his career...
  • ak-3838917 May 2019
    Must watch ,best family entertainment movie ... Once again sk prove itself
  • Nayanthara performance is just over the top while Sivakarthikeyan role is also nice but just not really top.the film contains twists and other element where will make you think what is actually going on and then at the end it happens.....
  • I really enjoy the movie as like the varthapaddatha valibar sanggam, which full of the comedy scene. Actually i kinda relieved after rajesh director which previous movie not much enjoyable.. gud job to entire team MR.Local... hope ur guys enjoy also except the haters....🤣🤣
  • This movie is very cheesy BUT it was very funny and entertaining! You will come out of the theatre with a smile on your face .If u are expecting a fun experience ..this is the Right movie! If you are a very critical movie logic person ...this is not the movie for you.