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  • toccristi9323 January 2020
    So i watched this movie at its premiere in London and i didn't went with any expectations as I've never heard of the director and so on. Even though i guess is a low budget feature film (where you can see it from a technical pov), it didn't think tue same from a story pov (which is its plus). At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what equipment do you use but the emotions you send.

    Overall i recommend it if you want to support the young community of directors who aspire to bigger things.
  • johnnnw20 October 2019
    Solid characters and narrative arch. The subject can be viewed as rather dark at times but the film is sprinkled with genuine little human moments of comic relief. As opposed to much of the heavy, catharsis fuelled Eastern European indie cinema scene, this one has a sense of humour. Growing up there I see a lot of underlying themes of toxic masculinity, repressed anger and emotional struggles that I personally witnessed within the men of that generation. Definitely worth a watch.
  • Interesting view on broken relationships, fatherly love and childhood dreams in a modern Romania. I think the archetypes of the drunk father and the broken son are really well played. The kind of movie you'll maybe want to watch twice.
  • danstnsc11 January 2020
    I couldn't help myself to loose a few minutes to write this review. The acting is so bad that it is almost impossible to find an analogy to describe it. it is painful to watch, like something scratching your brain. This kind of acting makes the story irrelevant. I can't stop wondering who funded this movie???? In many cases, romanian films are funded by the ministry of arts. If this is the case here, i consider this movie a waste of tax payers money.

    ps The fact that there are so few reviews, so many positive ones , makes me believe that who wrote them is in the circle of the people which made this "movie" . Don't let yourself fool by it!
  • cosmin74200022 December 2019
    A miserable movie with lot a vulgar vocabulary.......................