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  • The UK team of director/photographer Dick Bush and star Danny D have been providing tons of interesting Adult content in recent years, but tend to slack off and just hand in the minimum to both keep busy and keep the Wolf from their doors. I don't have an acquaintance with what this "parody" for Digital Playground is ripping off, but it results in little more than an all-sex video with some brief fantasy moments tossed in.

    With a crummy white wig and sporting a five o'clock shadow, Mr. D not only directs but casts himself as a monster hunter, sort of a destitute man's Van Helsing. Intead of Kate Beckinsale we get an equally beautiful British lass Ella Hughes in the lead role of a sorceress who assigns DD to end some curse dealing with a ghost (the lovely Clea Gaultier, who like Ella recently starred to great effect for Marc Dorcel).

    He's sent to another sorceress, the distinctive new American star Olive Glass (not styled with her usual trademark bangs hair style, but certainly banged to a fare-thee-well by Danny) to get a spell and magic potion for his cock. He rubs the red liquid all over his dick (hmm, it looks just like masturbating in some Playgirl/Wicked stroker vignette) and is ready to do sexual battle with Clea's ghost.

    From my description it appears there's a germ of a story line and quest involved here, but Danny makes little sense of it, anxious instead to use the vehicle as an opportunity to be the only cock in the hen house, so to speak. Except for a lesbian scene provided for Olive & Ella to get to know each other a lot better (working on different continents I suspect they had not met previous to this shoot), Danny and his massive member handle all the heterosexual humping in the show - a decision that is self-defeating as his mannerisms and positions (emphasizing a stand-up doggystyle one) prove repetitive.

    There's a brief sword fight action scene in which DD defeats Clarke Kent and Max Deeds (why these studs weren't put to work in sex footage is more than an oversight), replete with a crummy moment of gore provided by the stateside Digital Playground FX and post-production crew. And lovely Sophia Knight (Danny's regular production aide) and Ella Dearest pop up in merely eye candy NonSex roles.

    I only wish that DD had ceded more authority to d.p. Bush and opted for a rehash of those delightfully chintzy Hammer productions featuring Peter Cushing or Andre Morell -not the famous Hammers but the assembly line ones.