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  • shawlaw14 September 2019
    I kept watching this. I don't know why...maybe some kind of masochistic self hate?

    The plot? Terrible. The main characters? Terrible. The secondary characters? Especially terrible (I'm looking at you, Warden). The dialogue? TERRIBLE. WHY? Why did I keep watching this? Why wasn't it better? Who made this? Can we stop them from ever making something again? Terrible. Just terrible. I truly cannot believe I finished it. It doesn't get better. It just doesn't.
  • heyweirdoa16 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Within minutes of the first episode, I realized what a dumpster fire this show was. 1) can we all just agree that you don't have to have a southern accent to be from the south? Especially if you can't do one properly. *I'm looking at you, Kate Bosworth* 2) there's ZERO reason for 2 women to wake up with NO memory and be so nasty to each other for no reason. Real women WAIT for a good reason to hate you. 3) you wake up on an island with no memory with a bunch of strangers and the first thing you do is go swimming? 4) it's so very easy to see exactly why they're all on this island together in the first episode, I'm confused why they didn't know that. 5) I've seen better acting from an essential oils salesman. 6) but, if you like to sleep with the TV on, this is perfect background noise.
  • mquirozv12 September 2019
    Certainly this money could've been used for season 3 of The OA. Just Awful.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So, you wake up on an island, you wear the same clothes, there are like 10 of you and all of you don't remember anything and your decision is to basically say "yeah whatever, let's go swimming!" Then you discover that there are 39 steps between all the spots where you have been awaken, and if you multiply this number by the amount of your group. You go there and you see a sign that says "find your way back". Your reaction? "It's all a coincidence"

    Never have I seen such moronic, selfish, un-relatable characters.

    And by the way, the politics where just drizzling on me through the screen. Horrible men, suffering women, school shootings...

    It's all just very very bad!
  • sound_republic13 September 2019
    The shows first few episodes were poorly scripted but I persevered. By episode 3 it starts to pick up and the plot starts to develop and you start to think things will get better until the twist at the end feels like a slap to the face. If you like getting slapped in the face watch this series.
  • So Netflix price has went up £2.00 again in the UK They cancel great films and series, then make this... Really???

    They had a fun show like Santa Clarita Diet, but cancelled it.

    Use our money to get top actors and great writers, then I wont mind paying a premium.

    Poor show Netflix
  • Somehow, all the worst possible actors and actresses end up on the same island in this Netflix series. If that's not enough, they all react to situations in the exact opposite manner a normal human would. I'm still confused as to how Netflix put their name on this?
  • Sicballs12 September 2019
    Poor acting, poor direction, and ridiculous dialogue. The characters are completely unlikeable and unrelatable. I don't see this show going anywhere, tbh.
  • Awful dialogue, no likable characters and not intriguing enough to wait for mystery reveal.
  • I don't know what's going on, but this is the second new Netflix show (after Another Life) that's basically unwatchable because of the thoroughly unlikeable characters. The premise seemed exciting and I normally give a new show some time to find it's footing, but there isn't a single person on this show that isn't acting like a total brat or idiot, definitely not spending another minute with these people. Too bad, Netflix is definitely missing some decent sci-fi and mystery content.
  • BjarneMadox14 September 2019
    This is so bad that it's going to be studied by future generations. It's completely mind-boggling that something like this can be made in 2019. I'm impressed!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was looking forward to this show. I was sorely disappointed. 1) Woman fights three men, knocks them all out, then a woman knocks her out with a stick. What!? 2) A known violent woman is being escorted around a prison UNCUFFED. Knocks out all four guards. What!? 3) Same woman is talking to the warden of the prison UNCUFFED. Hits the warden in the mouth. What!? 4) Same woman being driven to another part of the prison UNCUFFED. Overtakes the guard, knocks him out, and jumps out the open back of the truck. What!? 5) After someone is randomly attacked by a shark, someone says, "I have a bad feeling about this." Really!? After a while, when a show starts ignoring common sense details, it makes me feel that the writers think we're stupid and that we'll eat whatever garbage they feed us. It's actually insulting. Soon, we WILL be stupid if we continue paying Netflix for this kind of stuff. Whatever Netflix paid for this, they paid too much. That guy that does the Cinema Sins channel on YouTube should start doing Netflix shows, for real.
  • rigger-8755612 September 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's like lost but with no thought into the script. To start, everyone has amnesia but they somehow know exactly what type of personality that have. And with these personalities we have the same old steriotypes as your general low budget college horror movie. It's absurd that people mysteriously wake up on a deserted island with strangers and think hey, let's have fun and go for a swim.... Yeah but nah, giving this train crash a miss.
  • It's genuinely mind boggling that people are willing to invest money to produce this show.
  • Keep wasting your money on this type of garbage and you wont last another 2 years. There is alot of competition in the form of digital content and no one will want to put up with garbage. They put one one good show for every 30 they produce. Bye bye blockbuster...uh i mean Netflix
  • jsucie18 September 2019
    After watching all 7 episodes in one day, this made me wonder "what was the point of making this?" This could have had a lot of potential but tried to hard to not be like "Lost" that it comes off as a cheap movie version of Lost. I think all the writers that were fired on Lost all got together, came up with all the ideas that didn't work, found the one executive in charge of programming at Netflix that never saw a single episode of Lost & convinced them to fund it. They even write in some blatant references to Lost in the first episode.

    This show could have been done far more enticing things if it had been expanded to 13 episodes. They really could have amped up the mystery of what was happening if they had actual time to expand the whole story. Instead they give away all the mystery by the 4th episode and after that there was no point for the last 3.

    Very disappointing for what it is and what it could have been.
  • I really wanted to like this show because the premise sounded so good, but the dialogue and acting is just terrible. What a disappointment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Is this a joke? A bunch of people wakes up in a desert island without knowing who they are, where they are and how they can survive. Nobody freaks out. Instead they sunbathe, they take a swim and flirt a little. This is episode 1. I couldn't watch more. Dear Mr Netflix stop producing this garbage. Please.
  • hurcanemre-7788414 September 2019
    See, i don't remember where but i remember reading somewhere for chaos to build up the characters need to give wrong unexpected decisions. I guess that's the motto of this series. But it is applying it wrong, really wrong. I guess this is what happens when the creators are not down to earth and trying to create "art" rather than being familiar. Every decision the characters make are laughable. Every act they proceed is unfamiliar and unreal. The four i gave is for the crew that had to work on that conditions.
  • The first 2,episodes have Alex Pettyfyr prancing about in i'll fitting trousers and I guess he wanted a big role because the pace is slow enough without being sidelined by this assault story. TV has to move fast and by the time the characters begin to form dimensions you've long since stopped caring anyway. The characters being the usual mix you'd find in any teen slasher flick. the dialogue takes a stab at a certain naturalness- often feeling improvised as scenes can go on and on with bickering and questionable justifications. In the end it's okaaaay but it's full of the oddest montages, bizarre reasoning, suddenly changing motivations, weird long tangents - just hmmmm -
  • brettmeloni-4281415 October 2019
    This is awful. However I don't blame the writers or the actors. There was some great talent in the cast that have done amazing work in other roles. And the concept behind it all is great. The direction is what killed this. I didn't get through a single episode without wanting to set myself on fire rather than keeping watching. Give this a miss, and when they tell you in school "don't worry, it gets better." They said that before this was made - so it doesn't apply in this instance.
  • You might THINK you want to watch this. Maybe you miss Lost... or maybe you like bad... I mean REALLY bad TV. This show is kind of like seeing the Room but with better looking production values. But the dialog is as bad, the acting is as bad. It's just not as much fun as The Room. There are some truly hilariously memorable moments. A woman shooting a guy in the stomack with a flare gun that goes straight through his body (not possible) but as he falls onto his back, he's not even really bleeding... As amusing as this is, it's not worth wasting your time on. How is it possible that Neil Labute's name is attached to this? Go watch Billy and Billie if you want to see how brilliant he truly is.
  • The acting is terrible, The script is laughable and the main character you just want to die. Alex pfyfer who I saw in I am number Four which I loved thought could carry this show but no he does not because nothing could ever save this poor excuse of a show
  • arc-6771113 September 2019
    Acting is wooden.. I expected more out of Petyfer, Bosworth, and Martinez.. The dialog is moronic.. 10 people with no memory of who they are meet and immediate drama insues.. The island setting is beautiful, but that is the only saving grace of this mess.. It starts stupid and gets worse from there.. All this from the makers of Stranger Things, amazing..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off, the acting will make you chuckle. The scenes with Chase's mother hamming it up are chuckle vision. Second, the prosthetics. The blood and gore are halloween horror nights. Wait till you see the burnt face. More laughs. Then there is the story line. Trys to be a clever interwoven edgy thriller but swiftly turns into pythonesque comedy gold. Watch it for the laughs. Look out for the scene where chase is sparring with another woman and you can hear the punch sound effects even though she's not hitting anything.
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