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  • It's Tampa 1984. 17 year old Lisa McVey lives with her grandmother who pimps her out to her boyfriend. Her mother is a horrible drunk. She works nights at a donut shop. While riding her bicycle home, she is kidnapped and raped over the weekend. With cunning and a lie about her dying father, her kidnapper eventually releases her. At first, nobody believes her. The cops suspect that she's lying and they're pre-occupied with a serial killer on the loose. Police detective Larry Pinkerton (David James Elliott) is the one who finally realizes that she's telling the truth.

    I was expecting something much less from Lifetime. The kidnapping and rape is brutal. The disbelief is even more harrowing. In many ways, those are the climatic scenes. After that, the movie is pretty standard. The acting is great. The young actress is compelling. I really only dislike the hazy glowing lighting and TV movie style. It needs better production to give it a darker sensibility. It can't really escape its TV movie genetics. The first half is tense and the second half is a good wrap up of a cop show. This is based on the true story of serial killer Bobby Joe Long and survivor Lisa McVey.
  • An intriguing story to say the least ... a very hard to swallow story to watch. Thankfully the movie does not delve on and does not linger around on the really upsetting scenes that happen. Since this is a true story, it is even more incredible. You may know or guess where this is going, but the way it unfolds and the things we learn ... it's quite something! The movie manages to hold your attention for sure - and the empathy level we have is quite high.

    The actors involved are really good ... and I was on the edge of my seat. I have a thing for things that are morally right ... or justice in general. I know this really got to me ... quite the extraordinary story!
  • BandSAboutMovies28 December 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Lisa McVey (Katie Douglas) left a bad home situation with her mother to live in Tampa with her grandmother, but within a few weeks she was being abused by Morris, her grandmother's boyfriend, and then abducted by Bobby Joe Long. Even worse, her grandmother just assumed that she ran away and wasn't in any danger.

    Bobby (Russif Sutherland, the half brother of Keifer) holds Lisa bound and blindfolded - much like the nine other women he'd already killed - continually assaulting her while she gains his trust by asking him about other women and then leaving behind as much evidence as she can, touching everything in his apartment and even pulling out her hair and hiding it all over the place. She also begins memorizing everything she can.

    Finally, when she escapes - pleading for her life when Bobby wants to shoot her in the head in the woods - Morris and her grandmother beat her for five hours before calling the police. Luckily, her case is assigned to Sergeant Larry Pinkerton (David James Elliot, who made your grandmother and aunts feel all tingly when he was on JAG), who is one of the few people who believes in her.

    Amazingly, this true story ends with McVey becoming a deputy sergeant in Sex Crimes, working to protect children from the terror that she survived. As for Bobby, he was arrested outside a movie theater and was executed in prison via lethal injection in 2019.

    Airing on Showcase in Canada and Lifetime in the U. S., this is a pretty frightening story even in TV movie format. I can't believe that McVey made it and was able to lead such a positive life after.
  • neil-47621 June 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    A 17 year old from a broken, abusive background is kidnapped by a serial rapist/murderer. Calling on all the "skills" she learned during her troubled upbringing, she talks herself through her irdeal and even persuades him to release her. Not everyone believes her, but her knowledge of undiscosed facts relevant to the case finally bring her credibility, and she provides information crucial to the capture and conviction of the killer.

    This true story is well adapted with a more or less unknown cast doing a great job across the board. It is in many ways a seedy and depressing story if it were not for its heart, the way the astonishing Lisa McVey rose above her bad upbringing and the vile crime she suffered so that she was never a victim. An incredible story of an incredible girl (and woman).
  • A girl is kidnaped and raped while blindfolded but when she is released no one believes her except a cop played by David James Elliot.

    Her family members are unbelievable. Her freaking grandma and Mother are worse than the perp! Allowing her to be abused.

    The actress is sweet and acts well. Things get interesting when they start to solve the crime.

    Worth watching.
  • Believe Me: The Abuction Of Lisa McVey is a tv-movie. It looks absolutely like a tv-movie but for once it wasn't that bad. What was bad is what that girl had to live through, certainly the part with her family, even more than the actual abduction. To me the grandmother and mother should also be in prison but that's another story. As for the abduction story itself, apparently based on a true story, it's just hard to believe it all happened like that. Maybe everybody was stupid around her, family and police included, and maybe she's the only smart person in that town, but it's just hard to believe. There's a certain suspense to the story what makes it interesting to watch. The acting is at tv-movie level, so nothing exceptional but not mediocre either. All in all for a tv-movie it's worth a watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey" is a made-for-television film based on a true story that genuinely feels believable. It tells the harrowing saga of a courageous young woman, who, in the face of no support from those around her, is able to rise above her circumstances and become both a survivor and a hero.

    The early part of the film is hard to take in the brutal kidnapping and captivity of Lisa by a serial killer. But because Lisa is already an incest survivor, she uses her skills to meticulously record details about the kidnapper that will lead to his arrest.

    The family conditions of Lisa were horrendous with both a mother and grandmother who were uncaring and exploited a child beyond belief. The abuse was staggering to contemplate. The three police officers who questioned Lisa were not much better, as they believed that her attention to detail was a sign that she was fabricating her story. It was only Detective Larry Pinkerton who recognized that Lisa was telling the truth and that she could lead the police to the serial killer.

    The actress playing Lisa was terrific. There was salient moment when Lisa was captive and staring at herself in the mirror. She spoke the words aloud, "Don't give up." That was her mantra that led to her survival. When apprehended, the serial killer could only admit, "she was special."

    The film's denouement was effective in depicting Lisa reconnecting with her sister Lorrie and being cared for by her loving Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim. There was a nice touch at the end of the film when the real Lisa McVey appears on camera in her job on a police force. The essence of the film was Lisa as a force of nature who was able to pull herself up by her bootstraps and become what Detective Larry Pinkerton calls our "number one hero."
  • I thank my lucky stars to have been brought up by two hard working and loving parents. Although my own childhood and my four (4) siblings were brought up in a loving home with clean clothes and hot meals and much attention, some of our neighborhood friends were not so lucky. I realized at an early age what a neglected child who is continually traumatized can end up living a life much like Lisa McVey must have went through. I found the troubled childhood of Lisa McVey real and disturbing.

    I give much credit to the actors who brought much realism to this fact based true life story. Those negative reviewers need to lighten up and realize how difficult it is for both the writer and director to encapsulate a harrowing real life child's drawn out trauma over multiple years into a 90 minute crime/drama made for TV movie.

    Not all movies are meant to entertain but instead, to bring awareness to a particular horrible crime(s) such as murder, sexual child abuse, incest, kidnapping and/or rape. As for this film, the perpetrator, Bobby Joe Long, was convinced by his latest young victim Lisa McVey, to release her.

    Lisa McVey now an adult, works in law enforcement and Bobby Joe Long was sentenced to death. Real life story. Real life drama. Real life outcomes. I give this made for TV film a highly deserving 7 out of 10 IMDB rating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In 1984,17 year old Lisa McVey is abducted by a 30 plus male who keeps her in an isolated apartment and sexually assaults her, if she doesn't do what he tells her to do he would kill her.

    Now Lisa must use reverse psychology to lure her rapist and escape. But will the police force or her family believe her story?.

    The acting is good for a made for TV movie,the story is very good yet disturbing to watch and overall I enjoyed it. I was shocked by the treatment Lisa got from her family except her sister. Her grandmother didn't believe her when her boyfriend assaulted Lisa and her mother didn't care about her at all as she was drinking all the time not caring about Lisa.

    In real life Lisa is now a cop and a motive speaker for domestic abuse. It was This Morning (a TV talk show here in the UK and broadcasted in Ireland) that introduced me to Lisa McVey and her remarkable story.
  • This is a made for tv movie about the abduction of a young girl and her amazing ability to keep cool. This is based on a true story.

    Lisa McVey lives a life that is overflowing with adversity but she has a strength that keeps her hopeful for her and her younger sister. While she lives with her grandmother and her sister is living with her mother, she is being sexual abused by her grandmother's live in boyfriend. She works at a small doughnut shop and even the money she makes is being taken away by her grandmother's boyfriend. Her mother and grandmother both know what is going on but seem to be indifferent to the situation.

    After leaving the doughnut shop after a late shift, she is abducted, raped and taken to her rapist's home. There he continues to abuse her but she does her best to play along and begins to manipulate his emotions. He finally reaches a point where he is ready to dispose of her but she manages to convince him to spare her life. In the long run, this will be the saving grace in all aspects of her life and his downfall.

    This is a great story. Kudos to McVey. She did an amazing job and most likely saved a lot of lives in the long run. You know, they say that you never know your own strength until strength is your only option. This is a testament to that.

    The quality of this seems like it may have been a Lifetime movie. I don't know for sure but I don't have a problem with Lifetime movies so that's not an issue for me. The lead actress did a great job in my opinion. I think that movies based in reality have a stronger impact on me. I appreciate the small miracles that are happening all around us on a daily basis yet we never knew they were there.

    It is a great story. The script and quality are made for tv so this isn't an epic film with a huge budget. It was worth watching for me though.
  • This is one serious, sad, and suffering movie. It's about reality, crime, victims, loss of moral and virginity, and all the worst you could imagine these days, the only worst being extraordinary scenarios like accidents and wars. Its combination of documentary and crime+thriller. In beginning there us lack of intro, history, motive, explanation...that's why its missing 2 stars in my rating. But towards ending it gets better. Also this is one movie based on real life case, almost everything same, but of course no movie can exactly replicate real life scenario exactly. In beginning I did not like too obvious and boring talk and behavior of victim, and unexplained behavior of perpetrator. This girl's talk was so making me angry and bored, seemed like excessive and unneeded words. But overall story and ending and lesson is good. Its motivational, inspirational, gives insight. Lesson is to be more careful for environment, people, crime, evidence, moral, protection, religion, and safety. To always have some backup plan, support, solution. To never give up. This movie also teaches us that most bad things happen from the inside, such as dysfunctional family or childhood. It gives us feeling of helplessness and weakness too. That is so bad to feel!
  • The fact this isn't a very popular film I didn't really have any expectations going into it. However I was massively impressed, it's fully a class film. Some of the scenes are genuinely hard to watch and it's actually disturbing this is a true story. I also was mind blown at her skills and mindset. It was a great insight into lisa mcveys disappearance. If that was me in that situation I'd 100% be dead, she was so smart it was fun to watch.
  • This isn't an Oscar winning movie, it's more of a TV movie but it's definitely worth a watch. It's based on real events and that's what makes it so amazing. Lisa McVey and Detective Larry Pinkerton are both heroes! She for not only surviving such a horrific event but also using it to help others and he for being such a good detective and actually doing his job (not a trivial matter). Some reviewers were disappointed with the acting but I thought it was ok. Again, it's not an Oscar winner but I strongly recommend giving it a shot.
  • If this wasn't a true story I would have stopped after 20 minutes. The acting was really bad - and even when they girl was meant to be distraught and crying she had no tears and her eyes weren't red.

    It felt really low budget. The real life story is horrible but they could have done it much better justice.
  • ewgers5 June 2021
    Katie Douglas was absolutely superb in this true story .Totally endearing, playing the part of Lisa McVey. Some disturbing scenes but she totally convinces from start to finish.
  • Parts of this were very harrowing, and the courage displayed by the main character was astounding. The script and concept are great, and the ending had me in tears. Though it would be much better if it were grittier and directed with more flare. It has a strong TV movie feel, is very clinical and the direction is plain. Both sound editing and score are held back way too much. The casting and acting by the protagonist and primary antagonist are spot on though, well done with getting these two for the film. Thanks for teaching us about courage.
  • Went into this not knowing anything, which is probably the best way to do it as what unfolds turned out to be a nice surprise,

    As others have said.. the acting and script.. especially the main police guy.. it truly awful and almost ruins a really good story,

    def worth a watch if your curious.
  • tomfsloan13 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    It it weren't true it would be corny. But it was true and that girl is very admirable. Lisa overcame a lousy life and became a real hero. The movie was paced well and the acting was very good. A few loose ends I missed, whatever became of the stepfather? Were there any consequences for the several cops who showed initial disbelief? I was annoyed when the one cop had the bad guy on the fake traffic stop but let him go. But what annoys me most is why is this guy still alive???
  • I usually avoid 'Made for TV' films at all costs. They tend to be poorly written, poorly acted and poorly produced over all.

    This film blew me away. It was somewhat hard to watch knowing it's a true story, but this is unbelievably well acted. I'd never heard of any of the cast members, but the Protagonist, Katie Douglas was just incredible. If this woman doesn't become a huge star, there's something seriously wrong in Hollywood. Her performance was one of the best leading roles i've seen in quite some time. The emotion and feeling she exuded was what took this film from 'good' to 'excellent'.

    The supporting cast done their bit too mind you, this was an all round effort.

    The story itself is heartbreaking. This woman, Lisa McVey has strength and courage beyond that which any human should possess. To come through the ordeals she has and continue to help others suffering similar treatment is an inspiration. This woman is a true super hero.

    This is a must watch film.
  • Although the filmed was shot in the dark for obvious reasons (low budget) and the makeup worn didn't match to the year, also the girl was far more attractive than the actual girl, plus the trouble she was having at home was made up, the film is remarkably good. It excels in comparison to the modern versions and the trash that America throws at us. I truth story regardless of the era in which is is set, where the use of tech wasn't what it is now and social media wasn't around to bring us up to speed (or fabrication) the film does portray the story really well. The girls had to use her brain which lacks with most girls her age and to catch the bad guy she was the main reason. The thing is this man was convicted of ten different counts of murder. A really good movie.
  • ingamazonaite15 August 2021
    Good movie based on real events.

    It's for one watch, probably not for watching twice. Or to be on favourites list.

    I gave 7* for being based on real events.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Because this was a true story it makes it so surreal . The story of 17yr old Lisa Mcvey who had the most terrible childhood upbringing to be abducted by a serial killer . What she went through you couldn't imagine but the 17yr old memory for detail was incredibly amazing . Watch this and you will not be disappointed. An amazing 17yr old whose life was brutal but this had changed her life for the better .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow what a film, Lisa McVey is a superhero a true inspiration of strength, courage, resilience and hope. A young woman who fought against the odds to survive and the police detective that actually believed her.. the two of them were the reason this sick serial killer was captured and killed! A must see for us all! Thank you Lisa for sharing your story with us, I cried most of the film and was so happy to see you at the end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The one thing I was absolutely astonished about this film was not the fact that it was truly based on a real life incident of 17 year old Lisa McVey, but the fact that she was played by Katie Douglas as she immersed herself in the part, where she won an acting award. I literally never heard about this actress until I watched this movie, which was based on true events, which entailed that on the night of November 3, 1984, Lisa was riding home on her bike from her job at the ice cream parlour, when a man abducted her and threw her in his car. It wasn't until later that she learned he was Billy Joe Long (Rosif Sutherland), a sadistic serial killer who tortured women. He blindfolded Lisa and tied her up and held her for 26 hours at gunpoint and raped her over and over again. This movie and the whole premise got me angry how killers like this are getting away with it. It was really an eye-opener. David James Elliot from the show JAG was supporting actor.
  • It is beyond me how her family just didn't care, truly heart breaking. Thank goodness for the dilligent cop who believed her. Very good performances all round. Tense and upsetting due to its content but very watchable. What an incredibly brave, intelligent and strong young lady. I truly hope her life has been nothing but happiness ever since.
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