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  • psensey28 March 2020
    Very biased, Syrian School and hypernormalization both were far more balanced. Expected better from bbc. More facts less judgmental.
  • u-emoli10 November 2018
    This BBC documentary clearly describes the chilling and shocking saga of the Assad's family dictatorship and how it destroyed an entire country while killing over a million civilians. Truly heartbreaking and scary.The parallel description of Assad's glamorous wife is also intriguing. This documentary will give shivers down your spine and make you hate the world.
  • I watch the news of what is happening in the Middle East and despair. It was beyond my comprehension until I watched this three part series.

    The House of Assad documentary tells the story of the family. Mother, father, three sons and a daughter. We learn how an introverted London trained doctor, Bashar Assad, came to power in Syria and became a mass murderer and monster.

    The story has elements of Hamlet, King Lear and Macbeth. Now we need this documentary to be made into a 3 act play. A challenge that the Royal Shakespeare Company or National Theatre could do justice to.