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  • lor_10 October 2018
    British director Gazzman evidently spent a week in Chatsworth cranking out this dreadful program, released by his main stomping ground label Bluebird Films.

    Making it virtually unwatchable for me was guest Eli Cross (aka Bryn Pryor), that industry hanger-on who for some reason was hired to pontificate about porn as filler between sex vignettes. He ridicules the actresses, notably Tanner Mayes, but his put-on put-downs are just as full of b.s. as his fount of wisdom styled pronouncements. For example, he defends the current porn party line supporting gonzo content, spouting the usual "chemistry" and "hot scenes" cliches.

    A favorite actress of mine, Jayden Lee, likewise pops up briefly to introduce a scene, when I would much rather have Gazzman hired her for XXX action instead. Sharon Lee fills her "exotic" slot in the cast, which includes nothing performances from big names like Celeste Star and Chastity Lynn. Tony DeSergio keeps popping up as the stud in scene after scene.