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  • First of all, don't listen to all the brainless ratings giving this one one or two stars, calling it garbage or awful. This is not a sequel to any "Wrong Turn" movies, it is a reboot. That doesn't have to mean that everything is the same as in the former installments.

    And you know what? I actually commend the filmmakers for taking a different approach this time. Unfortunately, some seem to be that well-trained at accepting the same story with every reboot that they can't understand how someone can get a bit more creative for a change.

    Don't get me wrong - this is not a great movie. Some would argue that it's not even a good one, but all I know is that this is at least watchable, unlike so many reboots and remakes - or Captain Marvel.

    There is actually a lot happening, even if the film slows down a little too much at times. But the cinematography good, the soundtrack a bit generic but decent, the acting mostly pretty good - and there are some pretty gruesome deaths to behold, although never in a voyeuristic way.

    Forget about the original and open yourself up for something new, I'd say. Give this one a chance and take the wrong turn.
  • This movie wasn't awful, to me at least. People seem upset about it because it is being marketed as a remake of the original movie. I have never seen the original so I can't compare however I do know that it is extremely different.

    I actually think that would have solved a big chunk of the complaints if they had just called it a different name. Not wrong turn. It seems distinct enough for it to be its own thing.

    For me, I appreciated the "twist" because it was refreshing. The way they handled it however was the issue. This movie was being pulled six ways from Sunday in every direction. It's is an absolute mess.

    It tires to Villainise it's protagonists while making it's villains look good but then chickens out and just scraps it all for a boring story. It has really interesting ideas in here that it just puts out to die. I actually think that the big reveal in the middle of the fun should have been the end. It would have been a real guy punch and really shocking.

    Speaking of endings, Jesus Christ this film has about 5. Mid way though the first act seems like a climax and I was like "no this can't be the end yet it's just started", then again the second act seems like a climax but where was still so much time left. Then you get to the real climax in the third act and it ends...oh no wait it doesn't it goes on again. So then it has this other ending tacked on but no wait that wasn't the real ending either so it carries on again then it finally has its ending and the title card appears....then it still goes on and had another final scene Immediately after the title card shows. That is just insane to me. It was just so structurally bizarre.

    Even the beginning is strange and feels out of place and should be moved to else where in the movie.

    This issue also reflects in the run time, this movie is too long for this sort of story. I think they just didn't want to cut things. There is so much that could have just been left on the floor but they wanted it all in, that's why it has 100 endings because I think they thought they were all too good to throw out.

    You could maybe watch it but don't expect it to be like the others in the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It doesn't even feel part of the Wrong Turn franchise, and everything that made the original decent is clearly absent here. Truly dreadful and it feels more like a Wrong Turn 7, an abysmal sequel that should never have been made more than a worthwhile reboot. If there is an opportunity for anyone to erase this from existence I really hope they do. Epic fail. But I'll try and give you one example of the terrible writing of this film. So one of the protagonists brutally bashes in one of the faces of these guys thinking they've killed his girlfriend. She turns up alive and well, so realizing their mistake decide in true horror movie fashion they're not going to say anything or go to the police when they make their way out and home. Did they forget one of their friends just had their faces crushed by a falling log 5 minutes earlier? What's their plan? To just go home and pretend like that didn't happen? Maybe just brush that off and make out like they never knew him or something? Terrible, lazy writing in an awful film. This is one example of a film, I mean you can like it on a personal level that's absolutely your choice. But there is no question whatsoever that this is objectively a terrible movie. There were many many things that made no sense.
  • Scott Shaw (Matthew Modine) is searching for his missing daughter Jen who was hiking the Appalachian Trail with her friends. The small town locals don't seem to care. Six weeks earlier, Jen and her five young friends suddenly get a flat tire. They arrive at the small town to start their hike and it goes downhill from there.

    The kids are unprepared and a bit annoying. The rooting interest is a little thin. These characters get less and less appealing. One of them should be over-prepared and the movie can play around with that. They already touch on it with the girl changing the tire. It can add a scene where a character lays out the props with the possibility of them being used later in the movie. The first half is basic horror-in-the-woods movie. The characters are rather iffy. They're dumber than they should be. They are presented as smart young urbanites but a couple of the guys are as dumb as movie frat guys. The second half becomes a cult torture horror movie. It's better when the characters stop being so dumb. It's more interesting with a couple of interesting ideas. It does some really interesting stuff. If only the first half is as good, this would be one to build upon.
  • Why name a movie that has NOTHING to do with the original? Just call it something else.
  • I'm a big fan of Wrong Turn series, I think they're quite good B-slasher movies. So, I was ready to watch at least something decent. I was wrong. This movie has nothing to do with Wrong turn. If the movie was called The hills have rednecks, nothing had change. The movie is bland, the script unoriginal and full of cliches and the acting is extremely amateurish. Even the Fx's are bad. So, if you're a fan of the original Wrong turn movies or good slashers avoid this one.
  • RobTheWatcher27 February 2021
    I'm very much a fan of the Wrong Turn franchise and that's why this movie pains me so badly. Awful acting, stupid decision making all sprinkled in with 2021 political and social justice related undertones. I gave this a 5 simply due to my love for the franchise and concept. An absolute failure
  • Should have just called this movie "The Foundation" lost respect for the writer trying to pass it off as a reboot. It's really a separate movie with no significant tie in.
  • This film is completely different to the original Wrong turn. It's gory,a few jump scares and a good stand alone horror film! Don't listen to the bad reviews see it for yourself.
  • But this is a totally different animal! The ending made the movie for me. Last 30-40 minutes was awesome, and exactly what I wanted out of the it. Just based on the description on the blu ray cover, I walked in knowing this is a different premise than the original series. I've always liked the concept of mountain men. The idea that there are people hiding out around forests, living off the land is fascinating. Maybe don't watch if you like camping remote areas and get creeped out easily. But I'd recommend this movie to most people who enjoy horror/thriller movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    But this was no teddy bear picnic for anyone in the woods today. Where to start, because certainly this film was a mixed bag, you've got some truly gruesome scenes, but the in between scenes do get a little slow, though this reboot does give a new take on the original franchise, replacing inbred hillbilly's with the foundation, who are basically a cult from pre civil war. The film was certainly enjoyable but the moments where the film kinda stalls has made me reflect more over the film itself. I would probably recommend this film as really for a horror film and for being a new take on the wrong turn series it definitely lived up to these points, but what bothered me were the slow points and the ending bit with the dream like sequence, if we'd cut the dream sequence before the actual ending I would have been happy. I would definitely have to say this reboot was welcome, I'm torn however over the star rating, whether a 6 or a 5.5, these are the moments I wish half stars were an option. Still all the same I would say to fans to check it out, see for yourself, and enjoy, have some popcorn kick back to a good horror.
  • Movie had a decent narrative and the composer did a great job, but the acting was horrible, the direction was mediocre but the dialog shows how self entitled this generation is, brutal to watch completely and im 32 🤷
  • This reboot and the seventh installment of the series starts with the similar premise where a group of friends go hiking in the Appalachian Trail and inspite of being warned not to wander off, they find themselves captured by a very violent and hostile community of people who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years.

    I saw this without watching the trailer or reading anything bah it. I first thot that it might be the usual inbred cannibals eating human flesh and killing trekkers and city fellas but got pleasantly surprised. It has some brutal kills, tension filled moments but zero nudity. Daisy Head shud have been given more footage. I found her very hot due to her pouty lips and Angelina Jolie similarities.
  • This horror movie is so pc or en woky that the director and writer forgot the horror - this German movie is an excellent example of what's wrong with many, if not most, movie productions these days - too many people who have a "mission" are involved or people who just ride comfortably and without taking any risk on the wave of zeitgeist. Really, I confess, I was on one side annoyed but on the other side fascinated - in past times people wanted to make a horror movie to entertain and maybe add their footprint into the making of the art of horror. Today, people seem to be contend to "clean" everything with total pc stuff and call it creative and progressive (I call it comedy) but just use an overused plot and make necessary woky changes. Orson Wells would have a lot of fun these days. Anyway, back to the movie - production, effects, gore and acting is below average. Wrong Turn 2021 - a movie nobody really needs (besides a certain kind of people). Watch the movie with the same title from 2003 again (no matter if this movie is related to the franchise or not, if not it is a money grabber too) and your time is far better spend.

    Last note: in a certain sense the title of the movie is what one could be tempted to call prophetic.
  • Leofwine_draca4 September 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I heard they'd remade or rebooted the original WRONG TURN (2003) I was surprised given that it's not 20 years old yet, but sure enough this 2021 reboot is now available for viewing on Netflix and I've just...well, endured it. The original long-running film series wasn't particularly great to begin with although one or two of the sequels were quite entertaining, but this moves away from mutant mayhem carnage into something slightly more original. Once again we join a group of friends who unwisely leave the trail to go off hiking in the woods, but the rural dwellers they encounter are very different from the grisly horror tropes of the original.

    While I do appreciate the differences in approach this time around, the sad truth is that the twists and turns simply don't make this very horrific as a film. What starts out fairly atmospheric with some shockingly gory moments just ends up descending into something approaching tedium, so much so that they resort to shooting fantasy dream scenes to add in more violence. There are some gory moments but a general shying away from exploitation into more thriller territory, but of course it suffers from the usual lack of budget, indifferent performers and cliched writing for the characters and action. In the end, I just didn't care much either way.
  • Greetings fro Lithuania.

    "Wrong Turn" (2021) is not a remake of the original flick from 2003. As a one who saw 2003 version many times back in the day, i was surprised that this 2021 version wasn't just a remake but its basically has little to do with the original. This one is way more toned down in reality, and had a pretty interesting ideas on its core. Sadly they weren't explored more, but i liked the idea of Foundation. I also like main valiant who seemed more human that many human but at the same time was doing some pretty heavy stuff.

    Overall, "Wrong Turn" (2021) is definitely not a copy / paste of the original. Gone the "fun" slasher stuff i remember, and this one tried to do something more interesting with its villains - and i liked it. I also liked to see Pv. Joker with a gray hear. A descent flick overall.
  • nimitz5415 February 2021
    I expect they plan to pull in profit off people looking for the other movie named Wrong Turn. Turn away from this movie, it will leave you wanting to post a bad review.
  • Forget what people are saying about this film being garbage, we get they expected it to be a cannibal slasher like it's predasesors. It's a whole new movie, whole new plot. And it delivers really well. A solid 7. Just watch it for yourself and don't be fooled by the bitter reviews. It's a really good stand alone movie
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I just got out of seeing this and I am torn. It's a fun horror film, yes, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the Wrong Turn franchise. I kept waiting for the moment those favorite hillbilly cannibals of mine to pop up... and they never did.

    I don't know if I just had different expectations and it was assumed this would be about something else entirely? But I feel like a clown for hyping myself up for this. Drove an hour and a half for this, hoping for the best and instead I got some weird mix of Wrong Turn, The Village and Tomb Raider???

    If you're in it for the sake of Wrong Turn, just skip it. But if you want to watch a fun-at-times lil horror film than you'd probably get a kick out of this.

    Sad times.
  • I watched with very low expectations and I loved. The biggest fail were some plot holes, but it's intense, thrilling, surprising and twisted. The cinematography and the artistic direction are really good as well. However, this reboot hasn't any connection with the original franchise and that's a bad point for who was expecting to see Three Fingers and the rest of the redneck. For me, this version is more close of being a slasher reboot of Midsommar.

    I loved it but understand the people who hated this film, because like I said, even being great and entertaining, this isn't the real Wrong Turn movies that we were used to watch.
  • Listen, I put this on in the background while doing some work and thought nothing of it. I wasn't ever the biggest fan of the original Wrong Turn movies, so I wasn't expecting much. When I tell you about 25 minutes in I had to completely abandon my work because this movie had my full attention, the twist is a little "meh", you may miss the whole "cannibal mutant" aspect from the original films, but it is still more than worth a watch.
  • Not connected at all to the Wrong Turn franchise. Why this title I don't know it only make people angry who do love the francise. Nevertheless, skip the title and you are in a rather good flick with some gore attached.

    The story itself is simple, on a hike, being warned by locals not to leave the trail, they do leave it to come across a community not to be discovered.

    All well, some statements about the cruel world and then the things really go wrong.

    I didn't found it all that bad as people do tell. Just relax and enjoy this sometimes brutal flick. The ending i did like.

    Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5
  • I wasn't sure when I saw the trailer but thought I'd give it a go. Waste of time! Poor dialogue,terrible acting, stupid choices etc etc. Avoid if u can.
  • As this film opens Scott Shaw heads to a remote town in Virginia to look for his daughter, Jen, who has gone missing while hiking the Appalachian Trail with a group of friends. The action then jumps back six weeks and we see Jen and her friends arriving. They are a diverse group of liberal Northerners who aren't exactly made to feel welcome... they are warned to stick to the trail. They haven't gone far when this advice is ignored and soon they are in real danger. They trigger lethal traps and encounter a group known as The Foundation that has been living an apparently isolated existence since 1859. This group take their privacy seriously and have very strict laws.

    I must state that I haven't seen any of the previous 'Wrong Turn' films so can't say how this compares... it also meant I went into this with no real expectations about what should happen. It turns out it was a decent enough horror film. There are plenty of reasonably scary moments as well as quite a few unpleasant deaths. The protagonists aren't particularly likeable; they may be diverse and politically liberal but they have their own prejudices. Without going into retails I thought the way friends crossed paths with The Foundation; the various traps were fun and the Foundation appeared scary. On the down side one really does have to suspend ones disbelief; The Foundation might be a danger to hikers but one can't imagine the authorities would be ignorant and tolerant of people disappearing on a particular mountain for a hundred and seventy years! The setting looks great even though it was filmed in Ohio rather than Virginia. Overall I'd say this is worth watching but not a must watch for horror fans; just don't take it too seriously.
  • grantss4 September 2021
    A group of friends set out to hike the Appalachian Trail. After getting lost they stumble across a sinister man in a strange outfit. This meeting will have a profound impact on their lives and see their lives threatened by a strange cult.

    The 2003 Wrong Turn was a surprisingly decent horror movie, with a reasonably good plot and good performances. The success of this film caused the producers to create five sequels, all of which were incredibly bad, being made for the money and falling back on the usual horror clichés and formulae.

    This film is essentially another one of those sequels, relying entirely on the Wrong Turn name without bringing anything original to the table. Quite dull and formulaic with a middle section that doesn't make too much sense.

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