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  • Should have just called this movie "The Foundation" lost respect for the writer trying to pass it off as a reboot. It's really a separate movie with no significant tie in.
  • This movie wasn't awful, to me at least. People seem upset about it because it is being marketed as a remake of the original movie. I have never seen the original so I can't compare however I do know that it is extremely different.

    I actually think that would have solved a big chunk of the complaints if they had just called it a different name. Not wrong turn. It seems distinct enough for it to be its own thing.

    For me, I appreciated the "twist" because it was refreshing. The way they handled it however was the issue. This movie was being pulled six ways from Sunday in every direction. It's is an absolute mess.

    It tires to Villainise it's protagonists while making it's villains look good but then chickens out and just scraps it all for a boring story. It has really interesting ideas in here that it just puts out to die. I actually think that the big reveal in the middle of the fun should have been the end. It would have been a real guy punch and really shocking.

    Speaking of endings, Jesus Christ this film has about 5. Mid way though the first act seems like a climax and I was like "no this can't be the end yet it's just started", then again the second act seems like a climax but where was still so much time left. Then you get to the real climax in the third act and it ends...oh no wait it doesn't it goes on again. So then it has this other ending tacked on but no wait that wasn't the real ending either so it carries on again then it finally has its ending and the title card appears....then it still goes on and had another final scene Immediately after the title card shows. That is just insane to me. It was just so structurally bizarre.

    Even the beginning is strange and feels out of place and should be moved to else where in the movie.

    This issue also reflects in the run time, this movie is too long for this sort of story. I think they just didn't want to cut things. There is so much that could have just been left on the floor but they wanted it all in, that's why it has 100 endings because I think they thought they were all too good to throw out.

    You could maybe watch it but don't expect it to be like the others in the series.
  • Forget what people are saying about this film being garbage, we get they expected it to be a cannibal slasher like it's predasesors. It's a whole new movie, whole new plot. And it delivers really well. A solid 7. Just watch it for yourself and don't be fooled by the bitter reviews. It's a really good stand alone movie
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I just got out of seeing this and I am torn. It's a fun horror film, yes, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the Wrong Turn franchise. I kept waiting for the moment those favorite hillbilly cannibals of mine to pop up... and they never did.

    I don't know if I just had different expectations and it was assumed this would be about something else entirely? But I feel like a clown for hyping myself up for this. Drove an hour and a half for this, hoping for the best and instead I got some weird mix of Wrong Turn, The Village and Tomb Raider???

    If you're in it for the sake of Wrong Turn, just skip it. But if you want to watch a fun-at-times lil horror film than you'd probably get a kick out of this.

    Sad times.
  • Why name a movie that has NOTHING to do with the original? Just call it something else.
  • Warning - watch this all the way through to the credits or you'll miss some good stuff.
  • I wasn't sure when I saw the trailer but thought I'd give it a go. Waste of time! Poor dialogue,terrible acting, stupid choices etc etc. Avoid if u can.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It doesn't even feel part of the Wrong Turn franchise, and everything that made the original decent is clearly absent here. Truly dreadful and it feels more like a Wrong Turn 7, an abysmal sequel that should never have been made more than a worthwhile reboot. If there is an opportunity for anyone to erase this from existence I really hope they do. Epic fail. But I'll try and give you one example of the terrible writing of this film. So one of the protagonists brutally bashes in one of the faces of these guys thinking they've killed his girlfriend. She turns up alive and well, so realizing their mistake decide in true horror movie fashion they're not going to say anything or go to the police when they make their way out and home. Did they forget one of their friends just had their faces crushed by a falling log 5 minutes earlier? What's their plan? To just go home and pretend like that didn't happen? Maybe just brush that off and make out like they never knew him or something? Terrible, lazy writing in an awful film. This is one example of a film, I mean you can like it on a personal level that's absolutely your choice. But there is no question whatsoever that this is objectively a terrible movie. There were many many things that made no sense.
  • I'm a big fan of Wrong Turn series, I think they're quite good B-slasher movies. So, I was ready to watch at least something decent. I was wrong. This movie has nothing to do with Wrong turn. If the movie was called The hills have rednecks, nothing had change. The movie is bland, the script unoriginal and full of cliches and the acting is extremely amateurish. Even the Fx's are bad. So, if you're a fan of the original Wrong turn movies or good slashers avoid this one.
  • Much love for the original Wrong Turn movies, was disappointed I managed to watch this without turning it off mid-way to go look at some paining I did throughout the day drying. At no point during the 100+ minutes did I feel anything other than a painful static noise in my head. If I could go back in time and poke a hot iron in my own eyes just to save a past version of myself from seeing this pile of utter nonsense I would most certainly not think twice. I would highly advise any fan of the original movies to stick to the original movies and give this a miss.
  • It should be a movie inspired by Wrong Turn instead of calling it a 'Wrong Turn remake'/"Wrong Turn 7". HOW COME you make a Wrong Turn without the deformed cannibals? It's like an Exorcist without possession, a Halloween without Michael Myers, a Rosemary's Baby without a baby. It makes NO SENSE. It's even disrespectful tbh. If you're a fan of Three Finger, One Eye and Saw Tooth, just watch this movie once so you can talk badly about it with property. For people looking for random horror movies to spend some time it might be a good movie, but again, they should've just separate it from the franchise, cause it simply makes no sense.
  • First of all, don't listen to all the brainless ratings giving this one one or two stars, calling it garbage or awful. This is not a sequel to any "Wrong Turn" movies, it is a reboot. That doesn't have to mean that everything is the same as in the former installments.

    And you know what? I actually commend the filmmakers for taking a different approach this time. Unfortunately, some seem to be that well-trained at accepting the same story with every reboot that they can't understand how someone can get a bit more creative for a change.

    Don't get me wrong - this is not a great movie. Some would argue that it's not even a good one, but all I know is that this is at least watchable, unlike so many reboots and remakes - or Captain Marvel.

    There is actually a lot happening, even if the film slows down a little too much at times. But the cinematography good, the soundtrack a bit generic but decent, the acting mostly pretty good - and there are some pretty gruesome deaths to behold, although never in a voyeuristic way.

    Forget about the original and open yourself up for something new, I'd say. Give this one a chance and take the wrong turn.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    But this was no teddy bear picnic for anyone in the woods today. Where to start, because certainly this film was a mixed bag, you've got some truly gruesome scenes, but the in between scenes do get a little slow, though this reboot does give a new take on the original franchise, replacing inbred hillbilly's with the foundation, who are basically a cult from pre civil war. The film was certainly enjoyable but the moments where the film kinda stalls has made me reflect more over the film itself. I would probably recommend this film as really for a horror film and for being a new take on the wrong turn series it definitely lived up to these points, but what bothered me were the slow points and the ending bit with the dream like sequence, if we'd cut the dream sequence before the actual ending I would have been happy. I would definitely have to say this reboot was welcome, I'm torn however over the star rating, whether a 6 or a 5.5, these are the moments I wish half stars were an option. Still all the same I would say to fans to check it out, see for yourself, and enjoy, have some popcorn kick back to a good horror.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wanted CANNIBALS WITH MESSED UP FACES! This movie started off okay, but from around halfway til the end it was very hard not to walk out, the stupidest plot twist ever! Why call yourself wrong turn if it has Zero to do with the original!
  • Comparing to the reboot of Chucky, the story changed from a doll haunted by the spirit of a serial killer to a malfunction AI but it was still Chucky at the end of the day. When I watch the Wrong Turn franchise I expect cannibal hillbillies, it was a shame they took Saw-Tooth,One-Eye and Three-Finger from the remake and instead put this Foundation group. It's literally like doing a Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy. The only piece of Wrong Turn that truly remains is the location. By all means, it's just another horror movie pretending to be Wrong Turn. Every Chase scene is anti-climatic, every jumpscare fails to be a surprise. The plot and outcome of each character's arc is generic and predictable. They should just had chosen another name for the movie. Such a money grab.
  • This reboot and the seventh installment of the series starts with the similar premise where a group of friends go hiking in the Appalachian Trail and inspite of being warned not to wander off, they find themselves captured by a very violent and hostile community of people who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years.

    I saw this without watching the trailer or reading anything bah it. I first thot that it might be the usual inbred cannibals eating human flesh and killing trekkers and city fellas but got pleasantly surprised. It has some brutal kills, tension filled moments but zero nudity. Daisy Head shud have been given more footage. I found her very hot due to her pouty lips and Angelina Jolie similarities.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is as expected, pure millennial hipster horror, a usual group of snobby supossivly over educated college kids go on a road trip in the Appalachians, their attitudes right from the start turn you off, they obviously were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

    In the beginning of their adventure they visit a local small town bar, where they offend the locals with their pompous educational snobbery. The college kids are approached by a local and he asks if they would like a guide during their adventure, but they play him off as an uneducated person. Even after insult the man wishes them well.

    This is the "foundation" of this film, it is predictable, some scenes shot at 22/fps, in order to make the viewer feel like it's an action sequence, in my opinion it's a cheap effect, and has been done to death.

    This film would be worth watching if the writers would of made the main protagonists not so snobby, maybe bring them down to earth, make them more likable, that's how you make a film of this genre, these characters are forgettable, and just silly.

    Wrong Turn 2021 is trying to be an artsy horror film but fails on so many levels. I recommend to anyone to skip this film.
  • I have never seen a movie where I pulled for the bad guys. And this was from the very beginning.
  • I'll start by saying I was decently disappointed with this movie. Based off the trailer, going into this movie I was expecting the classic franchise based off of the Hilicker family, you know, the deformed freaks roaming the forest and trapping people for food and torture, however, this movie wasn't that at all. Wrong Turn 2021 took a new spin on things and although it was relatively interesting, there was no connection to any of the other movies. It was almost as if this was a completely different horror film simply titled Wrong Turn. There were few, if any, scary parts to the movie and most of the "horror" was just action and anticipation for what's to come next. Mimicking the original Wrong Turn franchise, the kills were great, gory, and brutal as can be. Although this movie was very fast paced and tense for a majority of it, it wasn't near as good as the originals and told a completely different story based on a different "family" with completely different characters. If you're going in to this movie hoping to see a return of the Hikickers or their offspring, I hate to break it to you, but this movie it not that.
  • It does not meet the expectations of the horror genre. It doesn't appeal to fans of the original 2003 movie. It's a waste of time and money. I am deeply disappointed with this reboot. Even the trailer is misleading
  • nimitz5415 February 2021
    I expect they plan to pull in profit off people looking for the other movie named Wrong Turn. Turn away from this movie, it will leave you wanting to post a bad review.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie felt like 4+ hours when it's not. It has an incredible ability to make me feel a sense of deja vu as all the scenes look the same. Most of these scenes dont make any sense from the unstoppable log to the archer that kills the glasses girl looking like he has never shot an arrow before. Dont think I could watch any other movies with Charlotte Vega as I got PTSD from watching this.
  • I was almost put off watching this movie from reading a lot of negative reviews. It was a good job I ignored them. It was certainly a good, watchable movie. Now, If you're looking for a gory cannibalism movie and compare it to the original too much, you probably will be disappointed.. You need to take this movie as a stand alone film. It has a twist in it and takes a totally different direction (mind the pun) compared to the other wrong turn movies. I recommend watching it with an open mind, you might even enjoy it...
  • This was most definitely not a Wrong Turn movie. It wasn't a sequel, a remake, or even a reboot. This was an original movie with the Wrong Turn title slapped on it so it could ride on the series' coattails. The Wrong Turn movies are about mutant, deformed, inbreed cannibals that hunt down hikers. This movie was about escaping from a backwoods cult. It has no connection to the other Wrong Turn movies whatsoever. They should have just called it "Off Trail" or something. There is literally no reason to call it a Wrong Turn movie or connect it to them in any way, because it's not and has no connection. It's like, imagine if you went to see a sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien movies, and instead of Xenomorphs, Face-Huggers, and Chestbursters, we got something like Independence Day. Yeah, they're aliens but it's most definitely not part of the franchise and has nothing to do with it. But if using another series' popularity wasn't enough, it wasn't even that good of a movie. I mean, if you want to kill about 2 hours, then I'd say go ahead and watch it if you want, but I wouldn't even recommend it. It's not scary, does nothing new, special, or creative, and is ultimately completely forgettable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I went to the cinema to see this as I am a huge fan of the wrong turn series. I was extremely excited. The movie started out well, but the twist was strange. There was no cannibals living in the mountain. But a society that lived off the land. The movie would be okay if it had a different name. I was quite disappointed as I was expecting it to be similar to the previous movies.
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