Not connected to any of the direct-to-video sequels of the original Wrong Turn.

Matthew Modine's (Scott) daughter, Ruby Modine, performs the haunting version of "This Land Is Your Land" heard during the end credits.

The first Wrong Turn movie to be filmed in the United States. Parts 1, 2 and 4 were filmed in Canada, and parts 3, 5 and 6 were filmed in Bulgaria.

Although this is the seventh Wrong Turn film, it is a "reboot" of the Wrong Turn series.

Screenwriter Alan B. McElroy also wrote Wrong Turn (2003).

Daisy Head ("Edith") is the daughter of actor Anthony Head, who starred opposite Eliza Dushku, the lead actress of Wrong Turn (2003), in many episodes of TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997).

In Australia it has been advertised as Wrong Turn: The Foundation.

Plot parallels between the Foundation and Cult of Wrong Turn 6 are prevalent.

In the beginning of the movie the cop says "you must be one proud papa" to Matthew Modine's character. This is a reference to Matthew Modine's character in Stranger Things, he's called "Papa" by the children in Hawkin's Lab.

It is not stated where Scott and Jennifer live, but the front plate on Scott's car is from New Jersey.

The fifth Wrong Turn film to be set in Virginia, and first to not be set in West Virginia.

Easter eggs for the entire series are contained in the film.

The oldies radio station Scott is listening to in the car is 99.2 KILU, the same station from the film, The Domestics, the directors feature film debut.

When Jen tells her father that movie night will feature a film about "inbred cannibals", and he answers "Again?", it clearly pokes fun at the antagonists of previous six movies before this reboot.

The first Wrong Turn movie to not feature deformed cannibals.

Body Count: 11 (Excluding Jen's imagined massacre of her family)