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  • gn_payne20 June 2019
    Brilliant idea & so far 2 episodes in, Wild Bill seems to just be getting better - Rob Lowe at his best. Great drama, well written with a hint of humour..
  • A bit of a strange concept, but a good watch, cast is good and there are moments when, forget the glamour, you realise what a good actor Robb Lowe is.
  • What to say first.......well there's been better but there's certainly been a lot worse. Casting Rob Lowe was good move, his dry humour carries the show and has delivered some good one liners. Rob Lowe's take on our policing is very humorous as he questions how things are done differently here. Yes there are some flaws and questionable plots so far but so do other fictional crime/comedy series. I could name quite a few other comedies based round a local police station were the constables undermine and talk inappropriately to higher ranking officers and unbelievable plots told.

    At the end of the day, it is fictional and a black comedy with made up plots and not a serious drama which I think some have forgotten. I have rated this series an 7 with the hope that as it progresses the humour will increase.
  • Great potential after one episode. Rob Lowe brings a certain charisma to the role.
  • As others, I started watching because I was intrigued by how Rob Lowe would shape up. The first episode was intriguing, a surprisingly well balanced blend of dark drama, cleverly plot and character interplay. The Lincolnshire backdrop is really unusual and adds context and flavour. The second episode was even better. The plot kept me guessing; the writing avoided the obvious clichés, the acting remained solid.

    I have high hopes for the series remaining as entertaining and engaging.

    Not yet a tour de force, but it's in the zone
  • andimc27 June 2019
    Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Great mid week entertainment. If you want something too accurate watch a documentary . I love the light numerous atmosphere, and the dinamic between Bill and his staff. Worth a watch.
  • A fun one hour show. Top American actor and decent stories so far. No dead bodies like CSI, no truly weird storylines or killing like the Brilliant Killing Eve, not as slow as Vera, not as ott as Strike Back. Pleasant Death in Paradise or Midsummer Murders type TV. I've set series link.
  • mattdeanmartin22 June 2019
    Great to watch something different with an edge to it
  • This series has loads of potential. I love how the series runs the line between comedy, drama and darker elements. If you like crime drama with touches of comedy then you would love this. It will take time for the characters to settle, but this does have the characters, premise and talent to become a great show.

    I will rate it at the end of the series. Lets hope the series finishes as strong as it's started.
  • Just watched the first episode and Rob Lowe gives an excellent performance. Good, dry humour at times and they really capture the feel of Boston Lincolnshire (as someone who works there). I'm hoping that as the series continues the other characters will develop but a really strong start.
  • Really enjoyed this first episode. Has the potential to develop into something excellent. A different approach to police drama with a large injection of black humour.
  • I waited to write my review after a few episodes as the first one took a second viewing! Four episodes in and I can say it's a gem! Excellent cast! Rob Lowe was his usual charming self, Bronwyn James a real stand out and newcomer Aloreia Spencer was stellar!

    Is it perfect? No. Of course not. Is it accurate? No. But so as many other incredible programs out there. What's wonderful about the show is precisely its criticism. It doesn't fit a specific genre! I find that that's what makes it great! I think the way it sways between drama and comedy gives it the charm so many other shows lack. It is light entertainment that is relatable and perfectly mirrors the mundanity of life. The underlying themes; overcoming grief in the father-daughter relationship, workplace politics, geopolitical and social issues are all there however subtle. I think we need more shows like this!! I'm giving it 10 stars to make up for the silly criticisms it got early on!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Axed! I'll turn my attention to Beecham House... 🖕🏼
  • This is a decent show and and the characters will develop, Rob Lowe is excellent, give it a couple of episodes to get into its stride.
  • It's actually really refreshing to see a new series that has straightforward story lines, good characters, and decent acting. Reading other reviews, it may help that I have only a vague idea of what Rob Lowe has done in the past, so have no preconceptions. I like the idea of the American in a very English setting, gives lots of scope, and so far, it seems to be handled well, to be avoiding cliches, and giving some interesting insights. I also like the fact that it seems to just reflect the normal range of people you would come across in this part of the country, and doesn't try to shoehorn a lot of "diversity" in for the sake of ticking boxes. Nobody would think this came from the BBC! Hope to see more of this, both this series and more like it. I am enjoying it.
  • A good cast and script, I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • Its funny and sad at the same time. Loved watching this show wish their was more ITV has lost a great show
  • jjlawler-9832417 September 2019
    Hint to the negative reviews: this show is a comedy not a straight drama. Oh, and it is fiction as well. Nothing better than an American teachin our overseas friends what's
  • milesahead112 June 2019
    A promising start to a new police series. First episodes are always problematic to a certain extent, as setting the scene and introducing the cast of characters is challenging, especially when a crime has to be solved! A little bit of 'clunkiness' is inevitable.

    I'll definitely give it another couple of episodes before passing judgement. PS: I gave it another 3 episodes and, unfortunately, it didn't develop its potential. Downgraded to 4 stars, from 6.
  • prh5830 June 2019
    A police series based in Boston UK. I watched with hope as I am from Boston UK. First thing to notice; everyone speaks with a Yorkshire accent, not a Lincolnshire accent. For ITV and readers worldwide; Lincolnshire is a large county south of Yorkshire with its own history and accent. In Wild Bill buildings have been added; for example Boston has no high rise, fair enough but please get the accent right. I wonder if Morse or Endeavour would suffer from the same lack of detail; I doubt it. As for the show; Rob Lowe excellent; plot lines based around the Eastern European influx and drugs was relevant to the local community and interesting. Believability of the cast as police officers and judges etc - poor. I would hope that a senior judge would behave with more professionalism than the one in the first episode. Overall promising; lets hope it gets better and please get the accent right.
  • yutko200429 June 2019
    I am neither American nor British and for me it is funny to see the integration between them. I did not watch the 3 episodes yet but I glanced at the first episode and liked it. I am excited to watch them and if all episodes are like the minute (here and there) that I watched then I am in. It is funny, with English humor and the American sarcasm.
  • srferwerda17 September 2020
    Clever dialog. Quirky characters. Does not depend on high speed car chases, long, never-ending fight scenes, *over-the-top* blood and gore or shocking violence to get the viewer's attention. Neither is it boring from being TOO tame. MAKE MORE !!!
  • This was a most interesting show, not a beautiful Midsomer Murders, but a little darkness but nothing overdone. The characters were interesting and I wanted to see more of Muriel and her upward career. The scenery was nice and the mysteries were good and not overly complicated, just human. Please let there be more like this.
  • Wish it had been renewed, I was just getting into this show. Warning it does leave a few things hanging.
  • Just love watching the show, So down to earth, good story lines makes it a believable show. Very good acting and funny. LOVE IT. BRING ON SEASON TWO.
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