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  • tkent343 January 2019
    This story had several inconsistencies throughout the film. First, anyone who saw the beast would commit suicide, next others would live but force others to look at the beast. Very poorly done.

    Sandra's acting was not at her usual level. I believe she tried hard it just wasn't there for here.

    Overall it was a very disappointing film.
  • I thought maybe it was being ignored based on genre until your Walk the Line pick.

    Oh, the sadness of it all...
  • Just felt sorry for chris pine. overdrawn scenes, lack of character depth, storytelling almost absent. netflix should spend money on tv shows rather than movies that almost no one likes
  • Stan was so amazing. He was a beacon light in these dark days and created so much joy and so much excitement and can never be replaced. Because of him me and my brothers picked up a comic book for the first time we have never been the same. Marvel is such a big part of our, I can't imagine a marvel movie without him. I would have liked to see more of him in this three-minute clip but you can only do so much I suppose. Thank you for trying the capture a piece of the man that we loved and treasured so much. The world is so much better to have known him & loved and he will be truly missed. Rest in peace Stan..Excelsior!
  • alseef1001-975-46342820 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Very nice movie its tutch my hearth

    I like the many story in 1 movie
  • Sadly our favourite cameo star Stan Lee has died. Stan Lee will be missed by every movie fan
  • I mean, it's got a higher rating than the Doors, 24 Hour Party People, Control, and Ray, and ties with Walk the Line.

    Then there's Amadeus, which blows them all out of the water with an 8.3. C'mon guys. You have two movies about the same band.
  • Mads Mikkelsen stars in this original film from Netflix, and he usually does high quality films (Casino Royale, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Valhalla Rising to name a few). But you'll wish you could have the time back spent watching Polar. The opening scene, which stars Johnny Knoxville, is completely devoid of any intrigue, character building (with the exception of overlaid graphics telling you who each character is), and plot. The production quality too, even though presented in 4k/HDR, is fairly low. It seems like a B-grade movie that only aspired to be a B-grade movie. If you like Mads, don't waste your time on Polar go see Arctic.
  • Doom Patrol looks incredibly dumb, but I will give it a chance. I wasn't blown away by Umbrella at first, but by the 7th episode I felt it really gained some serious credibility. The final, 10th episode pulls the entire series up and over the hump for me. I would not want 2 seasons because these kids are just too emotionally screwed up to do much more
  • tordarbast12 August 2019
    Thor a man with a hammer in nordic mythology, been so long time Now gender equality needs to change this. Im fed up with this ge bs and dont buy in to it. Whats next? Maybe the other so 30+ genders also should have their equal right in this character...
  • 1. Star Wars IX. 2. Spider-Man Far from Home. 3. The Lion King. 4. Toy Story 4.

    I mean... come on :)
  • They screwed up in a pikachu's voice... i just can't watch tis sheet xDDD will never watch it and will never recommend to my friends... plus detectives sucks... i hope this movie will be baned or something... in this year is sooooo much great movies just dont waste your time on something like this one.