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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Terrible writing, worse world building and pointles out of sequence nonsense. The only saving grace are the creatures, but they dont make sense. If nobody ever sees them and they are supposed to be stealthy, why do their faces have huge floodlights on them?? They even make floodlight sounds. Ugh i hate this movie. And who owns the corn in the cornfield?? The protagonist isnt a farmer and there are no other houses around. I am going to bed.
  • I had to sign in to rate this one because I am so tired of seeing so many movies get extreme ratings on here I don't understand how so many average movies (which this one is) get rated a 1 or a 10. This movie is definitely flawed, but as horror movies go, it's not the worst. As a horror movie fan, if I wait for a true 9 or 10 to come along to watch it, I won't be watching very many movies. The fact is, most movies should be rated between 3 and 7 if we're being truthful. Save the 1s and 10s for the very few movies that deserve them!

    Darklight is the definition of an average horror movie. The creature is a bit on the fake side. But, for a low budget movie it's not too bad. The plot has some holes, but most movies do. If you like horror movies, you often have to suspend reality to enjoy them. The acting in this movie, while not perfect, is actually quite believable. All in all, it's average or slightly above average...which is good enough for a horror movie fan if you like to watch more than 1 movie per year!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the dumbest premise and one of the worst horror films I have ever seen! The production value is good, but how any sane producers ever green lighted this awful excuse for a film is beyond my understanding.

    It's about some apparent folk legend in the south about a race of undetectable fiends who have evolved alongside humanity. How they stay hidden for long generations with headlights for faces, which they always shine really brightly when they're hanging around your property, is the real mystery! They also continually whine like pigs and drool all over the place, but never leave a trace anywhere they've been.

    They apparently feed on the life forces of humans, and can rip a person to shreds and drain all the life from them in a few seconds. But in the case of the protagonist's daughter, they take a really long time and keep her pretty and safe for days or weeks, ready to rescue when the big scene comes.

    These fiends live and move all around in the protagonist's home without detection for the most part; even though they are big, hulking, slow-moving, ugly brutes. They get in to the house through a trap door in the floor of the household elevator that leads to a network of underground tunnels, and it even has a little convenient handle built in for them to use, but apparently nobody realizes what it's for.

    Although it supposedly takes place in Mississippi, only one character has a southern accent. Everyone else sounds like they're from California.

    Really bad, even for morons!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So horrifically terrible that words fail me. But I'll try... SPOILER ALERT! Here you have a woman who believes that her life, and the life of her young daughter, are in imminent peril in a remote farmhouse...and she STAYS in the farmhouse! She buys multiple guns for protection...and they are never kept loaded! She is endlessly loading and reloading the guns...even when they have not been fired. She apparently has 2 copies of the exact same double-barreled shotgun, since 1 was confiscated by the police, that have an under barrel mount for a flashlight...a very uncommon combination (I've never seen this). She commonly fires 1 shot at the beings, and then runs away, she never takes a second shot. And 00 buckshot doesn't even slow down these creatures. She knows that the beings live underground...but never goes down into the cellar until the end of the movie. When she pours the gasoline/kerosene all over the house she makes no effort to actually get it down into the cavern where the creatures live. The creatures have some kind of "tech" to keep people alive in pools of water, despite no educational system or method of procuring equipment - THEY ARE NOT "ALIENS"... they are an indigenous species. The police suspect child abuse...AND DO NOTHING! When the mother escapes from the police...she returns home and takes a bath! The sheriff is alone in confronting a suspected murderer. Use this movie for a drinking game...if you never want to get to the end. Otherwise it has no purpose for it's existence.
  • Ok, this little movie here started absolutely great, amazing execution for such a production, lovely tension build up, and managed to keep up this fast pace for quite a while. But the last part, it is quite disappointing actually, perhaps there was less room for imagination and they had to settle for an ending that did not deliver, created huge plot holes and had the viewer genuinely asking, What is happening and why?

    Dark Light managed to create a tiny world for itself, with its own rules, but most of it went down the drain once the third act came in place, and I can't stop wondering how things derailed so much. I am still going to recommend it for it is an effort far better than most, even tho it feels like a let down in the very end, it does deserve more attention and perhaps some praise as well.

    In the future, I hope the people involved in the making of Dark Light, take some extra time in order to offer their next projects a more constant tone, till the credits show up.

  • Oh dear. Where do I start? The script was awful, the story made no sense, and the acting was terrible. If you've ever wanted an answer to the question "How low can you go?" -- this might just be it.
  • 04/16/2020 - The low reviews almost made me not watch this movie, but I watched it anyway. Kind of tense throughout due to the excessive loud bangs and other loud slamming noises. The monster wasn't very scary (kinda reminded me of my ex-wife). The first one not the second one. Anyway, it's OK to watch, but don't expect to be very scared when it's over. Bon Appetit
  • hollowpoint-5367630 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't understand the shooting the husband in the shoulder,him going in ambulance but then him dying in end by creature,the timeline seems messed up.
  • MikeWright7510 April 2020
    Another sub standard creature feature. Terrible, disjointed plot. Nothing scary. Men in suits aliens. I'd give it a ten for the yawnfest factor. Don't bother, seriously.
  • First of all, let it be clear, Dark Light isn't a gem nor a masterpiece but in this genre (horror/sci-fi) it's worth a watch. There is a good tension building throughout the movie, mostly due to very good sound effects (I can't say enough how this part is essential if you want a good horror movie), a refreshing story (it's a bit different than the usual entities or monsters), some decent actors, and a completely new vilain (credits for the originality). That said you won't be blown away but it's entertaining for this genre of movies. Dark Light deserves a higher rating than it actually gets.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some lizards simply lack the ambition to rule the world.

    Right off the bat, the film commits an error. I can't stand first-scene spoilers. Many modern-day horror films rely on this shtick, yet what they hope to achieve with this garbage strategy is beyond me. Especially found-footage films tend to start off that way. Admittedly, there isn't much to spoil in found-in-sewage movies: audiences know that everyone dies in them.

    But this isn't yet another mindless, boring found-in-sewage horror, it's another mindless monsters-go-bump-in-the-dark flick. In the movie's defense, the "main plot" catches up with the spoiler before the half-way mark as opposed to at or just before the end, as is often the case. But it still annoyed me that for a fair while I knew what was going to happen. It took me out of the movie.

    Logically and predictably, the nonsense soon starts piling up. Lizard people. Yes, the bad guys are "lizard people who went into hiding eons (of your years) ago due to man, but are now back, evolved". That's some evolution: these lizard thingies had basically mastered every magic trick in the book hence should have been ruling the world by now, forcing the humans into hiding not the other way round. With the powers they possess they should be crushing man-made civilization, all across the globe, and with ease. Even alien invaders aren't this brilliant with stealth attacks and all the sneaking around, appearing/disappearing at will. Instead, these lizards seem to be unaware of their huge potential hence they mess around some irrelevant farm, around an irrelevant woman and her irrelevant daughter. Are they a bit thick? No, they seek "energy". An explanation will be provided, keep reading...

    The movie provides no info on this, but I have to assume that these lizards hypnotize kids with ease. How else do we explain the daughter being on their side from day 1?

    Even less logical is the woman's bizarre escape. A (stuffed?) cow just happens to block the cop truck transporting her to prison, and she just happens to be the only survivor out of 5 people, actually leaving the wreck uninjured. Very absurd, highly illogical, total far-fetched rubbish of a plot-device. The writer: "where do we go from here? How do we allow this woman to save her daughter? Oh, I know! A stray cow will miraculously block the prison car during a storm - in front of a bridge - and she'll just waltz off unharmed back to her house, and then visit the lizard expert for help, because - somehow - he happens to live nearby..." He didn't even have the sense to pick a deer, or a bear instead. A stray cow in the middle of the night?

    How convenient that the lizard expert lives so close by to her, that she reaches him with ease - as a fugitive and without a car. After all, America only has 50 states, and they are scattered over a tiny area, barely larger than Holland...

    It gets sillier from here... We find out from the lizard whisperer that lizards "get their energy from children, because children are the purest form of energy." Say what? Children, energy, purest form... Huh? Gobbledygook much?

    "2,000 children disappear every day." Gee, and here we thought all along that it was kiddie-fiddlers, child-traders and mass-murderers who abduct all those kids! Nope. It's the lizards, because hey, they be needin' them kids: they be havin' plenty of PURE ENERGY in them. Pure science stuff, as I am sure Tyson deGrasse would agree; after all, he supports even the most extremist, laughable Global Warming theory. Why shouldn't he give his thumbs up for this lizard-children energy-kidnap thingy as well.

    How about childish dwarfs then? Do they qualify as sources of "pure energy" too? Old senile people who act like children? No?... Kittens? They are after all children of cats, and you can't get any purer than that... Young raccoons? Baby fish? No? Not pure enough?

    Hang on. If children are what the creatures need, why was their HQ located at the woman's farm? There was nobody there for years, certainly no children.

    But wait... It gets even sillier. The lizard hunter imprisons the woman, as precaution because she might kill the lizard hence spoil his chance to catch one alive! No joke, that's his rationale, I am not making any of this stuff up. He somehow knows all this stuff about the lizards - yet he never saw one? Never caught one. Sillier yet, he somehow happens to have a "prison room" ready, as if he were some serial-killer or something, which he clearly is not. How convenient, huh? Nothing is too convenient i.e. too far-fetched for Reynolds who wrote this mess.

    Just to sidetrack a bit, there is a serious contradiction between what the lizard conspirator says and what actually happens. He insisted that "they listen to everything", yet the lizards never went out of their way to kill him earlier. If they know everything why would they tolerate his existence, his YouTube clips about them? Don't they have the internet? Oh yeah, silly me... there is no internet connection in most underground tunnels...

    This lizard-obsessed dolt heads to her house, with no real plan, except with the very slim hope that a lizard is kind enough to offer itself to be captured without resistance, sort of like going tiger-hunting in the hopes that the tiger will simply hop into your cage voluntarily. So he predictably gets attacked, and killed. Though not immediately. The lizard is so incompetent that it needs three attacks to finish off this clumsy, clueless clod. The cops discover the body, then, somehow, the woman reaches her home before the cops do, despite them having a police car and her having...? No, we the much-ignored, much-hated audience never find out how she moves around. By car? Helicopter? One of those new hipster city rollers? Does she fly?

    Then, just as you think "surely there's nothing that stupid coming up again", the woman's ex-husband shows up at the house. Wasn't he shot in the groin area not that long ago? What a miraculous and speedy recovery... Doubtlessly Reynolds performed the surgery, what we medical cinemaphiles refer to as "quick-fix script surgery". I must confess: at this point I was expecting his ex-wife to accidentally shoot him - again. I was secretly hoping she would because I knew how loud I'd be laughing if she did. It would have been B-movie comedy gold. Unfortunately, she doesn't, i.e. the writer isn't that lost: he has his limits.

    Or not. When the woman finds her ex-hubby covered in blood, inside the secret underground tunnel, she asks him stupidly: "What happened? Are you OK?" Verbatim. What does she mean what happened?! He got attacked by the lizards, you silly cow! Is he OK?! Sure, he must feel great after a violent monster just smashed his head in! And why wasn't he killed? Perhaps lizards left him alive hoping he'd re-unite with his ex-wife. It would make sense, because if they kissed and made up they might make more kids. And kids equal "pure energy". Logical, right?

    If her ex-husband had completely healed, then a lot of time would have to have passed. And yet, if this were true, then their abducted daughter would have to have starved by the time they find her. Or did the lizards feed her? With what? Bird eggs?

    But just so you don't get the idea that inconsistencies and absurdities are this movie's "only" vices, there are also horror clichés galore: jump-scare dream sequences, doors slamming shut, lizards hiding in the backseats of cars, lizards shrieking stupidly as all boring monsters do, the sheriff predictably getting killed as "punishment" for not being a believer... The whole shebang.

    Predictably, the film never tells us where lizards store this precious "kiddie energy"? In water bottles or air-tight containers? Do they sniff this energy, and if so are their noses located in their rear end? There certainly doesn't seem to be much space for a nose on those heads...

    Admittedly, there is a scene in which they seem to be using their heads to absorb the energy, rather than their derrieres. But I can't be sure, because their rear ends and their heads are so hard to distinguish. Same with the writer, actually...

    Nor do we ever find out why the woman and her daughter get nose-bleeds. Because lizards smell that bad?

    One more thing: why does the daughter start cooperating with her mother at the end? Until then she seemed very much on Team Lizard, she appeared to be hypnotized. What broke the spell? Yet more inept script surgery... Script surgery breaks not just hypnotic spells but any kind of logic it needs to. For the greater good of Badmovieland.

    The direction is OK, but the script is typical of Reynolds: contradictory, illogical trash.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sometimes I wonder why such cheesy movies are even allowed to be shot?! The scripting and acting was awful ... "Emily run .... No mommy I'm not leaving without you ..." come on guys (facepalm) In the end she burns the house down to kill a creature that could have easily went back to it's underground layer. Damn I was expecting the house to explode in the end ... (haha)😅 How could they have left that cliche out?? So many chances to shoot the creature ... Anyway I've seen much worse ... just don't waste your time with this one ... well maybe if your drunk or high and want to have a good laugh with your friends ... of course after the social distancing is over (lol) 🤣
  • becter6 June 2020
    I only registered to express my utter disappointment in this film. Went 0-100 In ten minutes. Complete and utter dog s**t! How films like these even make it onto Netflix is beyond me. Me and my children could come up with something better!!
  • What started off as a reasonably bad movie with wooden acting and a bad script soon became laughable once the 70's Star Trek monsters started flashing people. If it had been tongue in cheek it may have been amusing, but it was genuinely trying to be a serious film. Don't do it to yourself, find something else to watch.
  • special_user7 December 2019
    This film is ever worse than it looks. Music, plot, acting is a quintessence of a bad taste. Don't waste your time.
  • Good movie! A refresher to the Area 51 alien myth that they ARE among us. I am not familiar with the actors of this movie, but they were decent enough to deliver. The zombie, slashers and serial killers movies are a easy find, as there are plenty. But monster and alien flicks, there is a shortage. A good watch, the sound effects and graphics were convincing....
  • ravenhair70210 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I like Sci-fi, don't get me wrong...and I'm thrilled that my wife wanted to watch a movie with aliens in it. I was in after she showed me the trailer. It was your typical horror start. Family or partial family moves into a deserted home in need of repairs only to find something supernatural happening a few days later after moving in. Wow. Haven't seen this before...(Rolls eyes) Anyway, after finding out it isn't ghosts or even demons, OR aliens...not gonna tell you what it is, that would be spoilers...the family fights back and eventually wins. not great, but it IS different. I'd give it a try at least. You might like it. Peace.
  • I'll take into account that this was an independent film, therefore assuming there wasn't much of a budget. On the plus side, the story was pretty decent, as was the scenario the characters all found themselves in, the sense of mystery was pretty good at times, it had atmosphere.

    Onth debit side, the lack of budget was the issue, the effects and sets weren't that great, and at times the acting seemed a little off somehow. Editing and lighting could have been better, that creature needed a much lower level of lighting.

    For a boring Thursday afternoon it filled a void, to some degree, 5/10
  • rhonmike63-926-8332667 April 2020
    Seen worse but ok. Typical creature feature. I like horror and sci fi butvI also notice little nitpicks. First one is interior doors make the usual clicking noise when closed but there are no doorknob latches on any of the doors but they have to turn doorknob to open. Sheriff is a Sergeant which never happens. She would have had stars instead of stripes. As for movie itself. If bored and nothing to watch then ok.
  • An hour and 22 minutes of my life wasted. This movie was cringey to sit through. From the stupid choices the main character makes, to the weak acting from all supporting roles, to the beyond lame script, to the ridiculous monsters. Awful. Do not waste your time on this one.
  • What can I say other than just dont do it! Worst acting ever, which suited the worst script ever! I only gave it 1 star because 0 didn't seem to be an option.
  • bmorrow3311 April 2020
    This is worse than CATS. Please don't waste your time. The acting is horrible and It is the worst movie I've seen in years. I could barely make it to the end, but I made this sacrifice so that you did not have to.
  • It´s not one of the worst I´ve seen but I couldn´t wait to get to the end. All predictable and lacking interest. The one you should see is I See You. Unconventional, thrilling and well elaborated.
  • andrewelizalilly16 December 2019
    Decent and convincing enough acting, most of the creature effects were well done in my opinion apart from the first time you see it, I just thought bloke in a rubber suit, it's not going to be something you'll remember but it's entertaining enough to keep your attention, I was wondering what the creature itself was based on most of the movie!
  • Started out really good. Scary monster with good jump scares. Ending was terrible. Left you hanging. Not worth it.
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