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  • rayne-091767 March 2019
    Wow. I really felt like the shows creators reimagined Street Legal for 2019. The young lawyers are like the next generation of Barr, Tchobanian and Robinavitch. It's topical like the original. The opiod crisis is such am important topic, I just hope they do it justice.
  • I know she has, but what's her secret? I'd really like to know. I just loved seeing Olivia come back, I missed her moxy and gall. She doesn't care if you like her and I found that really refreshing. I loved the acting across the board, the younger cast was PHENOMENAL. I'm excited for what's to come next..
  • I was a fan of the original- Olivia was always my favourite- she still has it!
  • Full disclosure: I was prepared to hate the "new" Street Legal. I LOVED the old one. It was something you couldn't stop talking about, at home, at work, at the gym. HOWEVER, the new Street Legal is so welll written, the plot problems are so real, the characterizations are understated yet gripping and the amazing performances from home talent make this my number one must watch! And super bonus all that outstanding Canadian music in each episode means my kids have started watching with me. We cant wait for the next Episode drop.
  • Cynthia tries to be tough, she's not. She tries to be sexy, she's not. The story line is terrible. It has all the production values of King Of Kensington, or any other 1960s CBC production. I wish you well but I gave up after 20 minutes.
  • jennie-4937716 March 2019
    I had never watched the original Street Legal, so decided to try this new updated one and after 15 mins gave up. I tried to see what the attraction was but I guess I just don't get it.