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  • I realize that the people ragging this show are in categories: 1.... Those who are comparing it to some aussie show (which who cares, anyways...thats what we do. Shameless is a ripoff too. So what??) and 2.....People who hate the lead actress' new red hair. (really? rate it low because you don't like the color of someones hair? yikes. ) So I disregarded those reviews all together. I decided it was worth it, since I am a big fan of Emily Osment. So glad to see her on the small screen again, as she is very underrated. I wasn't sure if I would like this or not, but I absolutely do. I love the cast, I love the premise, and I can't wait to see what else is in store for this and how it plays out. Yes, the show is a bit far fetched but come on, its tv, used for entertainment value. I don't care if it has similarities to other shows, I don't care about the color of someones hair, and i don't care that this show is a cross between a drama and comedy. Its very good. Its funny, well-acted, and keeps you interested. I've been reviewing tv shows and movies on here since IMDB came out. Im a tv and movie junky and know my stuff!
  • saalwix8 October 2019
    Finally a great show Nothing to do with singing or taking off a mask Thank you Fox
  • byars-via19 October 2019
    I see a lot of potential for this show-there's a good mix of drama and comedy without them glossing over the whole Beckley indiscretion. So I hope it continues in its streak.
  • It's good ASF I don't understand where all the hate comes from 😂 I feel like those are boring people or people that have no sense of humor. I find the show is adorable and funny, and has heart. It's not something award deserving of anything. But it's a fun watch.
  • Wasn't sure about this show, episode 1 was great. 2&3 seemed to drag but since Im really loving it. It's quickly moving up my list of my list watch shows!
  • Yes, yes, this is an American remake of the Australian show "Sisters"...just like Showtime remade the UK's "Shameless".

    That aside, although it's a bit corny in parts, I think the main 3 sisters have pretty good chemistry. I'm done for already, hooked. The show isn't entirely a comedy but it's not quite a full drama. I would classify this as a contemporary dramedy; made especially interesting because of the alternative pregnancy clinic angle. "Almost Family" raises questions surrounding IVF in a natural and entertaining way, (no pun intended) and although it's not perfect, it's not too preachy or too predictable, thanks to the 3 talented leading ladies. (Brittany Snow, Megan Echinowoke and Emily Osment)

    My only quibble is Roxy, at this point (played by Emily Osment) is given the majority of the clever lines. Without her the show is definitely more dramatic. Here's to hoping though, that the show becomes a bit more balanced in the future, if they're going for a dramedy vibe.
  • marquezmiriam7 October 2019
    1 episode in and I'm already hooked can't wait to see the next episode.
  • jessieannlove-602416 October 2019
    Excellent cast and show. Love it! 10/10 reccomend checking it out. Very interesting topic and extremely relevant within the time today!
  • Almost Family is a remake of a great quirky Aussie show called Sisters. Structurally it's a clone. In tone it's a travesty. The dialogue is absurd, totally unbelievable interactions. All the quirk, the sense of a small but interesting world, is sucked out and replaced with run of the mill nonsense. If you don't like the way a show works, why remake it? There are some good American shows happening, this one is a complete waste of your eyeballs.
  • erica-785-69252922 October 2019
    Don't listen to the negative reviews. Fast paced, good story , funny, characters mesh well. Just a fun show! Give it a chance.
  • senoritachapman3 October 2019
    Good opening episode and great music!! I've been watching the female leads for years. I think it'll be great for my Wednesday night lineup.
  • jefcind8 November 2019
    Glad to have found this show on Hulu! Only 3 episodes so far and I've binge watched them and have enjoyed them all!!
  • cloverfortress18 October 2019
    I never thought I'd love it as much as I do. It's truly hilarious and I do love the three women and their storylines are good too! I can't wait to see how this progresses!
  • I enjoyed this first episode, the three female leads are the best!
  • chrisdye-174936 October 2019
    Okay so after seeing mixed reviews of this show I thought I'd see for myself how it was and I was surprisingly impressed there was a ton on peices like a puzzle and all around a good time I love the 3 lady's as sisters and as actresses in general
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To answer this question one will have to watch the entire first episode and most likely persevere through several additional episodes to assess whether this new TV series which is classified as a drama, is more serious rather than how it seems to initially lean towards being a comedy show.

    Brittany Snow plays Julia Bechley who fully supported her egotistical father Doctor Leon Bechley (played by Timothy Hutton) who is a renowned fertility doctor until one day his long kept secret is revealed that he used his own sperm to impregnate multiple parents who as a last resort, came to his miracle clinic to try and become pregnant.

    Why I am unclear if this is supposed to be a comedy, a drama, (or maybe it is a dramedy?) is because as the adult children of Dr. Bechley begin to meet each other and interact with one another they realize that they were all born with some common traits although their physical makeups are all quite different. There are some moments of empathy for the characters as they realize that their father(s) who raised them are not genetically attached to them and their real father is a despicable doctor with a huge ego who chose to play God himself.

    In real life there actually is in Canada a fertility doctor named Norman Barwin whose claims against the physician date as far back as the 1970s and include patients from at least two fertility clinics in Ontario. The regulator launched the most recent investigation when a lawsuit was filed that alleged that 50 to 100 children were conceived after their mothers received the wrong semen from Dr Barwin and that 11 were genetically matched to the fertility doctor.

    There is nothing to laugh about the above real case(s) but in this new TV series I will watch a few more episodes to assess if it takes a more serious turn as the civil suits are inevitable just like in real life.
  • bigcd573 October 2019
    So I watched the premiere episode of this show last night and while it was far from perfection it was a decent way to spend a Wednesday Evening plenty to enjoy so much going on lots of drama
  • Not sure what this, comedy, drama, heck i dunno. i can say this it was the equivalent of watching a liter box getting changed. stupid plot, stupid sub-plots, uninteresting characters. i find it hard to believe this waste can of effort was even green lighted. the show should be on tombstone tuesday, as belongs buried... way underground
  • This is WAY better than the Australian series. Cute, funny, great actors with great comedic timing. The Australian series was so boring I couldn't get through it but this version is funny and more dynamic, with some great sets/locales. I love a lot of the actors in this show - I never thought Emily Osment & Brittany Snow were "serious" actresses - but they have reliably great real comedic chops.
  • riet19893 October 2019
    I loved the show, great actors, love the storyline and good music in the show
  • christa-pelc2 December 2019
    Is this "good American drama"? The premises is a man who embarrassed himself and his family, and breaks his medical oath. The female leads either have drug addiction problems, constantly have sex with multiple men, and is considering leaving her husband for a woman. And instead of fighting for their own respect and fighting to encourage each other, they each basque in their own embarrassment, and somehow we call this television.
  • I love a good dramedy and they seem to be few and far between since the days of Glee and Parenthood but this. This is what I've been looking for. It's a breath of fresh air from medical or law shows. And this cast! I am here for it.
  • nancyldraper4 October 2019
    I'm on the fence with this new series. It has an interesting premise but I can't figure out if it wants to be a drama or a broad comedy (and if it is a broad comedy, I'm out of here). The actors are certainly able to produce dramatic characters, and there are moments in this pilot that prove that, but both the Julia and the Roxy characters veer towards caricature rather than full bodied people. (Emily Osment has some pretty serious singing talent, though, as does Brittany Snow.) I hope the series self corrects, but, at this point, I give the series a 5 (on the fence) out of 10. {Comedy? Drama?}
  • This is basically a copy of the Australian version called Sisters without the charm and quirkiness of the original. In it's place is an american version that feels like almost any other drama show on TV. Hopefully they can steer it back to what made this a great show in Australia
  • I think this show is really cute. It's got a little of everything! I have really enjoyed it so far!
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