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  • Silly but fun to watch. The brother and sister characters make the show so far. Worth watching it because of them
  • jearlchris27 September 2019
    Will need more episodes for proper character development. May not survive long enough to do so.
  • sixhoos30 September 2019
    Boring, poorly written, and vapid. It's like watching paint dry.
  • emforan2 October 2019
    Trying way too hard to be funny. I'm sure it appeals to a very small group of people that they're aimed at. The attempt of relatability flopped missing out on a large portion of viewers.
  • It's a slapstick comedy that used to work in the 80s and 90s but the comedy world has evolved a lot since then with shows like 'it's always sunny', parks & rec, Veep, community, rick & morty, etc. Who'd watch something this basic and unfunny?
  • matthewguzman-9404729 September 2019
    I didn't think it was funny at all. I enjoyed Kal Penn in Designated Survivor so wanted to give this shot. The characters are annoying and it's only the first episode. With all the shows out there, pick something else.
  • I think this show is off to a great start. I see a lot of negative reviews, but I am surprised because the characters seem like they will be interesting to get to know this season.

    Also, we've only seen 21 minutes. I think they did a great job of introducing this cast in that time, while still being entertaining. I hope the network gives them time to develop these characters and their path together.

    I think shows today have a tough time during their first season. It's like they are expected to do it all in the pilot. Take a look at the Seinfeld pilot. It's not that great. It's overacted, Kramer is a shut-in, and the plot was so-so. However, it showed promise and it delivered! I'm not saying that this (or anything other show) will be the next Seinfeld, but I am saying that this has the potential to be something great.

    I look forward to watching more Sunnyside this season.
  • pretendbnice28 September 2019
    First episode in and I like it. Nevermind all the Republicans saying they hate it because of the premise being propaganda. The show features Kal Penn and he by himself can carry the show, that being said he has a great supporting cast and they are funny. I can't wait to see where the season takes us.
  • Michael Schur, you know how to raise the bar! It all made sense when I saw Fremulon after the end of the episode. (What does Fremulon mean? Anyway ...)

    This is a funny, funny, funny show! I had to pause it several times because I was laughing so hard and didn't want to miss the next line. The characters are charming and engaging and overflowing with reasons for us to like them, pull for them, and definitely want to spend more time with them. And the actors are throwing it down SO well you want to find out what else they've been in.

    It's got a plot premise with undeniable tension from the get-go. We have a group of folks who each want something, and they all want what they want for the correct reasons. They're smart, they're hard-working, and they have so much to add to the lives around them -- if they get what they want. (You see, boys and girls, that's how you formulate a story question.)

    No, it's not Seinfeld, but the days of making a sitcom about nothing are behind us. Today, we want to spend time with characters who have something on the line. And when it's this funny, and this well written, and this dynamic -- well, it makes you glad shows today have more substance.

    To the writers and producers -- keep 'em coming. You guys know how to rock it!
  • After two episodes I'm still waiting for a laugh. With Kal Penn as the main actor I thought this would have been at least kinda funny but I am still waiting for my first laugh. I do however feel like I lost some of my lifetime watching the first two episodes. I will not be back for more. Supporting cast are mostly annoying, the script feels like it was written by a college freshman and the delivery is forgettable.

    Expected more from something calling itself comedy.
  • I like Kal Penn so I thought I'd give this a try. About average for a pilot. If it survives long enough I could see it getting good. Side note: who are these reviewers calling it left wing propaganda? Is it because it doesn't automatically demonize the the immigrants attempting to be American citizens? I'm guessing portraying them in any sympathetic manner automatically makes it left wing propaganda. Aside from that, the pilot gets a 6/10. I think it could get better.
  • denig70511 October 2019
    The dialog is bad and the plot is simplistic. I would expect better from KAL Penn.
  • thegreatsimaj16 October 2019
    Love kal pen! love this show! Hope it stays around!
  • drjgardner27 September 2019
    It's an OK premise, but the first episode doesn't really give you anyone to root for, and the jokes are not all that good.
  • Perhaps living near Sunnyside, Queens helps, but the quirky, over the top characters make the show fun! Some laugh out loud moments, even though there are some serious messages about immigration, "Dreamers", ICE, and the situation out there today.
  • This is a US version of the UK show Mind Your Language. Trust me, watch that instead - the characters have so much more life and chemistry. It's even better because of language barriers being a factor in getting in the way of getting their UK citizenship.
  • rayboblove2 October 2019
    This is some funny stuff, folks. And looking over the right-wing troll reviews, they confirm the point the show is making. Anyone with any sense at all would want this group of folks to be citizens in this country. And right-wing trolls have no sense, so pay no attention to their reviews. This episode made me want to do more of my part to get this mess cleaned up so we can move forward into a new day with everyone pitching in, bringing their special gifts and talents to the table for all of us to benefit by. Open your minds and your hearts, folks, and let the good times -- for everyone -- roll.

    And besides -- this show is not only progressive and open-hearted. It's funny, y'alll!!!
  • After watching 4 episodes (well at least 3 and 1/2) I have given up on this show. I honestly thought it would get better into the series. But this hasn't happened.

    Each character is simply sophomoric in every way. Cal Penn was the only character that kept my interest and the oriental brother & sister seem oddly psychopathic with a degenerate nature. And the others - well what can I say - are simple, at best.

    This show may have been good with better writers.
  • Super funny plays on stereotypical immigrants that work because of good acting and cute running gags. The Korean brother and sister duo are hilarious. Kal Penn throws some educational tidbits in to boot.
  • Decent show. Diverse cast. Can't help but see Kal's character channeling Brian Griffin from Family Guy trying to be a better person after living as a douche. I hope the show gets better because I don't see it surviving past one season. I only genuinely laughed like 2-3 times per episode.
  • Show has its flaws, some of the characters could use improvement but I think it has potential. Plenty of great shows had weak first seasons. 30 rock and parks and rec both got a lot better in season two so I'm hopeful for it. The last episode about the local news was great.
  • I'm glad I gave this show another chance after not getting/not liking the pilot that much. I feel like it has been getting better every week and the 8/10 reflects the strength of the 4th episode as well as the work of Kal Penn and many of the supporting cast ("the twins," for example, can be a bit annoying, but more often then not I laugh at loud at how ridiculous they are).

    It feels like this show might be starting to hit its stride, but it currently has a 4.6/10 rating. It is sad that networks are so quick to cancel quirky shows that don't find their audience right away.
  • It's witty portrayal of the current immigration situation is charming. Not in your face but maybe to real for the "typical " public to handle. It seem people prefer fantansy like Games of Throne.. please don't burst their bubble. I on the other hand love it. Keep up the good work.
  • Can any of you imagine if people got upset about this show. Isn't it crazy how much hate there is for in it.
  • RandomTard15 November 2019
    This comedy is not funny. Although I'm not sure if it's ment to be comedy or more somekinda political nonsense - I don't care I'm not American but since that's all this show has it's just sad.

    Acting is bad apart from the lead, especially the sister is like a wooden totem - I've seen her in another show and she was as bad in that too.
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