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  • Compulsively watched all 8 episodes over the weekend. One of the most chilling biopics ever. Think three times now before consenting to go under the knife.

    The most frightening aspect is of course the systemic corruption in the medical system that allowed the situation of this surgeon to exist at all.

    Interesting subtext too about the role of parenting in shaping personality. The endless Bible quoting of an unsupportive father in the boy's early years and youth comes across as at least a questionable way to raise children. No wonder a child may develop into a sociopath when constantly told how he never measures up to anything. By the time the father seems to become supportive it's too late and "seems" is the key word here. What parent tells an adult offspring that jail's the best place for them after all? Not a whisper about the possibility of failed parenting but more harping on hardwood floors and furniture...see it to find out what this means!

    The three actors in the centre of the story are brilliant. The ever brilliant Slater just keeps getting better and better with age. And Baldwin casts off his loudmouth bad boy reputation to turn in an incredibly low key but nuanced performance. He's a real surprise here.

    But kudos and heaps of credit must go to Joshua Jackson for accepting the role of Dr Death: ugly, unglamorous, unsexy, sociopathic, narcissistic, downright a garbage heap of a human being. Only a brave brave actor would throw themselves into such a role with the commitment Jackson has done. Especially in the last couple of episodes when he's physically transformed and all the bravado has vanished from his behaviour, Jackson is a screen presence to behold. He makes the most of the "Kubrick eyes" (look it up if you don't know) facial expression to communicate the depths into which his existence has sunk. We watch a loathsome character totally mesmerised by Jackson's acting. Superb. Just superb.

    Watch it for the urgent theme that's at the core of the series, but above all watch it to relish these three central performances. Just superb.
  • Extremely interesting story, fabulous acting and fairly good pace.

    Classically too long (always an issue with streaming nowadays - 8 episodes that could have been 6 Max. They always stretch them too long).

    It was binge worthy for sure but the time period jumping almost ruined the whole thing.... There were about 4-5 timelines going at once overlapping each other. Adding in dream sequences and what if sequences made for extremely confused story telling. I was often lost as to where we were at even though they tried to keep it on track by showing years and place names in the changes... didn't help.

    Came accross as someone trying to 'too clever' so I gave this a 7 where it would have been a 9.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Based on a True Story

    Christopher Duntsch was (past tense) a.practising neurosurgeon in Dallas, Texas, and he was sentenced on February 20, 2017, to life in prison for gross malpractice resulting in the maiming of several patients' spines and killing two of them while working at hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

    I don't know how the producers acquired so many A-Lister stars to agree to star in the TV series but my guess is they have all been (in)directly affected by a past surgery that once went wrong, or know someone close to them that have been maimed/died on the operating table.

    For any IMDB reviewers who criticize the series for not being accurate just remember that each episode is only approximately 42 minutes long, and unfortunately Dr. Duntsch's actual surgeries were prolonged and very painful for his victims. Not everyone skydives successfully and sometimes surgeons were not meant to be surgeons either.

    I look forward to watching future episodes to see how some of the hospital administrative bureaucrats try and cover up their own part in allowing Christopher Duntsch to continue surgeries at their respective hospitals, I give the series a highly rated 9 out of 10 IMDB rating.
  • In 2012, Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson) is the arrogant new surgeon at Dallas Medical Center. His ex Kim Morgan, nurse Josh Baker, and others are concerned about his work. Dr. Randall Kirby (Christian Slater) goes to his boss Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin) with damning concerns. He is desperate to stop Duntsch and his long history of incompetent surgeries. Michelle Shughart (AnnaSophia Robb) is the young ADA eager to take on the challenging case.

    This is an 8 part Peacock limited series. It's a compelling true story. Joshua Jackson does a nice villain performance but maybe the show could use less of him. I want more of Slater and Baldwin going up against the medical establishment. That's the more compelling journey. Duntsch can be a repetitive character although getting fat is kind of fun. As for the time jumping, there is a bit too much of that. I'd rather have longer flashbacks but less of them. They also need to be more strategic in their placements. All in all, I found some of Duntsch's scenes a little repetitive but he is still an interesting performance.
  • I didn't see whatever podcast people are referencing. I was familiar with the case from the news and watched this limited series. It was good. It drew me in, made me think, scared was well done. I watched it in a day. Recommend.
  • A tremendous series in its own way. The incredible level of acting by the whole cast, especially by Joshua Jackson, the heavy, suspenseful and really-felt atmosphere, thrilling moments and the fitting score, make it one of a kind of a show.
  • I have to say at first the back & forth of the timeline was kinda annoying but after watching all 8 episodes I realize it was necessary to tell the story.

    Joshua Jackson has come a long way from Pacey, he was brilliant as the psychotic Neurosurgeon, Dr. Christopher Duntsch. As a parent I certainly want my kids to be confident and have high self esteem but this dude was on a whole other level with his massive ego.

    It was great seeing Christian Slater on screen again because he is charismatic in EVERY role he portrays and his voice is like butter. He plays Dr. Randall Kirby, a Vascular surgeon who helps expose Dr Death for the monster he truly is.

    Alec Baldwin is in my opinion a very underrated & under appreciated actor who excels in either comedy or drama which few actors can actually do. He plays Dr. Robert Henderson, an Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spine care and had the unfortunate task of trying to correct Duntsch's botched surgery. Together with Dr Kirby they convince the district attorney's office to criminally prosecute Duntch and help collect evidence against him.

    I watched all eight episodes in a row and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time even though I knew the outcome.
  • I cant tell you how phenomenal this series is and was to watch. I have terrible back issues and thanks to a friend who had similar issues have avoided surgery. After watching this I'm glad I did, the acting in this features multiple Emmy winning performances. Joshua Jackson was nothing short of flawless in his lead role here, alec Baldwin and Christian Slater both were worthy of an Emm as well. Dont know all the other actors and actresses names but not 1 was even average THE WHOLE CAST was absolutely phenomenal, you will become involved in this story both mentally and emotionally. I'm a person who tries to find the positive in every scenario. At the end you decide if there was any. Thanks to some great doctors and legal professionals I think there is.
  • My Review - Dr Death Streaming on Stan

    My Rating 8/10

    Just imagine the shock of coming out of what you've been told by your Doctor is a fairly routine operation only to discover that your now a quadriplegic or worse ?

    Now imagine that the charismatic charming Doctor who has performed your operation is really an arrogant sinister surgeon who's later mental diagnosis is described as a psychopath with malignant narcissistic tendencies.

    The most disturbing aspect of this series is that it's not fiction . It's an account of real events that occurred in Texas U. S. A. Around 2012 2013. The series is based on the hit podcast inspired by the terrifying true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch.

    After building a flourishing neurosurgery practice, everything suddenly changes when two fellow surgeons Dr Randall Kirby (Christian Slater ) and Dr Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin)start to investigate Dr Christopher Duntsch's increasing record of botched operations that resulted in the maiming and deaths of a number of patients.

    That's enough of the story as it's the process of Dr Duntsch's eventual trial and conviction that's the focal point of this 8 part series.

    It's on the public record that Duntsch was accused of injuring 33 out of 38 patients in less than two years before his license was revoked by the Texas Medical Board and in 2017, was convicted of maiming one of his patients and sentenced to life imprisonment.

    It's the performances in Dr Death that make this series so worth watching especially Joshua Jackson as Dr Christopher Duntsch .

    A friend of mine who lives in Texas says the resemblance between the actor and the real "Doctor" is uncanny. I read that Dr. Duntch was originally to be played by Jamie Dornan (The Fall, Fifty Shades of Grey) only to be replaced by Joshua Jackson due to conflicts from COVID 19. Dornan and his family were in New York for filming as the Pandemic hit the US and the Country began to shut down.

    As much as I admire Jamie Dornan I think Joshua Jackson was the better choice for this complex role. His performance is quite spellbinding pretending to be the caring and optimistic Surgeon but once you know he has the mind of a serial killer who actively recruits his next victims for the operating table he shows a chilling indifference to the tragic outcomes of his malpractice and no guilt or regret what so ever.

    One assisting nurse later described the experience of observing Dr Duntch operating procedure to a doctor, "It was like he learned what to do just so he could do the opposite." Christian Slater is also wonderfull in the role of Dr Randall Kirby who's dislike and determination to expose Duntch with the tenacity of a fox terrier killing a snake . He's an interesting character with a sharp tongue and full on personality that gets him offside with a few of the authoritarian figures in the Texas medical community .

    The other stand out performances are Alec Baldwin as the more reserved Senior Dr Robert Henderson who is as keen to bring Duntch to trial but takes a more cautious approach .

    Dominic Burgess gives a great performance as Jerry Summers an associate and friend of Dr Duntch who refuses to believe the tragic outcome that Duntch has inflicted on his life.

    Two very impressive women play important roles in Dr Death one is Grace Gummer as a Nurse and lover of Christopher Duntch .

    If you close your eyes Grace Gummer sounds so much like her mother Meryl Streep its very obvious that she has inherited her Mums great acting talent.

    The other impressive female role is AnnaSophia Rob as the young prosecutor Michelle Shughart who finds the only appropriate and effective charge to put Duntch behind bars or life.

    An impressive script of 7 writers , and excellent direction by three women So Yong Kim, Maggie Kiley and Jennifer Morrison help make Dr Death an interesting and compelling series but a warning if blood or operations make you queasy perhaps this series is not for you ?

    What I found most disturbing and I suspect or hope couldn't occur in Australia because of our strict reporting regulations was the fact that what Dr Christopher Duntsch, committed were hideous crimes but the true scandal is that some of Texas's leading hospitals, such as Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Plano and Dallas Medical Center, quietly passed him on-letters of recommendation in hand-to other clinics, where he could continue to solicit and harm other patients.

    As is shown at the end of the series unless changes are made these events could occur again in Texas and the U. S. A.
  • This is a series that is hard to stop watching, even though it is supremely disturbing. What makes it even more tragic is that it is a true story. Anyone who has ever had a medical procedure done will feel affected by this series. Having lost my mother only hours after surgery for heart bypasses (which was supposed to improve her life, not take it) I felt particularly disturbed. This series is as much about the inhumane way that corporations (hospitals in this case) care more about their bottom line than they do the people they are supposed to help, as it does about the one doctor who is at the center of this whole story. My only quibble with the series is that it bounces from time period to time period like a tennis ball in play. Why oh why, are so many films being made in such a way, rather than giving us a linear telling of the story? Outside of this, I found the whole thing so fascinating, I ended up watching all of the episodes in a single day, something I very rarely do. I highly recommend the series, but be prepared to get really mad, really sad, and really frustrated more than once. P. S. Acting, all around is top notch too.
  • In that context alone every single person who participated in this project should be acknowledged for the importance of their contribution.

    Exposing this monster, in this way, is powerful and impactful and could ensure he never hurts another human being.

    Such good work by everyone. Christian Slater is perfect. Alec Baldwin almost destroyed me with the force of his restraint. But the mother of them all (and it will take me some time to thaw) is the Corporate Ice Queen, Laila Robins, with a veneer so smooth and the glittering blue eyes to go with. A clearer illustration of what makes 'business go' could not be made.

    Because he does such a stunningly good job it's hard to admire Johua Jackson so completely does he embody the odious Christopher Duntsch.

    Christopher Duntsch. We want that name KNOWN so that he can never do it again. We want people to see this . . . And remember.
  • Well I can definitely say that Christian Slater nailed Dr. Randall Kirby's personality. Please no offense Dr. Kirby I owe you a great debt. It was quite difficult for me to watch my surgery was quite accurate the gentleman that portrayed me in the movie did a great job I think his name was Joe I found the actor on Instagram and we communicated he asked if I looked anything like him I told him no I was a overweight middle-aged white guy we both had a good laugh. The story was extremely accurate to my recollection.

    I am left with a condition called adhesive arachnoiditis it's extremely painful and gets worse as time goes on. Medical bills are never ending. The movie was great please watch the documentary.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in making the film I greatly appreciate the hard work.
  • Coming on this one as I was looking for newer documentaries I may have missed. It's not a documentary, rather it's a drama based on actual events. On occassion it's true this style of story telling can show additional sides giving added dimensions without resorting to fictional embellishments. Without actually a deep dive research this series seems to project this combination.

    A "bad apple" doctor, Dr. Duntsch, has slipped through some definite red flags as he moves from Baylor Plano Medical Center to Dallas Medical Center as the serie begins. This as one noted Baylor vascular surgeon noted the man couldn't wield a scapel and Dr. Duntsch's mounting extremely "bad outcomes" included a death prompting Baylor to limit Duntsch's surgeries to minor ones. This sets the tone for more horrors to come.

    The acting in this series is quite good with the excellent Joshua Jackson from Fringe fame as the big talking psychopathic and regularly chemically addled Dr. Duntsch. Alec Baldwin as Dr. Robert Henderson and Christian Slater as Dr. Randal Kirby perform admirably as doctors raising gross concerns about Duntsch. AnnaSophia Robb as the prosecutor steals it all in the last few episodes. This combination is a good one and propels the story well.

    That was the good, but there's also a fail. The series makes some non-linear somewhat haphazzard choices in telling the story, meaning it certainly could be more clearly told. Like many made for TV drama-docu series this one also suffers from stretching as it may have been more succinctly preseted in fewer episodes. If you can overlook these things and find the core it's a very interesting story with unfortunate horrors that are chilling.
  • Set over the course of several years, the series follows Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson) from his formative college years to eventually becoming a medical doctor and surgeon. Over the course of his career at hospitals all over the state of Texas Dr. Duntsch is involved in the maiming or death of 33 patients while facing no disciplinary action or suspension. Two medical doctors Randall Kirby (Christian Slater) and Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin) team up to try and find a way to stop Duntsch and prevent him from harming more patients.

    Based on the Wondery podcast of the same name, Dr. Death chronicles the true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch the disgraced and now incarcerated former neurosurgeon who was nicknamed "Dr. Death" when details of his surgeries came to light. The show does a respectable job telling its true life story respectfully and with purpose telling a story of not only a malignant narcissist and sociopath, but also the layers of bureaucratic buck passing and deceptive and misleading documentation that covered for Dr. Duntsch's actions for the sake of protecting public image, prestige, and dodging legal liability.

    Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater are terrific as Doctors Henderson and Kirby and have great chemistry with Baldwin's more serious level headed planner well complimented by Slater's more laid back and loose attitude making them for an endearing and likable set of heroes. But by far the biggest asset in the show is Joshua Jackson as "Dr. Death" Duntsch himself. From the first time we meet Duntsch he absolutely oozes with contempt. Alternating between a veneer of smug and phony unearned confidence that has the same level of slimy appeal as a used car salesman and a searing intensity of rage, insecurity, jealousy, and paranoia that gives the man the level of threat on par with a live wire next to a puddle. It's a brilliant performance by Jackson and great examination of a terrible person.

    Dr. Death does struggle getting viewers hooked thanks to a tendency to jump around the timeline with multiple sequences taking place at different points in Duntsch's past intercut with the ongoing investigation with Kirby and Henderson. While the title text does give us a sense of time and place I'd often find myself lost briefly wondering if certain events took place before others thanks to the non linear storytelling. While the time jumps can be disorienting I did eventually find myself settling into the show's rhythm and was able to become fully immersed.

    Dr. Death is not an easy sit and will be a haunting experience for many viewers. With its cold analytical narrative detailing actions of inhuman callousness and indifference there will be many viewers who will not be able to stomach this series for the surgery scenes alone (not that they're excessively gory, but they are intense). With that said, the show is a well made and well-acted story that tries to do justice to the victims and understand why this happened and who was responsible. Highly recommended.
  • carlasad15 July 2021
    The subject matter is just downright scary to imagine and I truly feel for the people who put their trust in a doctor who ended up being a butcher. Reading about everything he did to his patients was unbelievable. More unbelievable was that fact the he was allowed to keep performing surgeries because of all the red tape. On another note, Christian Slater just keeps getting better in his craft as an actor. He stole the show!
  • I felt 8 episodes was a little long, and the constant jumping back and forth along the timeline felt unnecessary at times, however there was some top tier acting and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Slater and Baldwin. Overall a well executed story.
  • gallagherkellie18 July 2021
    I'd heard about the real life story, and they did a great job with the show. Joshua Jackson played the character really well. It never got too long or boring even when discussing medical things.

    At the beginning I was getting slightly annoyed and confused with the time jumps but I got used to it pretty quickly. Definitely worth watching!!
  • Slater and Baldwin are excellent and Point-Du Jour is an actor I hope to see more of... All I can say is "watch the pilot" then you decide.
  • Usually when watching a series or movie based on a true story the events are exaggerated to add to the drama but in my opinion this show was watered down a touch as the true story would have seemed even more far fetched if relayed in a series.
  • This is an interesting show, however it is extremely dragged out. It would have been really good if it were only a 3 or 4 episode mini series. I found myself losing interest in the show by the 5th and 6th episode and just wanted it to finish. The actors in it, Mr Baldwin, Mr Slater, and Mr Jackson were brilliant though.
  • This is not an enjoyable watch. It's annoying at times and drags on. Cast is decent enough but gets old fast.

    The podcast was much better. This show attempts to show two doctors as heroes when it took them years to stop a hack doctor from maiming/killing patients. Not exactly heroes in my mind.

    This story needs to be told though, as there is a lot of blame on the system that allowed this to happen, and more importantly the hospitals that didn't want to put in a bad reference for fear of litigation.
  • mandela14217 July 2021
    This is the first ive heard of this doctor so i had no idea there was a podcast. Im gonna warn you,this is scary and may shook you to the core. The acting is phenomenal and the only problem i had was that it was confusing at times. It doesnt have a proper timeline from paint a to point b ,instead, jumps from patient to patient until you honestly barely remember their names(maybe thats a me problem).

    All in all, worth your time and attention.
  • camjace-4517425 July 2021
    Great script. Perfect acting (Alec Baldwin and Slater, I'm talking to you lol), couldn't look away and had to binge it. Joshua Jackson proves that an actor might not be able to show you how good he is until the perfect role comes. Good job, really.

    I think the bonding power of this series is the story. It's vicious and scary and deeply unsettling, especially for anyone who's struggling with doctors in a way or another. Not that doctors are bad. It's just that it's such a delicate profession where the few bad apple could kill the world.

    In the end, I have not felt bored for a second. Given the heavy subject, this was done with excellence.
  • This show tells the Story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch.

    Others have argued it could have been completed in a 2 episode run, which is accurate, but the depravity of this "Doctor" and systematic-failures would have been lost (imho).

    The complaints of the sequencing (time line jumping) are valid; there were many times my Wife and I looked to each other and say "is this current time?" After acknowledging those two issues, this series is a definite EIGHT-out-of-TEN.

    The acting by Alec Baldwin (don't care for his politics) was excellent, as was that of Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson. In fact, the entire cast really told the story with the Passion, Honesty and Emotion I believe would have existed in the very REAL People that stayed the course in their hope of holding Dr. Duntsch accountable for the nightmare-scenarios he inflicted on 30+ victims.

    We binged all eight episode over 2 nights and were happy we did, but were also glad it was over.

    Definitely emotional, and possibly "triggering" for anyone who has felt "victimized" by the Medical System.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watched all eight episodes in one setting. Acting was fantastic all around. The scene that bothered me the most was Dr. Death paralyzing his best friend (Jerry). Jerry's fear is heart wrenching once he realized he was a dead from the neck down. Intense show!
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