The real Dr. Christopher Duntsch was accused of injuring 33 out of 38 patients in less than two years before his license was revoked by the Texas Medical Board.

Dr. Duntch was originally to be played by Jamie Dornan (The Fall, Fifty Shades of Grey) only to be replaced by Joshua Jackson due to conflicts from COVID 19. Dornan and his family were in New York for filming as the Pandemic hit the US and the Country began to shut down. Dornan (& family) were able to safely return back to the UK.

The series' working title was "The Dirty Deeds of Duntsch," but Joshua Jackson threatened to leave the production unless it was changed.

This Is Us' Chris Sullivan was originally supposed to play Jerry Summers.

Christian Slater and Grace Gummer both co-starred in "Mr. Robot".

Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin last starred together in the movie "The Public" (2018).