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  • miyukt8 September 2019
    Ok plot & storyline, ok script writing, bad acting...but I just couldn't stop watching it.
  • First of all, I watched EVERY episode back to back yesterday and FINISHED it. That's how good it was. I don't think people should write a bad review unless they have watched the whole thing. Let me address the bridge scene one bad reviewer spoke about. I can't fully explain without giving away a major plot so I will say this: there is a reason the characters overact to the girl falling just inches into the water. Just when you think, oh ok this is predictable, it throws a curve ball at you that totally changes what you were thinking. At first I was like ok this is your typical teen thriller but after the 2nd episode, I was hooked. You have to watch it through and all the silly things you thought were stupid acting will have you rethinking your life, the paranormal, science and nature. What if, just what if stuff like this could really happen? I thought the last episode would be the end. In the last minute, literally, as it wraps every thing up, it shoves in a new twist with an interesting cliff hanger. These actors will go far as they played their parts much better than some movies with adults actors. Don't listen to the reviews who didn't watch it from beginning to end. They will never understand.
  • I don't do many reviews on here but after reading several of the posted reviews I felt like I should share my perspective.

    This show centers on a group of teenagers spending the summer at a summer camp on an island and how they deal with the mysterious events that take place as well as teenage politics and power plays.

    If you want adult programming you might be disappointed. If you want or require a big budget look you might be disappointed. If you want super witty and intellectual dialogue you might be disappointed. But if you are looking for a lightweight teenage mystery then this is pretty decent. It has a creepy supernatural vibe to it. Why is something you have to watch to find out. I personally enjoyed it, it took a few episodes to bond with the characters and get into the story but once that happened it became an enjoyable ride.
  • Watched the whole series in one night. It starts off as the typical teen clique, mean girls type of movie but goes to the dark side. Not a perfect show, but definitely intriguing enough to watch to the end. I didn't find the acting either outstanding OR particularly bad. Just average. But it is all about the mystery, so it worked for me. Don't expect an earth shatteringly good show, but just a fun summer ride into a weird mystery and you should enjoy it .
  • fr0w1 September 2019
    Why are 20 year olds at a summer camp? Shouldn't they be running running it? Show would probably make more sense if the actors were like 5 years younger.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    About 15 minutes in at that end of the capture the flag game Amber pretends to fall walking across a rope bridge over a creek. So instead of winning the game Mia decides to help. The way they all act one would think the rope bridge was a hundred feet above a rapid river. No no, it's literally inches above a creek that is maybe two inches deep. This is so bad it might be the worst ever on Netflix. And they canceled OA?!
  • Oh my God I couldn't even get through the first episode. This show is horrid. The script, the acting, the story.. Everything is just so so so bad. I don't care if Netflix adds a million terrible shows but NOT in the place of actually GOOD shows, like The OA and so many others which were cancelled before their time only to add terrible shows like this or Sabrina or whatever else. I am seriously debating on canceling my Netflix account since as of right now, Crave and Amazon have WAY better original titles. What happened to you, Netflix? This is the start of your demise.
  • This was a return to British Adventure tv shows from the 70s and 80s like Catweazel and The Famous 5. I really enjoyed it. Good storyline and fun to watch.
  • wethesusan4 September 2019
    The story can be good but it's not pure of the terrible acting. It's like I'm watching a cheap childhood movie.
  • I wasn't looking for a seriously good show, something to watch while my fav shows are preparing for another season. But this one kinda disappointed me, I love the concept but it couldve been writing better. I dislike when shows like "make" drama for themselves to keep it going. like you couldnt of figured out a better way then have the people do the dumbest things that cause problems for them later. I love horror, I love sci-fi, I love suspense n thrillers and this show could've had all of that but instead I found myself more often than not annoyed and angry and predicting the entire thing. I don't wanna predict what happens, that takes all the fun out of it. like i try to watch shows with little to no expectations so I avoid disappointment and yet. Watch when your bored and theres nothing else to watch and maybe you'll enjoy it better than I did. As for watching the second season if they have one I might, purely out of curiosity.
  • melly_26 September 2019
    I feel that some of the reviews here are a little harsh. I really enjoyed it. The more i watched it the more intriguing it became. Sure, the acting isnt Acadamy award material but i liked the diversity of the characters and the story line. My advice is to hang in there and watch it all. It is the type of show that will stick in your mind. I hope they release season 2.
  • melissa-goulet2 September 2019
    I really wanted to enjoy this lol but it was so bad so so bad lol the acting is terrible and yes it it's very childish and not in a good way lol I do enjoy teen stuff it's a guilty pleasure but this just was not it lol
  • zokinus4 September 2019
    Started off extremely cringy and bad, either it got better or i just got used to it... not sure. The characters are easy to dislike and the acting is really weak. Also not a fan of the whole theme and storyline. Not the worst thing i've seen but i would not watch it again.
  • ren2592 September 2019
    I binge watched the entire series tonight and wanted to find out if there will be a 2nd season. If so I can't wait!!
  • cmcrisp4 September 2019
    Plot conveniences, terrible characters, poor plot structuring. Plot becomes predictable after the third episode with very little to be found afterwards. Not much going for it. Still better than being scared of the rain.
  • I loved this show. It reminded me of the teen mystery shows I used to love as a kid. Like House of Anubis, which was my favorite, and it reminds me of it so much! I was skeptical about the first episode but now I love it so much! Give it a chance....
  • mdyusrishah10 October 2019
    This is probably the worst show I've ever saw on Netflix. Not even worth your time.
  • ioneebrijanareid6 September 2019
    What is going on here? I love to binge and watch corny, cheesy, easy TV series when I'm ill. Gave this a shot... Onto episode 3 and I do not understand half the character's decisions, or their logic in anything, I do not feel anything for them, and quite frankly I don't care. Netflix is going down, this is horrible. I love the idea for the storyline, but frankly, it's like the director of Lost had a run in with a brick wall at one hundred miles an hour, the actors were pulled from the lowest budget talent agency, the writers had a stroke and the producers were extremely intoxicated but gave it the ay-ok because.... why not? Pass.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Later episodes tell us that this is all happening a year after the group first met. Fine. But then when did their minds get wiped initially? We know Midge didn't get magi-healed right away, so we just had a kid injured from a fall on the last night of camp. Did someone from evil logo corporation decide to kidnap and mind wipe all the rest of the group on the off chance she would die or get magi-healed? And none of their families made an effort to find them, since they apparently never left the place their families knew they were. Or did they get invited back to relive their camping experience where a tragedy happened, and they accepted!?

    And we know they are mind wiped at the beginning of episode 1 because the two 'super in love' couples, who we are told were in relationships ever since last year, as well as everyone else doesn't recognize each other.

    Really the first episodes up until the Midsummer event are the best, creating some really weird mysteries. But it all falls apart when they start explaining what's going on. It just gets dumber and dumber, and makes the earlier stuff completely incoherent.

    Meh, let's just call it Teen-Lost and we will find out later they are all dead already.
  • This is a bomb ass show like just lean into it a little bit,, yes its i teeny tiny bit predictable but still not the entire plot. It's incredibly amusing to watch and despite what everyone seems to say the actors are solid!! The bad acting people describe seems very false to me? as a teen i can confirm, this is teen. Ive met every single one of these characters. So yeah, lean into the supernatural part a bit, because i desperately need a second season like Now!
  • danoholzken8 September 2019
    Finished the series in a few days. Short episodes but packed with action. After reading some of the reviews here I really started wondering why the ratings are so low. I think it's a really good series if you dont look too close to acting and stuff. Hoping to see a second season.
  • jknol-214481 September 2019
    Yeah it's ok. Nice storytelling but looks like a mix off multiple series/movies.
  • vhoop-1237320 September 2019
    I absolutely loved it! It has the perfect mix of relationships, drama and thrillers! I loved the characters they all mixed in well... it only took one episode to suck me in... We need a season 2!
  • dpugh-734301 September 2019
    I'm 15 minutes into the first episode and already hate half the characters. It reminds me of a very poor done knock off of a PLL type show.
  • nitish_hsitin3 September 2019
    Just watch the show, be honest and rate it. And if the producers read your feedback they hopefully stop wasting our time.
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