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  • Completely juvenile and low brow.

    Lowest Common Denominator is what they were going for and that's exactly what you get. Absolutely nonsensical. They went out of their way to make it extra disgusting. A poor message for younger viewers.

    I couldn't help but laugh, but I have a dark sense of humor. If you dare to watch it, stay until the very end.

    Keep Away From Children.
  • Going in I thought this would be a really stupid movie that I would get a laugh or two out of how bad it was but after the movie I am shocked how good it is. It was non stop comedy that consistently had me laughing at the gags they set up, and there's loads of gags so buckle up, and kept on delivering. I really think this will find a cult following because of how out there it is and I'm all for it.
  • stirthesauce23 March 2021
    One of the funniest films I e seen in a long time!
  • I figured this would be some stupid movie that sucked me in cause I'm Jewish. It's not. I fvcking loved it. I mean there is just non-stop comedy. I found myself laughing with muscles that I didn't know I have. I'm still soar... Feel like this is gonna get a cult following like Wet Hot American Summer. Also, the fact that this Kaufman kid wrote, directed, and starred in the movie is impressive. He's like a young Mel Brooks. Well done!
  • Aww the movies...a time to sit down eat a medium size popcorn and watch the movie you've been waiting to see. Could a thrilling action movie, or a suspenseful horror movie, maybe it's a sweet romance movie, or in this case a gut wrenching comedy movie that gives you no time to breath. Donny's Bar Mitzvah is one of the greatest comedy films I've seen being up there with "The Hangover" but not quite "Airplane" level but that is a testament to how hilarious this movie is because Airplane is my #1 comedy movie. The movie has a couple sub plots (kinda like Airplane's sub plots) that offer some great gags and end in CRAZY conclusions that will either leave you laughing out loud, in shock, pure disgust, or maybe ALL THREE AT ONCE XD.

    Also this movie is the pure definition of wild, where other comedy movies feel like they smoked a joint or two this movie feels like it's had 10 joints and is drunk beyond all belief in all the best ways. It's not afraid to make some riskee jokes that will leave everyone thinking "Did that really just happen?" and then proceed to probably do something even more shocking. Donny's Bar Mitzvah is also like South Park where it takes shots at everyone and there will at least be one to five jokes that will offend you but that's the fun of it. Before I drawl my conclusions I want to point out two things...the writing and the cast, the writing is all over the place and it works to make a non stop joyride of a movie and the cast is SO dedicated to the characters they are portraying it heighten's the film even more than it already is.


    If you read the title I think Donny's Bar Mitzvah is going to have a cult following just like Airplane and the Rocky Horror Picture Show with how out there the movie is. Danny Trejo, penis hats, shots at everyone, really funny action scenes, the 90's ascetic, they all culminate for a one of a kind movie that you'll probably never see again. This is no Scorsese and if you expect that from every movie don't bother with this one but if you like out there comedies, like Airplane, and just want something to absolutely die to then Donny's Bar Mitzvah is a much watch.

  • This movie is a crazy and ridiculous ride. This reminds me of an Adam Sandler/Happy Madison production. If you love fun ridiculous raunchy humor and not easily offended this movie is for you. I laughed a lot. That's what a comedy is supposed to make you do. A lot of complete wtf moments but hilarious nonetheless. You have to be willing and able to take this movie for what it is...a super fun and ridiculous quick watch
  • joshdiskin28 March 2021
    Pure insanity. The Come On Eileen and final "kiss" scene were hysterical. This movie has a million laughs and a heart of gold. Also, loved the 'You're Not My Dad' cameo. Such a great song. I cant wait for my 3 year old son to grow up so we can watch this together in preparation of his Bar Mitzvah. He has so much to learn.
  • Crazy funny movie. An absurdity that probably shouldn't even exist. If you love absurd movies then it's a must watch.
  • For every Jewish person who loved 1990s bar mitzvahs, this movie is everything and more. I laughed hysterically from start to finish. The absurdity mixed with just that perfect amount of truth and nostalgia made me want this to never end. The filming, acting, and editing is incredibly well done and brought me right back to the country club dance floors. I can't wait to watch again and again and again.
  • About time someone made a banger of a comedy! This movie hits and it hits hard. It's raunchy, random, and so damn refreshing! Highly recommend!
  • BandSAboutMovies25 March 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Donny Drucker's 1998 Bar Mitzvah VHS Tape is now available to watch in your home. Yes, see what it was like to be at a party that featured "scandalous affairs, love triangles, spin the bottle and a man with ranch dressing for hands."

    What? Written, directed and produced by Jonathan Kaufman, this movie appears to be an old VHS tape, shot in the style of a home video. It makes its way through the scandalous behavior of kids and their parents at a bar mitzvah. Somehow, Danny Trejo ends up at this and I bet he has no idea how to speak Yiddish. I really liked how far this movie pushed things, unafraid to go for it and be as raunchy as the teen comedies that I grew up watching. I've never been at a bar mitzvah, so it's hard for me to comment on the accuracy of the proceedings, but after seeing this movie, I pretty much am looking for an invitation to go to one.
  • Zucker Brothers style humor with a lot of trite jokes. Nicholas Gallucci, who worked with Tim & Eric on two separate youtube projects in 2013, adds every "Awesome Show" edit and effect imaginable. The blending of these two styles of humor doesn't work well in my opinion.