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  • The opening vignette of "Hard Fi Swingers 2" is staged with the tiny Kilergram headquarters staircase in the background, sure identifier of generic porn from the venerable British supplier. The ladies in this one are more obscure than usual, though a couple of faves make the scene.

    Those two are Loz Lorrimar and Anaya Leon, latter aka Kaia Kane as users of this database are well aware. Most of the six scenes are threesomes, though director DiSanto avoids any anal sex content let alone a d.p., what gonzo fans have become accustomed to receiving almost as a porno birthright.

    One girl is introduced by DiSanto (voice on soundtrack) as Tanya something or other, her stage name in limbo, and she gets a screen credit as Tanya Best, a name I had to add to the database. She is unimpressive, and in general the lineup has no stunners. Same old studs, who seemingly sleepover at the Killergram studio rather than joining the ranks of the homeless, are quite overworked here, especially Jez "Christ" Kane, whose massive member is instantly identifiable in nearly every vignette.