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  • Several flashes from the past as well as brand-new talent is on view in Filly Films' tribute to domination. This is an unsual vignette feature, offering something a bit different from the leaders in the field: Gamma, Girlfriends and Sweetheart.

    Opening vignette brings back two personal faves in the MILF department, Jennifer Best and all-time great Rebecca Bardoux, teaming up as cougars employed as nurses who give crazy teen Victoria Voss a thorough Sapphic treatment. This is a strong scene, very well-acted by the trio who throw themselves into their odd roles with more vigor and sincerity than one sees in the competition. I've never seen Voss before, but she deserves a solid career on the basis of this showing.

    Another top performer who I thought had retired is Devon Lee, cast as a hapless tennis instructor who cannot get spoiled brat Monica Rise to work at perfecting her game. That means some bossing around of a sexual nature is in order.

    Final scene is over-the-top, as veteran Heather Starlet (well-remembered as heroine of many a Girlfriends Films show) manages to be almost convincing as a teen, collared by policewomen Diana Prince and Lolly Foxx for stealing a purse. They give her what-for, and it's certainly a hot scene. Foxx is a poor actress blessed (artificially one would presume) with an impressive rack, while both Prince and Heather are a suprise in that I thought they had moved on to bigger and better projects.