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  • Absolute disgrace ! Boring to the core, pls avoid such movies
  • Rubbish movie. Overrated casts and totally disappointed.
  • STR on the comeback trail it seems. Vain self praising nonsense. Chumma renting bikes, cars for nothing. What's the point of this movie, nothing cohesive ! Sundar C losing his touch , Kalakalapu was his last good Sundar C mix. Hip Hop Tamizha surely gave the job to his friends for the music. Rubbish. Megha Akash is so casual. Varala, suthama varala. Catherine can dance and thats it. Comedy was decent, wait for compilation on YouTube and watch it there.
  • siddharthavel2 February 2019
    The movie is mixed with comedy and centiment but the comedies are not nice and finally in climax the centiment was so boring
  • The movie is full on full fun ride!. I don't understand why people are hating this movie man. There's movies that are worst than this? Stop being hard on str seriously!
  • It is definitely a better movie to spend your time. It boldly challenges even old time epics in its Indira scenes. Please watch it in theater with family to understand how seeing things from others perspectives changes you as a person.

    Beginning and climax both are strong. Hero entry is subtle and the comedy scenes bold. There are many moments where the script jumps a lot, yet can be forgiven for the comedic effect intended.

    Do not listen to people who make spelling mistakes. (Sentiment, not centiment. Centimeter is an unit of measure)