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  • This movie tried to tell a morality story about the dangers of social media interaction over IRL human contact. Unfortunately, it has inspired me to start my own vlog and hire my own teen manager named Skyler. Seems legit!

    Over the top acting, easy to follow, and tried to say something. Pour it up! (One star off for minimal POC representation.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    On the surface, "Deadly Influencer" is a critique of the shallowness of social media, the danger of becoming addicted, and mindlessness of "followers," "votes," and internet "friending." However, the core of the film is really about a sociopathic Svengali on the loose, a nefarious "manager" who takes control over young women on the internet with the goal of making them social media stars.

    The nut case is Skylar Madison, a young woman who first engineered the meteoric rise to fame of Monica Davis, prior to pushing her over a balcony, then administering a lethal injection in the hospital. Skylar had also murdered her mother from whom she inherited the genes of a control freak. With the death of the mother, Skylar inherited the family home.

    The most interesting character in the film was Doreen, the hard-drinking cousin of Skylar. When Doreen gets wise to her cousin, she could have turned her in to the authorities. But Doreen did not follow her conscience, but insisted on becoming a "partner" in Skylar's scam. As a consequence, Skylar paid the ultimate price.

    There was a heartfelt bonding with Jessica Lake and her dear mother, a widow and a school teacher. But the theme of the hazards of social media was lost in the evil way that Skylar was narcissistically manipulating Jessica. Thus, the message at the end of the film that J-Lake TV was a failure and we should instead be focusing on IRL (in real life) interactions was never very convincing.
  • lkbarbados17 August 2019
    One of the worst lifetime movies...bad acting.....
  • The audio quality sounds like of a 70s show. It sounds even worst during scenes where Skyler and her sister are in the house. While the quality is somewhat better during the scenes outside Skyler's house, overall it sounds like everyone is talking through a paper towel tube. The premise seems interesting, but they try too hard to push the "social media bad" message, rather than balancing it out. Lastly, the way Monica was killed off was pretty idiotic. All the hospital would have to do is check their security cams, and see a nurse they may or may not recognize. That and it would look extremely suspicious if that same nurse pulled up, went only into one room - where the patient died - then left. How at all was that plan suppose to work?