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  • The only way you would rate this movie 10/10 is if you are brain dead or have personal ties with the actors. This movie is the usual Vice Ganda comedy and the usual trending people at the moment (who can't act). This felt like watching 3 c-rated movies put together to make a massive incoherent picture with no definite ending. That said, I am sure that the usual Filipino crowd would eat this up and it would sell more than it should have had.
  • kevbee28 December 2018
    Unless you live in Philippines, you may not know the name of Vice Ganda - but he is practically an institution in that country. He appears on the daily show 'Showtime' and has his own late-night talk show. In recent years, it has also been a Christmas ritual to see the Vice Ganda Christmas movie. These are always low-budget light hearted comedies with a fair degree of slapstick. Ideal family fare. So what went wrong with Fantastica? Just about everything. A wafer-thin plot and a bored looking supporting cast not helped with a dubious script made this a tedious 2 hours. And it would appear the writers didn't know how to end the movie which went on and on and on .... and carried on through the end credits. The best laughs come right at the very end when they play the bloopers reel. Don't waste your time.
  • jajayhan-720336 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Need tO watch please How to watch this movie Please help me
  • This movie is corny and there's no story. BAKYA!!' not a good movie. watch something else it waste of money.
  • azkibis29 December 2018
    Nothing new just old common cringe type of comedy that is vice. I laugh more on yodeling boy than this trash.
  • I watched this movie recently it was not a fun experience. I mostly found myself cringing from the 'jokes' didn't really produce any kind of laugh from me a few chuckles here and there but otherwise just another comedic dump.
  • The Metro Manila Film Festival was really intended to be a festival of films that will showcase the films of our country to the world. But ever since the MMFF changed their criteria that focuses more on commercial appeal, things changed.

    The film's storyline is really not MMFF-worthy. The casting was quite awful; some of their actors do not act well. The jokes are corny, unlike Vice Ganda's previous films from 2010-2015. The poster seems to be messy. The production design was not that good, their costumes were not that good-looking.

    It's actually sad to know that many of our countrymen are fond of watching these types of films.

    Vice Ganda should also challenge himself to try making a film that would focus more on awards and not on box office.

    I do not recommend this film.
    • none

    THE BAD:
    • The jokes are corny and plain bad. Some jokes are too adulterated to think that this is a PG movie.
    • All of the cast are brilliantly bad when it comes to acting department. No one stands including Vice Ganda.
    • The script and story feels lazy.
    • The CGI is badly done.

    OVERALL: Fantastica is awfully bad that I regret watching this plain movie trash. This is the only Filipino movie I hate after watching. But I have a hope that one day the director and Vice Ganda will make a movie not like this for now, this is "One the worst Filipino film ever made!!!"
  • What happen to the producers & writers this days....;this movie is load of crap & a bunch lame ol' cliche jokes..,if theres only a zero in rating,i would give this a zero..
  • "Fantastica" is a lot of fun and surprisingly slightly dramatic. While the film does not provide laugh after laugh after laugh, when it gives laughs, it is definitely funny. Jacklyn Jose's performance in her dramatic scenes made the film even better, though said scenes were slightly ruined by jokes. STILL, this is very entertaining!
  • If you want to know what people are talking about, go to the nearest movie theater and find out for yourself!!!
  • Movie critics in the Philippines are either paid or dead.