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  • Oh dear lord... That is essentially all that is needed to summarize this 2019 'action' movie starring Mark Dacascos from writer and director Wych Kaosayananda.

    When I sat down to watch this movie it was solely because of it having Mark Dacascos in the lead role. But it didn't take me long into the movie to realize that this was going to be a suckfest. And it was. Oh, how it was.

    Now, the movie is listed as action. No, this isn't really an action movie. It is sort of a movie that tries to accommodate a heap of genres, which included action, horror, drama and thriller, but ultimately failed to deliver on any of them. And the movie turned out to be a scrambled heap of a muddled mess that didn't prove to be overly entertaining or enjoyable.

    Initially I was a little bit thrilled when I saw zombies, but then I noticed the make-up on the zombies and the way that they were moving, and my excitement quickly vanished. This movie may have zombies in it, but I wouldn't really characterize the movie as being a zombie movie per se.

    The storyline in "The Driver" was, and pardon me for being perfectly blunt here, pointless. It was ridiculously slow paced and it served next to no purpose, which meant that the movie trotted on in an atrocious pace and offered very, very little for the audience to enjoy.

    And the characters in the movie were mundane, one-dimensional cardboard cutouts with no personalities or features. And you didn't even invest an ounce of interest in the characters or what happened to them.

    The scene where Dacascos was sitting alone in the car towards the end was so painstakingly prolonged, and it became cringeworthy to watch. Especially because it seemed to drag on forever and ever.

    This movie is bad, quite bad. And even the title serves the actual storyline or plot no purpose.

    I am rating "The Driver" three out of ten stars solely based on the production level of the movie and because it did have Mark Dacascos in it after all.

    But do yourself a favor, even if you are a fan of Dacascos, and stay well clear of this stinker. It simply just isn't worth your time, money or effort.
  • Dialogue must've been written by a five-year-old... they clearly also made the set and props. It's a disaster. It's boring. It's delivered by robots. Camera is oddly constantly doing closeups of MC's chin, ears, and the wife's spider mascara lashes. There's no reason for the catalyst to the MCs moving.... like the "bad guys" break in to the homemade fort to just let the zombies run amuck, not steal or takeover... just so they can all be ate by said zombies. Nonsense.
  • pipo-4 January 2020
    What feels like 1 hour in due to the slow movement and horrible directing and acting , and cheesy dialog, I still see opening credits going, I knew this was gonna be bad, waited another agonizing 10 minutes which felt like 14 hours, yes park the car and clean it, I can assume bmw funded this or provided free car, but after that still no driving hmm, boring slow motion shots of him walking down hall for 10 minutes, super closeups I mean wtf is the camera man obsessed with him or just doesn't know how to use the zoom.

    fast forwarded it even gets worse, driving scenes are projector types (you know what they used in old movies), daughter cant act.... shut it off

    waste of time. avoid.
  • I feel if you watch this movie as more of a drama you'll enjoy it more. The beginning of the movie actually has some really good action and fight scenes and shoot outs, that you would want from Mark dacascos. Essentially, it's two movies. After the first half, I kind of felt like most movies would of ended it there. but the movie changes to this kind of road trip movie where the characters grow together. I think if they would have drawn out the first half then people would be pleased with movie but by taking a risk and going with more of a story about how the characters deal emotionally with being in an zombie apocalypse. I think some people might be put off with the tonal shift. That's more about the relationships with a little bit of action sprinkled in here and there. Reminds me of one of those double packs titled his and hers. In an attempt to make everyone happy the director might you sit through some stuff that's not your cup of tea. Essentially if you only want coffee.
  • bontskeo-058419 January 2020
    Most horrible movie of 2019. I am sure a lot could have been done with a 1.3million Budget
  • Not too many new zombie movies lately. So not much to pick in the genre. Is it a great movie. No. It's decent enough tough. Especially for one with only a budget of 1.3 million. Good enough to watch on Netflix
  • After seeing Mark Dacascos in John Wick 3 in which he's great btw I figured I'd checkout this movie with him as the star. It's about a father daughter road trip in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse as they drive to the promised land. So the story has been done before and nothing original but I was sort of expecting gun fights and car chases given the title but that's not what this movie is about. It's really a drama about a father daughter relationship. The problem is the script is weak and dialogue a bit stilted so you don't end up caring for the characters much. Granted it's a low budget production but a good story with great dialogue can hold a viewers interest. I couldn't help but fast forward through the slow parts to get through the movie as the plot is totally predictable.
  • hassankasem8 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Have you watched the short fim Cargo? This is an attempt to make an extended, different version of the same plot! My advice, watch the original.
  • Mark Ducascos is literally the only saving grace in this waste of time, horribly acted, stale, boring, and overall asinine thing they call a, "movie." After coming off of his John Wick 3 starring role, I'm really surprised and ashamed that Mark is in this! Don't even waste your time or money on this. Even diehard Ducascos fans will be disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    He's known for his fighting which is what drew me to skim though most of this film. The fact I didn't see anything but using guns just made the all around experience worse. He belongs along side Jason Statham with his martial art skill. This was too low budget to make Mark shine. I'm sure it was a quick straight to dvd payday though.
  • Seemed as if they were doing a live performance play, a bunch of kindargaten kids with zombie halloween costumes, a bmw and a hd.
  • The only good thing was the car they used. Just a very very bad movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Driver (Mark Dacascos) also goes by the name "Daddy" as in "Kick-A$$." The compound where his family lives got overran by bandits and zombies in about the second or third year of the apocalypse. Daddy drives his 12-year-old daughter Bree (Noelani Dacascos) north in a BMW in hopes of locating the mythical "Haven." (Note "Eden" has already been taken.) The twist is that our tite character has been bitten and has a finite amount of time to transition his daughter from unicorns to being able to drive and kill. Filmed in Thailand.

    Zombies are attracted to noise. Good time to own a Tesla or even a Prius. Much of the film is about two people driving in a car. We have seen these escape to safety zombie films before. They encounter zombies or bandits at every stop. It was pretty much to ask a 12-year-old to carry a zombie film.

    Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
  • What a great film to see Mark really perform. Also love that Gabriel character.
  • I was expecting an action packed movie. However, this film is clearly trying to capetelize on the Walking Dead mania with weak acting & dialogue. It's perfect for a lazy snow day, with nothing to do except a few glasses of wine & some kind Bud.
  • For Die Hard fans of Mark Dacascos please avoid this crap pointless film of all time I was so confused of this title because film is called the Driver doesn't sound like a survival zombie film, nothing like i am omega starting Mark Dacascos that come out like 2007. I Am Omega fits that Genre in that film came out 2008 Starting Mark Dacascos film that's a zombie apocalypse film is heaps way better then this crap, and that title i am omega sounds like horror zombie survival film, but the Driver ??? when you see poster and you see title in sametime you think it's like if Mark Dacascos play's a getaway driver, he is character like Jason Statham as in Transporter or Ryan Gosling film Drive (2011) see that film fits in perfectly because this title is freaking title is like action film sounds like action film the Driver but it's a horror film ??? i think director got everything mixed up with titles because this film could be a different title a different Genre if it's going to be a horror survival horror film, not the Driver it sounds like action film not a horror film, hell it's like me directing Fast and Furious but not in a action film Genre it's a mixed horror with zombies ?? this film imagine it's a stupid combination film of Drive mixed with Walking Dead. so Mark Dacascos plays a Driver in a zombie film ?? this all story and title and his character is written in a wrong movie. this could been titled a horror film title and different character for Mark Dacascos role. i thought this film was pointless, cheap, waste of time and very stupid and it doesn't feel like a zombie survival film at all. and writing and directing whoever made this film got everything mixed up calling this horror zombie Survival flick the Driver ??? i think director Wych Kaosayananda got confused of title witch it sounds like action film, he got Mark Dacascos role written in a wrong film because the character how he plays in this role is like Ryan Gosling role in Drive as in Driver ??? jeez Wych Kaosayananda known for the movies he made, let's go threw this resume he did Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever that got one of worst films ever, Angels he worked with Gary Daniels twice, Tekken 2 Kazuya's Revenge god that was worst film i ever seen in my life, what's even worse 2 Guns: Zero Tolerance Wych worked with Scott Adkins wasted his role in that film and worked with Dustin Nguyen twice as well, then after in 4 years with that Zero Tolerance is done, he did this piece of crap, pointless, dumb, confusing title, with a stupid genre. this film could of been a action movie like Transporter, like Drive (2011) flick. I hoped for the smallest glimpse of his movie "Drive" style or Transporter but no it had to with horror zombie film witch it went with glimpse of Drive mixed with Walking Dead style it didn't need to and it was stupid combination

    most confusing thing ever The Driver (Mark Dacacos) he used to be Assassin that he gets payed for killing people so what is he ? a Assassin or a Getaway driver ? pick one the writing of film is so confusing ?? why is this called the Driver ? is it because of his character or is it director got confused what genre of film.

    story follows the Driver (Mark Dacascos) who still does his own job to kill people and help people as well, then he had a wife and his 12-year-old daughter Bree (Noelani Dacascos) then the land they stay in is out of control, all zombies and betrayal people got in killed everyone at village

    so Driver toke takes daughter on run with him now the all film is that it's him driving with her teaching her how to shoot, and kill zombies. oh yeah the director or writers has completely ripped off Walking Dead like where it was located and the way how Zombies are attracted to noise but it doesn't matter if this film had better director, better writers then i would still not care if Mark Dacascos was in a zombie flick but with this film it's a lot of problems threw out the all film was useless and pointless waste of Mark Dacascos role, believe when you get to the end of film you will never like it at all. Especially because

    it seemed to drag on forever and ever. Mark Dacascos has some fight scenes not best but he had something to do in action kicking people ass, shooting zombies, driving a nice looking BMW car. look if you watch another B grade film called I Am Omega starting with Mark Dacascos that has him in a better lead role and also not just that you have him kicking ass, him shooting zombies, and Mark has nun chucks beats the crap out of zombies, that was awesome fight scenes in that film but with this it's nothing at all their weren't much action or horror at all how in earth this got 5.2 ???? really in this nonsense genre film that got confused with title or character into a horror film witch title the Driver sounds like action film jeez, but no i am omega is 3.3 for NO reason sadly enough i would kick this film out of earth, how i earth does Mark Dacascos choose to be in this, Mark needs to start to picking right role movies. and yeah i know i am taking this seriously but at least i liked a lot B Grade, direct to DVD films but with this ?? nope but i liked I Am Omega 2007 direct-to-DVD film that was produced by The Asylum, if this was produced in Asylum this would get a lot of hates and yes i know Asylum made junk of crap but at least I Am Omega is worth watching then this crap. It was ridiculously slow paced film like you wanna skip the film and it served next to no purpose to which meant that the movie trotted on in an stupid genre of film. we have a stupid pointless twist you will never like, i don't blame Mark Dacascos i would say it's director or writers who have messed up with this film, believe if you one of those people who would be curious about Mark Dacascos like your die hard fan best to not see this film at all, believe it's nothing like another style of I am Omega if you hated it, you will hate this film a lot more. oh yeah i liked i am omega but this film was pointless. 1/10 pointless flick ever made avoid this 5 cents crap, i hope this director never directs a movie ever again and stay away from any of action stars and Mark Dacascos.