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  • Just finished binge watching this series and yes some of it is a bit OTT but no more than any other series out there that is fictional. I loved the characters, hated the mean characters, wanted to punch Epigmenio, Tacho, Chisca and Jimena in their faces - definitely had the villains and the heroes- need to see Miguel finally allow himself to love Adela - a bit of a telinovella if that's how its spelt - give me more !!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So let me explain a bit. The show is entertaining enough. Easy to watch and enjoy. However, don't expect a show that shows a budget. Its a bit of a telemundo type of show. Over the top characters, over the top acting. In japan, they speak 3 words Japanese, and then everyone speaks spanish fluently. Russians speak better spanish than russian, and except for the asian looking characters, the don't even look the like. Every woman wants to screw the main character (yes, even the bad ass croatian gangster needs to kiss him after being on screen for 5 whole minutes).

    So yes, it is an entertaining show, but acting wise (and the likes) it crawls towards a b-class show. All the way to the scene cuts and music.
  • adutto8 October 2019
    El dragón is a TV serie that will keep you engaged until the end, it is so incredibly well done that it was long time that I didn't see something good like this. It is a mix of action, spy, adventure, romance and HiTech really well balanced and delivered in the best way possible. Congratulation to all the actors, they are amazing!
  • Love this TV series. I'll throw it out there for the fans of Maguel (Rulli), and Adela (Notni), I know we would love to see the two of them make a film as lovers. The chemistry they displayed between each other was surreal. They are such a great match together. Sebastian and Reneta are both super hot lookin too!
  • Average action but good acting,screenplay,script and all the dramas to keep you engaged. The best part is the apt expressions and dialogues that we would usually expect in situations where they are delivered. The protagonist is well suited for his role as a calm,calculating boss
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I write this review as an American after seeing El Dragon's series 1 & 2 on Netflix. This telenovela is a very handsomely-produced and directed romantic thriller similar to the excellent 2016 British romantic thriller "The Night Manager."

    The main strength is the actors playing the hero and heroine: Sebastian Rulli (as Miguel Garza) and especially Renata Notni (as Adela Cruz). To say these two actors have chemistry is an understatement. And Ms. Notni is one of the most charismatic actors I have ever seen; and, Mr. Rulli is not far behind. This is what is so great about streaming services: Americans like me can watch excellent tv/theatrical movies and actors from other countries. I think with this production, Mexico has joined South Korea and Spain on that level. And I hope Mr. Rulli and Ms. Notni will get a chance to star or co-star in major Hollywood movies. (I recommend watching their performance with subtitles; not with dubbing.)

    Other strengths are the elegant and clever dialogue written for Mr. Rulli and Ms. Notni when they speak to each other, as well as the bad guys' non-politically-correct dialogue. Add to this the excellent cinematography; and, most of the twists are well-thought-out; they do not occur because of contrivances.

    There are some flaws. Two irritating ones are the many storylines crisscrossing one another; and, the makeup. The investigative journalism portion is not even needed, distracting from the main story. And making up Mexican actors to look Japanese seemed very amateurish. No money for Japanese actors?

    But the major flaw by far in my opinion--and why I selected a spoiler alert with this review--is the fate of one of the principal characters at the end of Series 2. If there is a Series 3, I cannot see how it could remotely be as popular without this character/actor. Possibly a dream sequence added to the beginning of a Series 3, like the famous Bobby-Ewing-return in the popular tv soap opera "Dallas"?
  • qui_j1 March 2020
    The first episode starts of in chaos with little in the way of explanation of who the characters are. It does little to engage the viewer who is actually looking for a story. I honestly could not even finish the first episode.
  • petrovicka-6833324 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    You ruined everything with the caracter Adela that she had to be the one that dies in the end! I really loved this tv show.
  • Romance, action, drama, humor, it's all here. You'll certainly fall in love with Adela's character. Beautiful.
  • ijuthan25 October 2019
    Wow this was a very nice and good series after a long time. All the important ingredients were in it: action, crime, romance, and even comedy. The good dialogues and especially the good acting of all persons. I enjoyed it immensely. Hopefully a second season will follow soon. I have become a big fan and I am happy that I gave this series a chance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lots of talks, bad senseless actions, very bad Samurai acting, too poor fight scenes and endless nonsenses, just one man kills, 2 bad guys do everything
  • ckmk-0412124 October 2019
    I am very eagerly waiting for your season 2 date, can any one atleast tell me when it is going to realise the season 2..
  • beautdeee22 October 2019
    I can't wait until season 2!!!! I literally finish season 1 in 2dayssss 😩 I need more!!!!! Please
  • danyh402 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Due to some bad acting from a specific caracter "Jimena" becomes annoying and boring. Story line is there but in need of some more modern acting and natural. Really hope if 2nd season if planned to air is more natural and some mayor changes are made.
  • Can't seem to make up its mind whether it wants you to be engrossed with the drama or laugh at the ridiculousness. Full of cartoon characters, especially the lead actor. Hardly a scene passes without drinks in everyone's' hands or passionate love interludes. A lot of repetition. Take real stamina to last the full course of episodes.
  • gunes_kurt16 October 2019
    Making a super ... You should definitely go on

  • gipsplade17 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can't explain how my wife and I survived 38 episodes of this show. I think it has something to do with the fact, that we just needed to see where it brought us to. And that was to an ending so bad, that you're left with a feeling of......well don't know.

    The writer couldn't find a way to stop the show, so it ended up with an explosion that could kill all the characters but two.

    Am I going to see season 2 if it appears? Hell no...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 2 ended horribly and I will not be watching season 3 !!! #Adella no reason for me to watch. How could you kill her off not cool ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a ludicrous way to start this episode. Not even in a 3rd world country could the boyfriend of the patient do cardiac resuscitation. The acting is wooden at times , but nothing can be done about the +++++++ writing. The only way to explain this is to use it as a dream. a bad one at that. Jack
  • I didn't like the ending at all. I just hope there's season 3.
  • chanian25 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    It was wachable until the end. Felt like i wasted so many hours of my life. The end was a disgrace.
  • I really enjoy this movie serie and waiting impatiently for Season 3, I hope it will continue. Make it happen.
  • lcendoya23 April 2020
    I saw the rating at 7 and thought it would be good, first episode was good, filled with action, good locations and scenary and looked promising. However, on the second episode when the 3 main plots are revealed the whole series make no sense at all, and this lack of realism make it a waste of time to watch it.

    As other users point out, it is very much like a soapopera and not an action tv show at all. But the bad thing is that it is a soapopera without sense.

    I liked Luis Miguel TV show and not this one.
  • kuzerhdef28 October 2019
    ... but could have been more interesting - frequent scene jumping, sometimes boring and repetitive tasks which even annoyed the actors. The End was disappointingly simple and that's it?
  • Literally i have never seen something better it was the best show it has drama, love between the characters,the plot is fantastic but the thing that i loved is that its so so emotional and i cried a lot especially in the end I recommend it to you it is a masterpiece!
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