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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have "Ant Head", a black-and-white short film from 2018 and the most recent filmmaking effort by lauded director David Lynch. It runs for slightly over 13 minutes and shows us an artificial head with glaringly big eyes and mouth filled with ants. That is basically all there is in terms of what you see. Towards the end, they reverse black-and-white, so it slooks slightly different. Early on you hear music, but with the change in looks, there is also a change in audio as they now came up with something like a very hectic radio broadcaster that speaks about as fast as the ants move inside the head. Shape of anything related to the head is not changing whatsoever from start to finish. i would be screaming too if my head was full of ants. Well no, I'd be dead probably. Anyway, you could say it is typical Lynch, reminded me style-wise of some of the other short film works he came up with recently and that seems to be his most prolific field of expertise nowadays and yes I know he just continued Twin Peaks, but still. But overall, the quality did not impress me at all. The way the left and right side of the screen stay unchanged from start to finish does not feel too creative either, at leastg if keep in mind what happens in the middle is not exactly breathtakingly exciting to watch. For all I care, this film should have run for under 5, preferrably under 3, minutes. Only for hardcore Lynch completionists. Everybody else should skip it, even at this running time, it dragged so much. Highly not recommended.
  • Pure art. The ants clearly represent ants, and for the cheese, it's obviously a delicate allegory for cheese. The zoom and the inverting colors however, they ment to show the anxiety of upper middle class white men in a gender normative workplace mixed with the Nietzschean hopelessness of the world without God.

    (Or it could mean that David Lynch loves cheese very, very much. One of the two.)